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Robert Pattinson Begins Inside Investigation To Catch Kristen Stewart's Mole?!?

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robert pattinson kristen stewart investigation

And just when ya thought things were clearing up!!

According to new reports, Robert Pattinson is fed the eff up!

He's apparently had to change his phone number FOUR TIMES since Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal hit the pop-culture world.

And according to a lil' birdie, he's constantly changing it cuz someone in his inner circle keeps leaking it to KStew!

The source chirps:

"Rob's actually launched an investigation of his close friends, business associates - even his family - to find out who is leaking his numbers to Kristen. It's only 20 close confidants and one of them is betraying him. He's steaming mad and swears that when he finds the culprit, he'll cut that person out of his life."

Ick! Sounds ugly!!

But that's not all!! One source even explains a meeting the two were said to have recently…

The Twilight stars had to sit down with their reps and lawyers last month to figure the logistics out, and according to the insider:

"Kristen tried to speak to Rob but he ignored her, then one of his people stepped in and blocked her from trying again. She started yelling, saying he was being ridiculous, but he just looked at her like she was crazy."

OoOooo…. not good!

But we mean, c'mon… are these particular reports true??

Kristen seemed juuuust fine when she gave her Hollywood Reporter interview at TIFF. So even though we're smart enough to acknowledge some of the drama… the case is still open on this one!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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44 comments to “Robert Pattinson Begins Inside Investigation To Catch Kristen Stewart's Mole?!?”

  1. 1

    C'mon Perez! No one believes this. lol

  2. hillary says – reply to this


    When does the THIS IS TOO DUMB TO PRINT feeling kick in?

  3. Cyndi says – reply to this


    Especially since Ryan Seacrest just reported them back together.

  4. 4

    Re: hillary – Very good question!

  5. 5

    since ryan seacrest said it then it's true? I hope rob knows what he's doing once a cheater always a cheater. She should try to find a mind as fucked up as hers, that kstew is so twisted

  6. dee says – reply to this


    Both Lainey and Ryan Seacrest (who seem to always get most things right) have confirmed that they are back together…..so you can stop with your bullshit stories and bullshit sources….

  7. KristenManiac says – reply to this


    Rob is a lunatic. A modern day Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg.

  8. 8

    old news and I highly doubt them as well.
    Re: frenchies – Once a cheater not always a cheater. It's really unfair to say that. And I think you have to know Kristen in person to know if her mind is twisted or not. I know someone people where I live that or portrayed badly by the media sometimes but they are the sweetest people in RL.

  9. nattasha says – reply to this


    just insane…

  10. 10

    Lighten up people, Perez is reporting what he found on the internet. I saw the articles too. Just to clarify what Perez said…This was a month ago that they had the arguement in the lawyer's office and the phone changing was up until last week. None of us know if it is true, but he's a gossipist…he's doing his job. How did you guys not all see this on the internet? Too busy going to all the same sites and ragging on KStew or RPattz, huh? Wow, you guys are lagging! LMAO Perez…got your back!

  11. 11

    Re: ToriBorn – I agree - 'once a cheater always a cheater', is an unfair label to put on people.

  12. Ellenj55 says – reply to this


    This is such BS. Stop calling names. You kids need to learn to be kind. You have no right to judge anyone. All you. Are owed from them is a good performance for the price of your ticket. This is their business. I believe nothin unless Rob or Kristen says it. Yes Kristen made a big mistake. The ones she hurt, it's only their business not yours. I'm feeling the hateful comments come from a cowardly Tween who sit behind a computer. It's easy to hurt someone when you are not face to face with them. None of you personally know either of them, so you have no dog in the fight. It's time to move on Perez. Old stories and rehash is boring. Write about someone else. Move on alreadyM

  13. 13

    Just a thought, this goes to all the "lovers and haters" on KStew, Rpattz, Liberty and Rupert. How about we all go through withdrawl and force ourselves to stay off the news about them? Don't click the sites and don't make comments, just go silent. Then, maybe they'll spead things up and come out with a statement, thinking the fans and haters don't care anymore because they're not getting the attention or the clicks. Let's scare the crap out of all the media and the Exec's with our silence. What do you think? BTW…Wouldn't it be outrageous if KStew stepped out wearing one of RPattz Armani suits to an interview? LOL!

