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Kristen Stewart: On The Road Made People Less Shocked About Wild Behavior

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Kristen Stewart recently went on the road to promote her upcoming movie On The Road with costar Garrett Hedlund.

Stewart gave out a wealth of knowledge about the movie during an informative if somewhat erratic interview.

Girl is keeping it together, but she seemed a bit fidgety when she wasn't talking and was making quite a lot of hand gestures when she was.

Decide for yourself and ch-ch-check it out (above) !!!

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16 comments to “Kristen Stewart: On The Road Made People Less Shocked About Wild Behavior”

  1. tacogirl says – reply to this


    Man, She IS out there…..maybe she had to go to the bathroom. That's what it looked like….trying to be articulate and calm and WhaT was with the constant finger tapping…maybe she was high; or just Extremely uncomfortable thinking she's being judged….NO ONE CARes….She's being noticed for acting strange….

  2. Rochelle says – reply to this


    A good interview, respectful and kind interviewer. Yeah she looks like it wasn't the easiest thing in the world. So what?. She's not made of stone. I wish her luck, life is not easy.

  3. NikkiS says – reply to this


    hmm i don't see the fuss, just looks like Kstew being Kstew

  4. fff says – reply to this


    yeha i agree shes being her like she always does LOL and the guy was movin and fidgetin just as much as her but of course no one would say anythng cus come on eeveryone still gonna be lookin for some BS to say about kstew hahaha but freal shes fine just leave the gal be and let her do her shh….

  5. Jenny says – reply to this


    Kristen's chair and shirt blend so well I was so confused. I thought it was a pillow then I thought: well it's an interview why would she have a pillow?….lol anyway…

  6. Pricila says – reply to this


    Like any other interview she has given. She is rude and interrupts people while they're speaking! Arrogant brat!

  7. 7

    Perez… you where ones told to be bully. And being a bully ain't a good thing. Remember bullying example Miley Cyrus? Now you bullying her. SO WRONG! You have so much power with this site and now you are again using it to bully someone?
    Please stop.

  8. 8

    I like how Brian Lyons tried to put her at ease and Hedlund tried to distract us with is faux insulted feelings. Made me giggle and smile. It was a great interview and very informative.

  9. 9

    Re: Pricila – Obviously she will never be able to make you happy so why not make yourself happy and stop reading about her?

  10. 10

    Re: rousii – He's not bullying her. He pointed out what we all see and making sure we notice so we realize she's nervous in interviews. Yeesh, lighten up! Perez isn't always bullying, he's just being Perez. He's one of a kind with his humor, although he can get a little out of hand. Take him with a grain of salt. He grows on you once you see how he's poking more fun at the fans than the actor.

  11. 11

    Re: tacogirl – And your comments weren't judgemental were they?

  12. MichJB says – reply to this


    In the On the Road movie she has a scene where she is jerking off two guys at the same time - Art mirroring life?

  13. 13

    the poor girl has mad anxiety issues :( aw

  14. 14

    wow, for some moments i thought i was watching the actress that imitates Kristen in the key of awesome, she totally does the same gestures, and the "im about to vomit" face, its really funny.

  15. 15

    you should buy the DVD "Twilight actress: Kristen Stewart teaches you how to speak more good".
    Step 1 : Be born Hot. Step 2: act like you're above it all. Step 3 : always look nautious. Step 4: Start a sentence and then…bail out. Step 5: suddenly notice your hair. Step 6: turn declarative sentences into …questions? …. and much more!

  16. 16

    Re: RobinVD – I know he is like that. And maybe that's one reason why i follow this site. just his going too far with this. gotta know when to stop….