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President Obama Staying Up Late With Letterman

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Bring him back, bring him back!

It has been formally announced that President Obama will make a special appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman for only the second time since the man's been in the White House.

It will be a super busy day for the POTUS as he will be stopping by Jay-Z's party fundraiser where he could possibly get to see Beyoncé's baby.

President Obama deals with an extremely busy schedule all the time, so we're sure he'll be able to handle this one, too.

We bet if anything he's super excited for it - that's one heck of an awesome day!!!

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28 comments to “President Obama Staying Up Late With Letterman”

  1. 1

    So glad the president has time for Letterman - after all the whole country is falling apart - no jobs, $4 a gal gas and now Americans killed at our Libyan embassy. He doesn't have time to meet with his own jobs council (not since jan) and he doesn't attend security threats debriefings (only 40% of the time since he came into office) but thank God he has time for Dave Letterman. What a joke of a president!!!!!! Hope's out as of Jan 2013!!

  2. 2

    Ditto to everything Ohiogirl just wrote.

  3. 3

    It's so degrading, the President of the United States on David Letterman. It's one thing when they're running for President, but after they've attained the "highest office", why are they sitting in the same chair as Kim, no talent, porno, Kardashian?

  4. 4

    I thought presidents were presidents and celebrities were celebrities. Since when did we have a president hob nob with ALL the celebrities, hang out with em all and be besties with em? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? Thanks Ohiogirl, you nailed it! He's a NWO puppet if you ask me. But then again, aren't they all? -They meaning most of the government.

  5. 5

    Re: Ohiogirl – Don't forget how he skipped out talking with Netanyahu which he SHOULD be doing as well. Oh AND he had enough time to call the Egyptian president to apologize for a video in which he had no hand in making. STOP APOLOGIZING AND GET SH*T DONE! I'm still waiting for that change he promised all his voters (I sure as Hell didn't vote for him).

  6. 6

    get back to work and DO something instead of just talking about it…
    oh wait let me rephrase that, DO something SMART and BENEFICIAL for our country, instead of pissing our money away and restricting our freedom of choice.

  7. squeaky says – reply to this


    Re: bluephoenix – AMEN! i'm so glad to see that normal people read this drivel and want to make it known that BO going on Letterman is NOT cool. You're the PRESIDENT. Go to something Presidential! Not go talk about Snooki or Niki Minaj or whoever else you really don't need to know about! You need to be knowing about how 4 men just died on your watch on 9/11…you do know about them, bc you apologized for the US upsetting them. lame.

  8. 8

    Look up Veterans day at the tomb of the unknown, never in US history since Obuma not shown up and sent Biden there instead when he first got into office!! Wake up to this Muslim in a sheeps coat!!

  9. 9

    Re: Ohiogirl – Yes!!! And bring back the gang that put us in deep shit! Moron!

  10. 10

    Re: Yenkme – You are a complete moron! You should shut up!

  11. 11

    Yenkme must've not made it into debate club to have to resort to calling names. Face facts, the POTUS is a POS.

  12. 12

    Overthere isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer <3

  13. 13

    Only two times on letterman… wow that doesn't' include his stints on leno , the view, the sic fi channel etc. etc. etc. He wants to be a celebrity and then talk about the middle class … what a joke

  14. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – That would mean 4 more years of Obama

  15. rooassss says – reply to this


    This guy doesn't work. He went on CNN saying he's a family man and that his day is done by 6 so he can be at the table with his kids. That's great, but not if you're running a COUNTRY. No one who is doing anything in this country of great significance is done their day by that time. He's spent less time in the oval office than any president in history. Ever wonder why he can't explain Obamacare? … because he didn't even write it, Nancy Pelosi did. Every wonder why his stimulus plan didn't work? Because he has no experience… and he didn't write it. Look up the article 'Report: Obama Misses Over Half His Intelligence Briefings' in Google… it is a FACT that he has spent 412 hours in economic meetings of any kind throughout his presidency versus the over 600 hours he’s spent golfing. DISGUSTING!

