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We hope this inspires you! For the first time ever, here is a look at our "before" photos - taken 5 years ago this month, in September of 2007. More tha… Read more…

166 comments to “Perez: Before & After!”

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  1. Grace says – reply to this


    Perez hilton what in the actual fuck is wrong with you? i was eating LUNCH for Christ sake!!!!!! how about a warning next time eh? You're new bod is looking great though…

  2. G.G says – reply to this


    Amazing Perez!! The fact that you did that without surgery makes me realize IT'S POSSIBLE!! I've lost 2 stone so far!

  3. slewis91 says – reply to this


    if only you would now fix the hair and beard! body looks amaze though well done

  4. 4

    CONGRATULATIONS PEREZ!! You should be super proud of yourself. Good for you!!!! You inspired me and I've lost 62 lbs myself. Thank you so much.

  5. Dennis says – reply to this


    Looking great! :)

  6. Marce says – reply to this


    Wow perez I met you at the first sxsw you went to and I've been struggling to lose weight since then. I'm gonna try the the natural way. So proud of you!

  7. 7

    What a difference! Great job really, and indeed this is inspiring for all of us. You show us that when and if we want something we can have great results. Well done! :D

  8. Laura says – reply to this


    Amazing bod Perez!!!! Look great.. :)

  9. lil says – reply to this


    Perez, can you explain how you were able to not have the extra skin issue after losing all the weight? That is my biggest worry with losing weight as its my biggest fear w/o losing. Having all of the flabby excess skin hanging around.

  10. Amanda Moynihan says – reply to this


    Way to go!!! I've struggled with my weight and seeing your achievement makes me realize I can do it too! Thanks for your awesome inspiration!!

  11. oblio says – reply to this


    You can officially add me to the list of frequent viewers of this site that no longer care to visit anymore. YOU were always my least favorite part of the website and now that you feel it is necessary to post multiple posts about yourself every day I am done. I, and MOST people just don't care about YOU. TeeEmmZee has replaced what this site used to be and you rob half your stories from them anyway. Good luck with your unavoidable trip into oblivion.

  12. Jenny says – reply to this


    You ARE an inspiration! I'm on the same path so hopefully, I'll be able to say the same thing next year!

  13. kaysm says – reply to this


    Perez, you look phenomenal! Such an inspiration. Thank you !

  14. 14

    What a transformation! Congrats Mario!

  15. 15

    Great Job Perez!!! You have proven that it does take a lifestyle change and HARD work, but it is worth while. I am currently working on my weight, since April have lost 30 pounds, same thing, change of diet. I will mix in the exercise when I finish my degree this December. Proud of you!!!!

  16. KiKi says – reply to this


    WELL DONE SIR.. Amazing transformation but whats even better then that is your not only transformed the outside you transformed the INSIDE.. I think this Perez a LOT better. Keep up the great work. Loving the 6 pack. !!!

  17. Shannon says – reply to this



  18. LP says – reply to this


    Congratulations on your success! So nice to hear of someone doing things the right way and becoming a better person because of it! A great inspiration! You look FABULOUS! Great job and best of luck on staying healthy and happy! xoxo

  19. Kara says – reply to this


    Where the hell is your chest hair and underwear???

  20. 20

    What an amazing job!!!! You really do look as happy as you must feel. Question, did you have any trouble with loose skin? I am on day 8 of my new life ;)

  21. HeIsNoPrinceHarry says – reply to this


    He's no Prince Harry. Put your clothes back on. Jees! Done with this site.

  22. loriso says – reply to this


    holy cow! Amazing and very inspiring!

  23. 23

    Damn, that porn stache in the first one is priceless.

  24. 24

    An amazing transformation Perez, good work. And thanks for confirming that you did it without surgery and drugs. Glad to hear that you haven't taken the Human Growth Hormone route that is so popular in Hollywood these days.

  25. 25

    You look amazing, but what is so sad is that you still bully people. I've noticed the last couple of weeks you really slowed down, but up until a month ago, you were full fledged bullying people. So the inside doesn't match the outside …sadly.

