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Christina Aguilera Says She's Ready To Leave The Voice!

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christina aguilera leaving the voice

No more reality shows. Just Xtina!

The voluptuous vocal vixen has tired of The Voice.

Christina Aguilera isn't bashing the musical competition monster, though! Oh no!

She's just able to admit how distracting it is!!

She told Billboard:

"[It] kept me away from my heart, which is creating my own music. It's been a joy to be a part of other people's journey, to be able to inspire and be a part of new singers coming up in this business. But I was starting to get really worried and concerned that I wouldn't have the time to go and be an artist again. I'll probably be back. I just need to do my thing for a minute then I can come back and be that much better of a coach."

Oh, phew!!

As much as we want her to shine on her own path, we know the show needs some of that signature sass of hers to keep the entertainment up to the Max!

So even though she's poised to leave the show in Season 4, apparently she and executive producer Mark Burnett have worked it out so she can return in future seasons. Whoo Whoo!!

Go get some of that much needed rest, gurl! Hone in on that raw, musical prowess we love so much!!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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36 comments to “Christina Aguilera Says She's Ready To Leave The Voice!”

  1. 1

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  2. lemonbird says – reply to this


    This is nonsense. This is what they say when they are trying to get more money! She is trying to get a raise. The Voice is the only thing she has. Her concerts and her music are in the toilet. Honestly if she really did leave The Voice, I wouldn't mind. She shows her personality, and she has a terrible personality. She's not a nice person.

  3. Gonzo says – reply to this


    Rest? She gets paid millions to sit her fat ass in a big red chair. She needed this show to make her somewhat relevant. She was always under Britney's shadow and under Gaga's for a while.

  4. 4

    It must be sooooooooooooo hard for this chunky bitch to sit in her chair and make millions even though she has a shitty personality. If this is a play for more money, the producers need to get rid of her; there are other female entertainers out there who would be far less bitchy and far more appreciative. Aguilera needs the show. The show doesn't need HER.

  5. iamthediva says – reply to this


    Don't care what all you haters say,
    But what's important, is that Christina Aguilera is getting time to release and promote her new album, which will be the BIGGEST, GREATEST comeback in music history!
    Wait and see!
    Love you Xtina!

  6. 6

    …for a buffet.

  7. 7

    She and Adam are irreplaceable imo. Her catty, fake bitchiness but straightforwardness help make the show what it is. Why are all you down syndrome posters, hating? I doubt this is a ploy for more money but so what if it is?
    She is smart to leave this genre while it is still doing well. Have a feeling this genre is going to fade out after this year.

  8. Mazda says – reply to this


    Yeah!!!! Goodbye Christina won't miss ya. All I see is your spray tanned boobs hanging out of your shirt on your overweight body. If its a play for more $ - she is paid too much already. Most of these artists on the shows are. Tired of her, find someone new but keep Adam, Blake and Celo!

  9. Dale says – reply to this


    Im Happy she is leaving. Not because i dont like her, i actually LOVE HER TO DEATH!! i just dont want her to be only know for a singing competion. CANT WAIT FOR HER NEW ALBUM!! TEAM XTINA ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!

  10. 10

    "The voluptuous vocal vixen(lmao) " reads: the fat trailer park trash queen .

  11. prg says – reply to this


    lets face it xtina is the biggest superstar between the four coaches and ratings will be shaky cuz most people watch it cuz of her and i get what she means she hasnt toured for about 5 years now so she needs to get back on the road……… shes a great perfromer as well with no lip syching m excited to see her live

  12. Jessica says – reply to this


    lol, she's not even fat. its amazing the things some people will say. she has one of the best voices in hollywood, and im excited for her to be doing her own stuff. she deserves to do whatever she wants, and shes earned it. be careful, guys… your jealousy is showing. and its really ugly.

  13. ria says – reply to this


    I think she just wants out as long as the show/that genre is still successful and she really really should be focusing on her new music. Cant wait to hear it. Love her. With a voice like that……..

  14. 14

    The only time Christina was ever "under Gaga's shadow" was when media sources like Perez hyped the troll of the music industry and made her out to be some revolutionary artist. She's a total loss and her record company knows it, so they are no longer paying like they did at first.

  15. 15

    im not sure how the show would do without her. her and adam's back & forth banter make the show. she's the biggest name & easily the biggest draw to the show. im not sure how it will do without her.

  16. Fuck u boty by XTINA ! says – reply to this


    She is the greates voices of or time she is an incredible artis !!! She will be back to the voice after a the new album , another 3 Grammys , millions of albums sold with the new music .. 100 dates world tour , 180.000.000 billboard #1 song

  17. Fuck your boty !! says – reply to this


    She is a pop superstar !!! Her voice has an iconic status !! She will be back after smash the world with new music , new world tour , and NBC will doble the salary to 20.000.000 for a season :)

  18. TheRealPeterPan says – reply to this


    Ummmm Not sure who can replace her…she's the biggest name in the Voice, but I'm really excited as she's going to be focusing on her music again. She's a great vocalist/artist and she deserves better recognition not only by the public in general but also by the media. Maybe she sells less than Britney or Gaga, but she's talented and she's been in the business for over a decade so far…she's one of the best singers ever (according to people like Etta James, Celine Dion, Cher, and The Rolling Stones magazine) and she totally needs to be more successful than she is today. Love this girl.