  16. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – I see you are full of substantial comments… So you're blindly backing our incompetent President are you? He's destroyed our economy, now his pathetic weak foreign policy is making us a joke all over the world and putting our men and women in danger…. Have I forgotten anything… oh yeah… I guess this is the part where you help him blame everyone and everything on earth except himself because he's never done anything wrong or accepted any responsibility for anything thats gone wrong in the past four years which is almost everything. Obama was never qualified for this job– A pretty package and pretty speeches doesnt make you qualified to run the only superpower in the world. Hopefully the American people have learned their lesson and will now vote for a true accomplished experienced honorable grown up - ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

  17. 17

    One day he is on Entertainment Tonight, then on Letterman. Is this the twilight zone?

  18. gooliaj says – reply to this


    Pathetic!!, wtf is wrong with him…please NOBAMA 2012…what an embarrassment.
    Oh and Ditto on what OHIOGIRL said.

  19. 19

    I hope majority voters feel the way most people on this thread do. He is more interested in being a celebrity and trying to convince citizens that he's "one of them", than in being a president. He should stop trying to be liked, telling diverse groups of people what they want to hear and start standing for something and be respected for it… And that's what seperates the great from the mediocre.

  20. Ojsakila says – reply to this


    Between Letterman and all the golf, it'll probably be his busiest day in 4 years!

    I cant stand that bafoon.

  21. 21

    …….and you of course would prefer your flip-flopping,two-faced shill and his chronic liar sidekick.The whole gop is such a clusterfuck they brought Cheney and Rumsfeld in for some moral support.They're ready to adopt Bush policies yet won't allow him within 10 miles of a Romney event.Even voter suppression and special interest payola aren't going to save this big,steaming pile of horseshit of a ticket.

  22. Kimberly says – reply to this


    I'm glad he has time to go on a late show while this country & world is falling apart.

  23. NoBama says – reply to this


    It's nice to see our wonderful president has time for David Letterman, Beyonce and Jay-Z while our country is falling apart. What about being too busy to meet with Israel? What about your security meeting? What a complete joke, I sincerely hope people start paying attention to whats happening a vote against this man who obviously does not have his priorities straight.

  24. 24

    Obama is out fundraising in Vegas, while our ambassador is being sodomized and dragged through the streets of Libya. Next night, while our embassy in Yemen is being attacked, he's on the Letterman Show. Americans should be appalled, but hardly any care enough to follow what is going on in the world. The funniest part of all this is mainstream journalists who got busted, trying to make Romney look bad, to cover up what a pathetic job Obama is doing of handling this 'Arab Spring' mess.

  25. KrisJ says – reply to this


    Thank you, Ohiogirl! Well said :-) Hope and Change is now Hype and Blame… Lets get this guy OUTTA there!

  26. Ojsakila says – reply to this


    Re: Trancelike – You're an idiot

  27. Krose says – reply to this


    Re: Ohiogirl – I so agree with you and find it sad that this doesn't seem important enough that the media isn't all over it! Pretty sad when Letterman is more important than our country…

  28. SickOfHollywoodBo says – reply to this


    I have read all these comments so far and I'm asking people to please make their feeling know on Social Media. Tweet about this, share it on FB, Pinn it, Tumble it, until the President has to take notice that we will not tolerate his disrespect for Israel and the American public he swore to serve. I'm sick of hearing beasts like Ellen Barkin, wishing death on fellow citizens. Bette Midler tweeting that the man who made the "film" that started all this should be tried for inciting murder. Are you kidding me, who's made worse movies than Bette Midler? Cris Rock's never ending barrage against Romney and conservatives even while our Ambassador was being murdered. Our President has a fun day planned with Letterman and Jay Z while our closest allies are asking for his time. Surly even the most right leaning liberals must see the problem with this. He snubs Netanyahu for late nite TV and Jay Z. Well the President has 99 Problems But a Jew Ain't One of Them. Hey Letterman how about "Top 10 Reasons We need to Get Rid Of Obama!"