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Demi Lovato Tears Up Over Bullied X Factor Contestant!

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X Factorites and fifth judges, gather ‘round!

Last night, season two of the X Factor premiered and just when you thought you were sick of music competition shows, a whole NEW flock of talent flew in!

Going up against The Voice’s third night of their premiere, XF made us laugh, cry and all that’s in between!

One audition that made EVERYONE well up with tears, including judge Demi Lovato was 20 year old Jillian Jensen, a victim of bullying.

Check out her performance of Jessie J’s Who You Are (above)!

CHILLS! She sure showed those bullies!!! Love is most definitely louder!

We love the tone and the raspiness of Jillian’s voice and can’t wait to see how she does at boot camp!

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53 comments to “Demi Lovato Tears Up Over Bullied X Factor Contestant!”

  1. Taryn says – reply to this


    I cried lol

  2. justsaying says – reply to this


    According to some sources The Voice was a bigger draw than The X Factor season premiere, but of course you're not going to publish that….

  3. 3

    I loved this performance. Maybe this will inspire Mario to be more friendly to Kristen Stewart now?

  4. Carmen says – reply to this


    Poor pretty girl with talent and an incredibly supportive family. I'm sure the overweight, zitty, abused, and abandoned can totally relate. Get real.

  5. Natalie says – reply to this


    Carmen, I'm sorry you're so unhappy with your life. I'm guessing that's the only reason why you said that. I'll pray for you.

  6. 6

    I don't like that being "Bullied" is the new black. How she could have told all those ppl that were cruel to her to f-off? Look better and sing better. She is one of those girls that are not going to make the finals. I don't think that beautiful, single mom, nursing student is either. She was gorgeous but did not sing that well.

  7. Carmen says – reply to this


    Re: Natalie – I'm not at all. Everyone has a rough time in High School. Suck it up.

  8. 8

    I got my ass kicked practically every day in 9th and 10th grade. Then I grew 6 inches in one summer practically and started kicking the bullies' asses. Who doesn't get bullied? This girl is a little over dramatic!

  9. 9

    I was bullied a lot in middle school mostly because I have always been (and still am) really tiny. But all the bully girls had to root for me when I was the starting pitcher on the school's fastspitch softball team! It does take a toll, and I cried a lot when I was at home. But I really didn't care by the time I was a junior in high school. I just started enjoying it and exuded more confidence. I didn't have the guts to stand up to the middle school bullies, but I know how it feels, as well as bipolar. Demi impressed me the most, actually. I thought she was quite poised and insightful for her age, and empathetic. I didn't think Britney looked entirely comfortable with her body language, but I hope she gets the hang of it as the process moves forward.

  10. 10

    Re: Natalie – You're an asshole. Not as big an asshole as Meggie, but you are definitely an asshole. There are many reasons why someone would say what Carmen said, and one of which is that she's telling the truth as she sees it (nor is she alone in that view, asshole). You're just another liberal loser who buys into shit because you're too much of a sheep to think for yourself. I'd pray for you, but I think religion is for losers and you're not worth praying for regardless.
    Re: Carmen – Exactly. Suck it up is right.
    This chick was AWFUL. I couldn't understand one fucking word she sang, and she was OTT on the drama. I also love it when people manage to cry yet shed no tears. I doubt she was bullied. Bullying is a trendy topic these days, and I for one think she was faking it. I hope she gets booted off; I hate emotional vampires like her who make claims that aren't true because she is an attention whore. That whole segment was a joke.

  11. 11

    Bullied or not, she's a terrible singer.
    I was bullied, I can't dance, should people cry for be and tell me I can because I was bullied? Horseshit.

    And Demi was probably thinking "Omg, When I first wanted attention and pulled the bully card, it was hard so I know how you feel. Once I pretended to have an eating disorder and cut, things looked up for me. You can do it girl! Milk it!"

  12. 12

    I really wish the contestants weren't allowed to tell their back stories until after they auditioned and possibly made it to the next round because clearly they gave her a shot because she was bullied and not because she could really sing. She sounded so off to me and they were crying and praising her like she sounded like Whitney or Mariah. This show is suppose to be about TALENT not about sob stories.

  13. 13

    You know, I've been bullied in horrible ways and I'm really sick of people exploiting it at every last goddamn stop. Don't you have anything else to contribute? Why are these shows always about ambulance chasing? And moreover, can Demi Lovato get through a sentence without reminding us how she's a multi-million dollar, highly successful, tended-to-constantly, overpaid victim?

