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Love is in the air in Paris and it's 21 years strong! We showed you the pics of John Travolta and Kelly Preston enjoying family fun time together in Pari… Read more…

11 comments to “John Travolta Celebrates His 21st Wedding Anniversary With Kelly Preston In Paris”

  1. Lori says – reply to this


    Obviously Travolta is not ready to come out and live life as his real self. That is fine; that is his choice. In the meantime, I truly believe that he and Kelly's bond and their children are enough to celebrate their commited lives together!

  2. 2

    dude EVERYONE KNOWS YOU'RE GAY! and NO ONE CARES! come out already, Travolta, for once in your fucking life cut yourself some slack and just be GAY! ta da! prob solved.

  3. 3

    In the first picture u can see their daughter Ella behind John wearing a yellow skirt and orange top. Wow she's grown fast!

  4. melissa says – reply to this


    that little boy looks nothing like jett or ella…and he has a weird bump on the top of his head.

  5. pighead says – reply to this


    Perez u r so gay, and not in a good way. I have been reading your blog for 8 years, since you were an angry, gay, fat boy who published crotch shots of Lindsey Lohan, and now you have become the boot-licker of any and all celebrities who will allow you to valet at their parties. It is really disgusting how far you have fallen in your hopes to be loved by the B-C list of former celebrities. Pathetic.

  6. Wendi says – reply to this


    I believe Ella is behind but on the left with black pants and pink top..not the yellow skirt and orange top..the babys hair looks like he has a cow lick, and someone got scissor happy. John will come out when he's ready, but he really needs to nix the all black..his skin is so pasty.lwith the all black he looks like a creep!

  7. 7

    Well I'm glad they can work it out despite 'differences'. I hope one day he has the strength to be as honest with himself as he is onscreen. I totally love Travolta and it breaks my heart he's gotten caught up in a truly destructive group like Scientology. Sometimes an exoskeleton like a beard and a hard core religious group can make a vulnerable person feel safe. However I have hope that as this person grows older he may be able to shed some light on the reality of these things. But congratulations to John and Kelly on their 21st I'm sure they've been through it all. Gay or straight, in or out of a cult, it takes real backbone to pull that off.

  8. 8

    Is scientology that far Kelly's ass? Can someone explain this one….

  9. hugh jorgen says – reply to this


    as a gift his wife got him a massage…..

  10. jk says – reply to this


    I don't get the BFD about John being a switch hitter. Half of Hollywood is gay and oving undekc a disguise of being straight. The man has been marrried to his woze for 21 years. 3 Kids and never broke the law ou did drugs or killed someone. He minds his own business and they are just going after him because he is part of the COS. I don;t care if he has sex with other guys . I object to adult men making money on this kind of bullshit, If JT trie4d to seduce them and they turned him down great. BUT they are adults and they can say NO and JT didn't rape these asshats either. People want his Money and these gossip hungry people suck this kind of crap up. I think he and Kelly have some kind of agreement or shn would have walked a long time ago. I dont believe Kelly is a "beard" either lol. No matter what their sex lives are about ,these two carc about each other and they love their kids and all these poor men that hs appraoche dfor a BJ need to get over themselves and stop trying to rip him off. They know more are screwed up in hte head over this than I am. I wish the courtds would just throw these law suits out and then charge these men with blackmail and make them pay all court costs.

  11. Whiteaura says – reply to this


    He DOES NOT look happy nor in love!!!!!!!!!!