  26. Jessica says – reply to this


    WOW! So amazing and inspiring! I love all the positive changes you've made- the blog, you. It's very inspiring!
    "We must be the change we wish to see in the world" -Ghandi

  27. nicole says – reply to this


    I-Like-big-butts-and-I-can-not-lie!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding you look great butt or not butt muah!

  28. AllyCat says – reply to this


    LOL a personal chef and expensive gym memberships such a SLAVING NATURAL way. Stop acting like you struggled like a regular person, your $$$$ got you there.

  29. Jill says – reply to this


    Awesome job!! I am really happy for you. You've worked hard and it's been great to see your transformation! Don't listen to the negativity! You're doing great!

  30. 30

    Perez, Congratulations for what you've accomplished and how you've accomplished it. Weight doesn't determine who you are, but it's heartening to see how you put your health first and invested your time and commitment to make a change. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  31. Geeeee says – reply to this


    Your body is amazing Perez! I started to lose weight too… around 1 pound a week… long but so nice to do it the right way!

  32. 32

    Who is this "we" you speak of?

  33. Maria says – reply to this


    While I commend you on losing the weight, you don't look good in either photo. The bottom one you look very skinny and not healthy. There is such a thing as a medium. I think you went extreme. Just my opinion.

  34. Albie says – reply to this


    Hard work pays off. And it certainly has! Great Job Perez. You look like a brand new person inside and out. #loveandlight

  35. Noelia says – reply to this


    Increible pero cierto! Una inspiracion total. Te vi desde tus principios pero casi no recordaba lo mucho que pesabas antes. Creo que si puedes poner una foto asi para que el mundo la vea, quizas no me de tanta maña ando veo el mio en el espejo. Felicidades!

  36. mw says – reply to this


    wow! great job!

  37. dragonfly3770 says – reply to this


    AIDS will do that….speeds up the weight loss…..I'm not sure how much longer you are going to be able to hide it….

  38. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Who's 'we'?

  39. charlotte says – reply to this


    From 80's dirty porn actor look to handsome man!
    I salute you from the Netherlands!

  40. 40

    Great job, Perez!

  41. 41

    After losing 80 pounds you absolutely would have some loose skin. Judging from the shape of your belly button it looks like you may have had smart lipo done to help with the excess skin…nothing wrong with that! Its the hollywood way to help with the tiny pockets of fat/ excess skin. Regardless you look good!

  42. 42

    This is typical of the "bad" commenters on here. You say Perez is a bully, then he changes for the better. Then, you say he is all into himself because he is happy, and he can't do that. How about we find all your profiles, and post your pictures? You can run the website! How fun!!!

    Good job, Perez.

  43. Emma says – reply to this


    you look totally fab!!! Awesome! I put on 60 lbs through pregnancy 2 yrs ago and finding it SUPER hard to get the last 30 pounds off…. but just like you… no gimmicks, surgery, etc, I started to properly get in shape (3 spin classes and running 4-5 times a week) and eating right (despite working full time and being a single mother). Its slowly but surely coming off… however, I feel confident that when I am done getting my body back…. it will be for GOOD. No yoyo weight gain or being unhealthy. So Perez….. I with you darling…. :-) )) xoxo

  44. bobsyerunkle says – reply to this


    As much as I think you are a horrible, despicable human being…that is really amazing what you have done with yourself. Good job.

  45. natasha says – reply to this



  46. Dawn says – reply to this


    Amazing Perez, way to go! You look awesome darling!

  47. emeraldfire says – reply to this


    Re: lil – you have to work out pretty hard…my cousin went from 300 pounds to 120 in 7 years and she worked out every single day from day one and she has very little loose skin, just a little on her stomach, but she was 300 so its expected, hard hard work and committment….she was committed to the point of obsession lol

  48. naomi says – reply to this


    Oh don't listen to these assholes who come on here just to put you down! They sound like they have sad little lives so they need to put you down to make themselves feel better.

    Anyways, you look AMAZING! You've worked so hard and it's paying off :) Keep it up! You're 5 times the man you used to be (personality wise!)