  14. trifoli says – reply to this


    Perez is soo good in writing fanfiction story's

  15. BB says – reply to this


    This is all over the place not just here. Who cares? To me it is funny! but if you are going to doubt this page then maybe you need to do a little research first. I am a Twihard but to me that means you read the books. She is an ass anyone who has listened to any word that ever came out of her mouth coud see that. Every time I get on here which is maybe once every 2 months someone is bitching saying it isn't true; by the tme I get here it is true and you look like a dipshit. So learn when to shut up.

  16. farzana says – reply to this


    stop it already!!!!!!! what is wrong with u perez???????? y can't u just leave them alone???? its their life so they should decide what to do with it…… just let them move on……..

  17. 17

    Totally FABRICATED story.

  18. Covington Beasley says – reply to this


    It isn't a cell phone matter, rather an email matter. I can be of assistance… for a price. ;-)

  19. Covington Beasley says – reply to this


    If the latter part is true wherein Mr. Pattinson simply ignored Ms. Stewart then there is hope for him… beginning to be a bloody Brit finally.

  20. A-TRUE TWILIGHT FAN says – reply to this


    if rob is really investigating on who is leaking news about him to kristen is this is true are you telling me that he don't want nothing to do with her thats a shame why is he afraid to talk to her himself are you telling me that hes that way and hate someone like that you said you loved i can't believed that about him are you telling me that hes that perfect and really can't forgive anybody that he will get rid of them like that rob i love you but you really surprise me i'm glad that i'm only a fan and a good one if you don't care for her any more just tell her that she needs to stop throwing herself after you like that its so funny she broke up with micheal a to go with you and this is what you are doing to her you even don't want to be in the same room with her again that a shame if all this is true you don't need her nomore so let her go to heel in a hand basket stop pertenting that you care i hurt to know that you are like that

  21. Jay says – reply to this


    The report about the investigation is utter nonsens, you can not investigate unless you lay a claim with the authorities, please stop with the false information already!

  22. SuzieQ says – reply to this


    Come on Perez, leave this kid alone. She's 22 years old and the man she cheated with is in his 40s. Nobody sees a problem with the fact he's gotten away unscathed? This young girl has had hatred heaped upon her by her fans, his fans, and tabloids. I think you're being a bully for picking on her so much. Go after the old guy, at least he's mature enough to take the shit everyone dishes out. Leave this kid alone.

  23. Bamagirl0602 says – reply to this


    I am getting a little dizzy with all the contradictions that are floating around about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. First, they're back together, then he's searching for a traitor within his circle of friends. Maybe his friends have his best interest at heart. I wish the media would make up it's collective mind and say "are they?" or "aren't they?" Also the fact that Robert Pattinson says that there would be a backlash from fans if he publicly acknowledges that they are together again is ridiculous! His and her fans both want them to get back together! I think the real problem is that Rob knows Kristen is a better actress than he is an actor. Might be a little jealousy there.

  24. ang says – reply to this


    Re: dee – where to find that info

  25. 25

    This is ridiculous. E News is saying they are back together if you haven't caught up on the news apparently, so do some research before you say stupid shit like this

  26. Teri says – reply to this


    I believe this out of all the things I've read. I am sure he is disgusted with her, which he should be. And her wearing his clothes is her way of still trying to reach out to him.

  27. twilight08 says – reply to this


    Re: RobinVD – Hi RobinRV its funny I just signed off from the site HollywoodLife.com for good. I finally realized smile that we are saying the same thing over and over and our comments are getting us no where. Sometimes seeing real vulgar comments which aren't necessary but to each their own. So for me I will await the final saga chapter. Which Stephenie Meyer stated has surprises that were not in the books all brand new. So that should make the movie fun. And from today onwards wish Robert. Kristen Liberty, {Skylar, and Tennyson the children} Peace of Mind. So to all that I have either agreed with or debated. thanks. I wish you all the best. Keep smiling. Signing off. D. Justin

  28. EMinSC says – reply to this


    Perez….SERIOUSLY? Please Please verify sources.

