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Kate Middleton & Prince William's Rep: They're Angry! A Line Has Been Crossed!

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kate middleton prince william nude photo scandal statement

Honestly, we're surprised we can't hear the Queen's screams yet.

Right on the heels of Prince Harry's nude photo scandal comes Kate Middleton's!

But hers wasn't the effect of reckless partying…

The darling Duchess was enjoying a PRIVATE vacation with her husband on a PRIVATE estate when the paps caught her topless from afar and went snap-snap-snap!

The photos were then sold to Closer magazine, who decided to publish the four-page spread as well as an XXX cover!

A spokesman for the couple says:

"Their sadness has turned to anger and disbelief as we have learnt more about the photographs. We believe a red line has been crossed and we are consulting the French lawyers to see what, if any, action can be taken."

Hope Closer is ready!! Cuz the Palace means business!!

As we've lamented before, it's really sad that such a thing had to take place in the same country where Princess Diana's tragic paparazzi fate happened.

France is a beautiful place (with super strict photog laws btw), but we wouldn't blame the royals if they were hesitant to visit again soon after this!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Kate Middleton & Prince William's Rep: They're Angry! A Line Has Been Crossed!”

  1. 1

    She knew the job was dangerous when she took it. She should count herself luck that she's not being chased through a tunnel in Paris and that the paps ARE more respectful than they were 15 years ago. She is now public property, and needs to expect that nowhere but her own residences are safe from the prying eyes of the paps. I don't care how often you capitalize the word "private," you stupid homo … she's known for a very long time that photogs are around and will try to get shots. When she said "I do" to William, she gave up most of her privacy. The bitch has far more privacy and peace than Diana Spencer was ever granted, and Middleton can thank the horrific death of William's mother is what bought her the consideration she currently enjoys. I do NOT feel sorry for her.

  2. 2

    Kate, I think you are a great Princess. But, if you start to think that you have any privacy left you must have left your brain at the altar.
    You have no privacy. Your only privacy comes from within your home/the palace/any other royal home. And that's only because the Paps can't get in there.
    You are ROYALTY. What went through your head? "People probably know I am on vacation. Let me go nudeeeeee." Those are famous last words, girl.
    You live a very privileged life, but that also comes with a price. Your mother in-law was killed by a Paparazzi car chase. What made you think they wouldn't find you and snap you topless?

  3. 3

    Amazing we all know that Kate has breast….big deal. (and they r not as impressive as her ass) her breast are no more special than anyone else's….. if u are in her position always assume u have no privacy lets see what we have learned Harry has a nice ass and so does Kate everyone has a body get over your Royal hangups. i think the problem starts when people believe they are ROYAL

  4. Ummm... says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me

    She is NOT public property and what a dumb comment. Yes, marrying into a family like this she can expect and has given up alot of privacy…but when you are on vacation and in a PRIVATE home and people are clmibing walls and using scopes much bigger then YOUR brain…a line has been crossed. I think the Prince and Kate have been more then open with their lives to the public, but they deserve some privacy also.

  5. kcRedwood says – reply to this


    She is not public property. She does not deserve to be violated. What a bunch of idiots

  6. dana tinsley says – reply to this


    DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING of this magazine. HOW DARE THEY? The world of privacy as we once knew it is gone!!!!!! She had every right in the privacy with her "beloved" husband" to feel safe and secure! For "God's sake" THIS MUST STOP!!!!! Oh ,I am sorry, Greed!!!!!! But, we all must put our "heads" on a pillow at night! Does this make you feel good. "Let your conscience be your guide" and back off and find another job! obviously, these people have no life!!!!! God Bless you, duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William. I will say my prayers for you. "Yes" a line has been crossed"!!!!!!!!

  7. 7

    She's not public property. More so, she was in what she thought was a private place! that's a violation of privacy right there

  8. 8

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I totally agree with you. Diana was a lady and had class. RIP Diana. I have no respect for Kate.

  9. kathy says – reply to this


    look ,this is respect, even you are Royal or not people..D'ONT BUY THAT MAGAZINE

  10. Mad cow says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – You need to get a life learning from the past is how we shape the future for you it is very shallow

  11. booster2 says – reply to this


    Re: blondly7
    I had to long and hard to find comments on the internet that were in sync with my thoughts on this subject.
    I do not feel sorry for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
    I have made it through my 40 year life without finding it necessary to take my top off outside. I expect a Royal to be able to do the same.
    The Royals have every convenience, opportunity and comfort at arms reach. They try to lead a "normal" life..why? They are not "normal". They are Royals and should act like it. They should never let their actions take press time away from matters that are truly important.
    Why can't the Royal family try to live up to the example set by the Queen?
    If there is one person I feel sorry for it is the Queen.

  12. robbie says – reply to this


    Is it so newsworthy, really, young couple having fun on a private lodge, idoit hiding in the bushes. no one said she has all the privacy in the world but i guess some people have such a fascination with kates breasts that it had to go to press. sorry to say there is no scandal other then a few billion idiots thinking that kate being a woman had no breasts. now for those in need of some education, go google porn and watch one of the vids

  13. Maxwell says – reply to this


    "They're angry, a line has been crossed"

    Yes, I believe it was a tan-line.