  49. 49

    before: BARF
    after: meth and lipo

  50. 50

    Where is the "read the rest of this story" link. jk, congrats

  51. lynn says – reply to this


    Re: lil

    it will take years, the weight you can lose fast the the skin will not follow immediately.
    as you can see, some will not go back to normal (size of belly buttona and position of nipples)
    he did not do surgery, if he did then the nipples would have been corrected.
    this is how my body looks like too when i lose all the weight.

  52. Sjbravo says – reply to this


    Super inspired!

  53. Rob says – reply to this


    Congrats. You looking great, but you're still ugly inside.

  54. lisa says – reply to this


    Wow, that is amazing!! You must feel so proud!! I have about 40lbs to lose, but can't seem to find the motivation to get up and get going. Have alot going on and the depression is setting in.

  55. 55

    Right: Hard work AND Liposuction. Fucking lying narcissistic queer who's wearing an effeminate orange wig which covers them hair plugs.

  56. 56

    I think this is Awesome. Appreciate the post!

  57. Simone says – reply to this


    AMAZING! well done :) expect to be whistled at A LOT whenever you go out!xx

  58. lindsay says – reply to this


    Wooo. Lookin good. Move those hands and let's see what you are rockin or turn around and let's see those cheeks! HA!

    Forrealz you look great and so happy for you……

  59. 59

    Omg please put some clothes on!! Congrats but shit that's not something I even remotely want to see.

  60. Rox says – reply to this


    Perez, are you more than one person? So you have split personality disorder? Who the fuck is "we"???

  61. 61

    Re: blondly7 – He hasn't changed a bit, you retarded asshole.
    Perez, you're not inspirational. You are disgusting pig no matter what size you are. You know why? Because the worst of your ugliness is on the inside, you self-centered, delusional, deviant piece of shit. You are still a hypocrite, still a bigot, still hateful, and still a bully. The only transformation you've had is physical, and I don't believe for one second that you haven't used artificial means to get there. These posts fishing for compliments are pitiful, and I'm appalled at all the stupid fucks who fall for it. Anyone who needs as much validation as you do needs serious therapy or meds.

  62. Shaine says – reply to this


    Looking good dude but why did you have to pose in the nude?!?! LoL

  63. James H says – reply to this


    You look like John Wayne Gacy in the Before pictures.

  64. 64

    You look GREAT!!! Congratulations!!

  65. 65

    Very inspiring. I need to lose prob the same amount. I feel like it's impossible though. :(

  66. Evan says – reply to this


    So proud of you!

  67. vivian says – reply to this


    who is 'we'? you are one person who lost weight, you are singular and calling yourself a plural pronoun just makes you look even more stupid than i imagined possible. you are an 'i', not a 'we', dumbass.

  68. 68

    This guy is really just like a whore. Like a shameless embarrassing attention whore. It wasn't enough to show he lost the weight, but he has to be NAKED. and acting like he's holding a big package. what a joke.

  69. Geni says – reply to this


    You inspire me to live a better life! Great job!

  70. laur says – reply to this


    this is truly amazing, you should feel so accomplished in so many ways! this is very inspiring!

  71. 71

    Not just awesome that you lost the weight, but awesome that you kept it off AND continue to build up some nice muscle and toning! Inspirational indeed.

    When's the healthy eating/diet/exercise book coming out? :)

  72. 72

    CONGRATS!!! Truly! I'm right where you were…and you are inspiring me. THANK YOU!!
    And, as I know you already do, ignore the jerks.
    That would be a good project for you…How do you ignore the hateful things people say without letting it bother you or make you bitter. THAT would be helpful too!!

  73. 73

    Hey Perez! Thanks for sharing. I've been following you for YEARS and YEARS, even back when you were not as healthy! You have cleaned up your attitude/blog and also cleaned up your diet. You look fantastic! Thank you for spreading the word to everyone that lifestyle changes and healthy weight loss take TIME and patience. We are so bombarded with 'quick fixes' and crash diets. Keep up the good work and let me know when you are making an appearance in Dallas, TX. as I would love to meet you! I've never met a gay I don't like! = ) XOXO-Laura

  74. esra says – reply to this


    this man is soo not you,i mean dude even your face,the look in your eyes,it has changed so mch.well done!