  14. 14

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Who or what do you actually like in life? What actually makes you happy. Not knocking, just curious.

  15. 15

    It is too bad the anti-bullying campaign is the launching point for the I-am-a-victim type people. At some point people might actually turn on those that claim to be bullied.

  16. 16

    it was cringe TV at its worst. Its what I hate most about this show the contrived sob stories. who gives a fuck? Simon cant even be honest anymore and Demi is embarassing. Only Britney looked like she didnt give afuck about this boohoo bitch. And her singing was AWFUL!! pathetic that they praised it. Sob stories dont sell records!

  17. 17

    According to some sources The Voice was a bigger draw than The X Factor season premiere, but of course you're not going to publish that….

  18. 18

    Re: justsaying – According to some sources The Voice was a bigger draw than The X Factor season premiere, but of course you're not going to publish that….

  19. 19

    The X Factor segment dedicated to Jillian Jensen bothered me for two reasons. First, bullying, in general, is a bit exaggerated, in my opinion. By definition, to bully someone is to intimidate or harm a weaker person. Bullying occurs all the time and is experienced by almost everyone. When we dramatize it, we ill prepare children for the realities of life as well as overlook the people who are getting seriously bullied (those locked people in lockers, gay teens whose car is defaced, etc.). The second thing that irked me was that Jillian sang Jessie J.'s "Who You Are." NOO!!! I really like that song (I actually heard it on this website first). Although I applaud her effort to make the song better with emotion, she just did not have the vocal capabilities. Maybe she was trying for a different rendition but I prefer Jessie J's. We'll see how far Jillian goes …

  20. Alicia says – reply to this


    This girl is full of shit. She was not bullied in high school & if she was its bc shes a huge whore… I walked in on her at a party having a 3some with a random dude. Sorry, but if your a huge whore, people do have something to talk about, its not being bullied.

  21. Jacquie says – reply to this


    The bullying thing may be overplayed lately…and the xfactor is more about singing and presence yes…but the xfactor is also about who people will look up to as being part of that "factor" or this would be called american idol.. and in saying that, little girls or boys or even teenagers will probably look up to someone with a similar back story and see that they have gotten through tough times and to not give up…this was a moving performance.

  22. Kp says – reply to this



  23. 23

    Re: lolita.posseur – Who cares?

  24. 24

    Good Voice.
    Im sick of Hearing the same damb Sob Stories. I was Bullied, People Were Mean To Me, They called me Names. GET OVER IT!!!! LET YOUR VOICE SPEAK FOR YOU, NOT YOUR PAST! Uhg NEXT…..

  25. Austin says – reply to this


    This is why she was bullied

  26. MILO says – reply to this


    Simon is in trouble.. The voice is taking over all singing talent shows. And america has talent is a close second. After a while people get tired of the same faces at the same places. Its like a broadway show when you see most of them once, why go back.

  27. 27

    It was sad, but the people that come on these type of shows with these stories try to milk it like crazy. She honestly was not very good at all, crying or not. She cannot hit those high notes, her singing voice is so raspy it sounds as if she lost her voice. If she didn't have that story to back it up, I'm sure someone would have said "No."

  28. 28

    Re: Alicia – I believe it. Most people that go on these shows are full of sh*t. They use these sob stories to make it through because they know they don't have the strongest talent and will not make it through without their pathetic stories.

  29. jasmine says – reply to this


    I'm sorry she was bullied, but she RUINED Jessie J's song. She has a nice voice, but that song in that arrangement was not a good choice for her. She doesn't have the power to carry it and it is completely out of her range. Good luck to her from now on, though.

  30. chris says – reply to this


    Soo dramatic… i hate those sob stories in those SINGING competitions

  31. badnfluenz says – reply to this


    SMh at the lot of youse. Pathetic! Jillian Jensen did a great job. Get your ears checked. You all sound like X Factor REJECTS!

  32. David says – reply to this


    People really need to look over at what they type on the Internet.I mean half the shit people write on her is bollocks and just mocks people and people always see a problem with everything on here,such as something like this.Just think before you type please

  33. ILoveDemi says – reply to this


    Re: The Perez Hater – You're really going to say that? She's not fat at all. it's people like you that made her think the way she did. Please,do us all a favor and go away

  34. Lucidity says – reply to this


    I laugh so hard at these over dramatic sob stories on these pathetic singing shows. I can count on one hand the singers that have actually become successful. Her singing was awful and bullying is such a exaggerated overdone subject anyway. Start teaching your kids that if someone puts their hands on them or fucks with them; beat the shit out of them!