  29. twiligh08 says – reply to this


    Re: RobinVD – Hi RobinVD Its funny because I just signed off from the site HollywoodLife.com I finally realized smile that I am saying the same thing over and over again to no avail. The same back and forth comments and unverified storylines. So this will be my final comment. It has been at times fun the agreements and/or the debates. However, the vulgar comments aren't necessary but to each their own. I will await the final movie Stephenie Meyer stated there will be surprises a new storyline that was not in the book BD so this should be fun I will be there God willing. Whatever the final outcome is for Robert and Kristen I wish them well. For Liberty, Skylar, and Tennyson her children the same. So to all that I have either agreed with via a comment or debated with via a comment its been fun. Signing off. Peace D. Justin

  30. mls8662 says – reply to this


    Does anybody actually believe any of the crap this guy writes? He steals it from one site , that stole it from another site that made it up to begin with.

  31. Whatever says – reply to this


    How come all these tabloids have "sources" that know what these two are saying, and even feeling…. yet they can't tell anyone where they are located?!

    I mean come on! OK Magazine in this weeks issue did a one page article about how this is all effecting Rob and Kristen's houseplants. Their houseplants?!?! Come on!!

    You all are running out of stuff to write to keep this story going.

    You know another tabloid said Rob is drunk calling Kristen. Maybe that's how she is getting it!! Ha!

  32. 32

    Re: A-TRUE TWILIGHT FAN – Try using punctuation and paragraphs.

  33. 33

    Re: Jay – Sure you can, ever hear of Private Investigators?

  34. sharon says – reply to this


    are you kidding you want us to believe any thing that comes out of your mouth.. dude get a life one that is interesting because you are as boring as they can get

  35. ap says – reply to this


    Rob is jealous .youre full of crap

  36. dahlia says – reply to this


    Bull. Shit. It's being reported everywhere that they're back together.

  37. 37

    Oh you don't want to meet a nasty Steward, she is poison and tries to rectify her fu^^ery , leave Robert alone, u broke his heart into pieces now u want to trample on it too, pathetic liar. She would still be with the old man if she wouldn't have been caught

  38. Marilyn says – reply to this


    I'm think of all that things that happened, and I thought that Rob and Kris doesn't come back together just right now. They need space, specially Rob to think what is gonna he will do with Kristen. Rob is fight with himself, he don't know what to do: if get back with Kris, that mean that he gonna forgive and forget what she did, or otherwise he will did what his sisters said to him to not get back with Kris, ’cause they are kill him. Rob you only need to think with you head and your heart, and I hope that heard his heart, ’cause I think that still love Kris. The other side we have Kris with the hope that Rob will forgive her and will be back with her, and I think that in this moment he don't want to be with her as a couple, only be friend. So, Kris is time to re-take your life and start or continue it lonely without Rob, because I think that he never love you, only used you to be famous…so good luck with your new life…

  39. Chelsea says – reply to this


    she IS crazy. Good for him, he probably can't stand being pestered by a cheater.

  40. poisonedwalf says – reply to this


    Re: lala44 – wow yr a freak!

  41. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Wait, what? lol
    You are questioning these reports? You are th eone that makes up half of the bullshit reports on this couple. You are also constantly reporting false information from "sources"…yet you are all of a sudden questioning this one?
    You really are retarded.

  42. G says – reply to this


    Why does he have to change his phone number, I'm sure he has caller ID..just don't answer the phone. This story is untrue.

  43. Bruna says – reply to this


    Bom… No meu ponto de vista ela errou siim e com certeza nao deve ser perdoada por Rob.
    Mas estou com pena dela =(

  44. rsd says – reply to this


    Re: A-TRUE TWILIGHT FAN – Have you heard that "love is the closest feeling to hate"? He has a darn strong reason to hate her now and I would not expect any less. I hope the reports that they are back together is false. I am not saying he should never forgive her, but if he forgives her not even 2 months after her affair was discovered, she will learn nothing from her mistake…assuming it was a mistake in her mind, which I doubt.