  75. 75

    Both the Before and After look unhealthy to me. Also, when you have money for your own eating plans and personal trainers, don't be patronizing and say it is easy to do.

  76. David says – reply to this


    Well done but you're still a wank stain.

  77. 77

    Looks like your MASSIVE DAILY TESTOSTERONE INJECTIONS worked; too bad, unlike Pinocchio, you're still NOT A REAL BOY!

  78. 78

    Just Joking Perez; you look a lot better….

  79. 79

    Dye your hair black!!! It'll make your eyes pop and go so well with your new hot body

  80. 80

    Perez, I've been critical of you at times, but I have to admit - damn. You look good. In a world where everyone is in a hurry to lipo, medicate, fast, cleanse, special diet the fat away, you did it naturally and effectively. Big kudos to you!

  81. 81

    You look great! Now if you could shave that beard and get a more normal hair color… Amazing story though. Definitely inspiring!

  82. emeraldfire says – reply to this


    Re: LexiSadie – you don't always have loose skin, especially if you are lifting a lot of weights and its losing slowly, my cousin lost 180 pounds and has only loose skin on her stomach, not even her arms cause she pumps iron daily, you can tell Perez has loose skin,….it doesnt have to drag on the floor….80 pounds isnt a lot when you compare it to people who lose 200 or more….most pregnant women can lose that much and not be all saggy

  83. Mickey Nemesis says – reply to this


    This is only going to inspire nightmares…“Mom,the clown is going to eat me!“

  84. Rigby says – reply to this


    Git it, Perez!

  85. Natalie says – reply to this


    Congratulations, I didn't realize how epic your transformation really was! I've been a fan of yours for maybe 4 years now, and I must say your blog is different since you've lost the weight. I've always admired your entrepreneurial (is that a word?) skills, being a pioneer in celebrity blogging and all. I feel like a few years ago, in between the witty and funny posts were some that were mean-spirited. However, now you seem to radiate positivity and you're an inspiration to me (I'm trying to lose some weight I've gained too). Keep up the good work and enjoy your healthy lifestyle!

  86. sarah says – reply to this


    Re: AllyCat – Seriously. It just shows what having those kinds of things at your disposal can do. If we all had personal chefs/meals & fitness trainers easily accessible, I'm sure it would be a lot easier to lose weight for everyone.

  87. 87

    Nice Job, Perez. I do have to admit that you may be able to say anyone can do it, but you do have a lot more money than a lot of the viewers here. You probably got some assistance and guidance from a trainer, and you have the money to afford to overhaul your food intake.

    The average reader doesn't have that to spend.

    I commend you for you fight against the fat.

  88. 88

    I guess tanning and waxing don't count as artificial…

  89. 89

    Impressive, and motivating. thanks!

  90. 90

    if only there was a way to make your personality look better.

  91. 91

    That's Ron Geremy

  92. Jen says – reply to this


    Awesome! I also started on my weight loss journey in 2007. I started out at 497lbs and today I'm 195lbs! :) 302lbs in 5 years…and I did it with no surgery as well. What a struggle it has been ….but well worth it.Congrats again!

  93. Gigi says – reply to this


    Now do something about that awful face of yours. YUCK !!! I wouldn't fuck you with someone elses dick! !!! !!!

  94. elaine says – reply to this


    Such an inspiration! Now about that hair…

  95. 95

    Congrats on the transformation! It's easy to see the joy & energy you now bring to everything you do.

  96. 96

    lol congrats on the liposuction and sprayed on abs! I still wouldnt fuck you with a ten foot dildo but, hey, I have high standards.

  97. jewel says – reply to this


    Congratulations! What a fantastic accomplishment.

    (Please stop referring to yourself as "we"….unless you have multiple personality disorder. It's annoying.)

  98. savannah says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me

    and you're an ignorant asshole.

  99. 99

    That aids diet really gets you shredded.

  100. Rachel says – reply to this


    WAY TO GO..

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