  19. vanella87 says – reply to this


    She is the main reason why I watch The Voice. But I'm glad she's focusing on her singing career again. I can't wait until she returns!

  20. 20

    I've had enough of all the haters first if you really hate Christina why do you keep commenting on her stories and second she is the voice and it will suck without her i am sad and happy about her leaving the sad part is because i love her in it she knows what to do to help her group but the happy part is that now she will focus more on her new album which i knoow that it will be AMAZING , better then all of your useless singers like lady gaga and rihanna

  21. 21

    Re: Gonzo – listen asshole Christina was never under your fake singers' shadow Christina is better then them in all the ways her voice is amazing not like britney which can't even sing all she does is lip-sync she is nothing and your precious freak gaga which her name sounds like vomit is becoming nothing she is fading her 10 minutes of fame is done so do your self a favor and stop hating on Christina and fuck off you little twat

  22. La Aguilera says – reply to this


    I LOVE Xtina on The Voice, but I am glad to hear that she is going to focus on HER music! The girl doesn't half ass anything! Her heart & soul really go into all her projects & I respect that so much! That is what sets her apart from other pop stars IMO. For those saying that she is just trying to "get a bigger check" are you freakin kidding me? She doesn't need the Voice, the Voice needs her! I get her decision though because it would be hard for her to promote and tour for this new album having to judge every week. & even if she did the back & forth thing, I think her team would suffer, so smart move on her part. I am that glad she has a permanent chair though, if she wants it because she played a huge role in making the Voice what it is today…a success!! So excited for the single, the album 'Lotus' & everything else she has to offer us with era!

  23. Gonzo says – reply to this


    Re: jad aguilera – And Christina"s 15 minutes ended ten years ago. That's why she resorted to doing this shit show.

  24. 24

    translation; I want to try and revive my dead & buried music career but if that fails(as it will) then I want to be able to come back to this TV gig for the big paychecks. she's just using it as a safety net.

  25. 25

    Re: Fuck your boty !! – she WAS a pop superstar many many years back. Now she's more famous for being fat and wearing trashy clothes and clown make up. she's a joke.

  26. Nwvotes says – reply to this


    Which show do you prefer? X Factor or The Voice Vote at Nationwidevotes.com

  27. ha says – reply to this


    It's a ploy to get more money. I feel sorry for her, it's always about her getting attention with her nasty attitude and her lack of self esteem. Hasn't anyone noticed she added new fat grafting to her butt to go with her fake boobs and her face is way off with all that work she's getting done ?,if she was so happy with herself she wouldn't be turning into a freak.Christina is trying to transform herself into Marilyn Monroe with her fake eyebrows to the fake hair to the weight but Marilyn was never that big and hideous in her whole existence.Poor Christina if she was only happy with herself and loved herself she wouldn't treat people like crap because she's so miserable with herself.

  28. riickyburke says – reply to this


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  30. Loca says – reply to this


    I don't watch the voice because of Christina I cannot stand her. She is annoying and looks awful its not the Christina Aguilera show its The Voice its about the contestants

  31. owedEvege says – reply to this


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  32. owedEvege says – reply to this


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  33. Sharky317 says – reply to this


    It isn't a ploy for more money. Blake said pretty much the same thing about The Voice taking them away from their "day jobs" at the press junket they had. Christina is planning to tour for this album and if she does, depending on when her tour starts, she may not have the time to devote herself to The Voice the way she would like. The band leader on the show said that she is very nuts and bolts with songs and staging and if she is doing her own tour prep, that would fall to the wayside.

    And for those saying that Adam and Blake toured while on the show. Christina is a pop star who constantly mentions she likes theatrics. She would have to do vocal work and then audition and work with the band, and audition and work with dancers, something Adam and Blake don't have to do (Blake may have to audition some band members). Plus deal with costuming and whatever craziness she wants in her show. It is far more time consuming. And she has a kid, dogs, and a boyfriend…

  34. barmenia zahnzusatzver says – reply to this


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  35. me says – reply to this


    couldn't agrre more the woman sucks.. Get rid of her The Voice.. we channel flip when she is on can't stand the self centered person she is ..She is so self centered .. love Blake, Adam and Ceelo but x-tina is pure evil.. get rid of her we are about to ban The voice because of her.. get someone not so self centered and so rude ..

  36. gumby 99350 says – reply to this


    Re: iamthediva – couldn't agree more it is time for this has X-tina meant to leave.. she is nothing but a has been.. she is mean and nasty.. and wouldn't see talent if it hit her in her BIG BUTT.. So glad she is leaving we veto The voice whenever she comes on and channel surf just not to her comments.. time for her 2- go.. and soon.. The voice will lose veiwers soon if she don't go , she is nasty, mean and self-centered.. Goooooo X-Tinnnnnaaa ! yeah GOOOO !