  35. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    Re: ILoveDemi – Demi's a cow and so are you!

  36. asdfghjkl says – reply to this


    Re: The Perez Hater – and youre an even bigger phony sitting behind a computer screen with nothing better to do with your life than to say awful things about a person you dont even know.

  37. BRITNEY FAN says – reply to this


    Re: Alicia – THIS IS TRUE this girl from Dartmouth ("LIED") her ASSSS OFFF… My friends friend was in this girl band with her, They performed at wallmart and they were in the news paper.. my friend works with her former group member and that girl told her that she ("LIE") bout being bullyed and her tattoos !!!

  38. bob says – reply to this


    WAAAAAA!! She was bullied… Then she is rushed on the stage by 20 friends, when she is put through.. The sob stories make this show unwatchable.

  39. nikki says – reply to this



  40. Natalie says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I'm sorry your unhappy as well and I'll pray for you too.

  41. Emily says – reply to this


    Re: justsaying
    How would you like it if someone said that about you?
    What the fuck is wrong with you? she just came out of rehab one of the reason was for ED thanks to people like you! you should be ashamed she is beautiful, is the only singer which has talent and finally the first good role model for children. I hope one day you feel the pain she felt/ feels and maybe think twice about pushing the "submit comment" button.

  42. riverr says – reply to this


    Re: Carmen – DUDE, she was in highschool and middle school when she got bullied. And going on TV most girls wear makeup an get their hair done , so you have no idea what Jillian Jensen even looked like before. stfu

  43. Karlis Styles Lovato says – reply to this


    OMG! She is amazing! I can't believe, is like … I don't have words to describe this scene! You are the best Perez!

  44. 44

    OMG! I love this blog, Cause you have to put one new and now I am crying a lot!
    She (Demi Lovato) she is amazing! And the hater people are stupid!

  45. T says – reply to this


    Ok, i'm going to say this even though all the sensitive people will get on my case.. but people need to toughen up, get thicker skin. I was "bullied" when I was younger, yea some kids didn't like me and were mean to me, but it was just kids being stupid.. People are WAY too sensitive about this topic.. not everyone is going to be nice to you. She isn't that great.. and as soon as people start commenting on that, it will be considered "bullying" and trying to "put her down", its NOT!

  46. Maisha says – reply to this


    Re: The Perez Hater – You disgust me.

  47. Maisha says – reply to this


    Re: The Perez Hater – You disgust me. How dare you, after all she's gone through.

  48. Jensen Supporter says – reply to this


    You haters make me sick…all this name calling about a girl who you don't know on a personal level is truly disturbing. She is an incrediblly talented singer/musician who has been working hard so many years to make this dream come true. Everyone here who has bashed her on a personal level knows someone who knows someone who knows her….but the fact of the matter is that you don't! I have worked with Jill on many different occassions over the last 3 years and I can personally attest to the fact that this girl is talented. In regards to her former group the Varsity Girls…if you know any of the girls then you know that they were constantly competing with one another which partly the reason why they aren't together anymore so it isn't surprising to hear that a former member is talking trash. Each one of them was talented in their own way with very different voices and sounds…some more talented than others. I'll end this by saying that it takes a lot of courage to walk on stage and sing in front of that many people especially when you know you're about to be critiqued by 4 celebrities and thousands of people around the world. Regardless of her "story" those that know Jill know how big of a role music is in her life. Stop hating and start supporting!

  49. Alicia says – reply to this


    Re: BRITNEY FAN – exactly. She is a joke and it disgusts me that people like Perez and Access Hollywood are buying into her crap and not digging deeper.

  50. HONEY SUCKLE says – reply to this


    I luv Demi so much how can a girl as beautiful as her ever be bullied those kids who bullied were probably just jealous and now im sure they are

  51. Pathetic says – reply to this


    that was terrible. Horrible singing. that sucked so bad, I can sing ten times better without even trying. -.-

  52. thirdy lopez says – reply to this


    the girl is just one big drama queen… If she really was bullied, she could tell stories…

    She wasn't bullied.. She's just emo…

  53. el says – reply to this


    Re: Big-package – You don't know what's happened in her life so don't call her over-dramatic…