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X Factor Judges Dumbfounded By 13 Year Old Diva!

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X Factor’s second season premiere has seen everyone from Britney fanboys to duet partners of times past and all that’s in between!

However, as we saw on last night’s show, Carly Rae Jepsen may be no match for Carly Rose Sonenclar!

The 13 year old hit the stage and stunned EVERYONE with her rendition of Nina Simone's Feeling Good!

Check out the show stopping audition (above)!

SO much soul for such a little girl!!! She even got a standing O from all four judges — and that's NOT an easy thing to get from Simon Cowell!

We can’t wait to see what else Carly Rose has in store for us this season!

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21 comments to “X Factor Judges Dumbfounded By 13 Year Old Diva!”

  1. 1

    AH-MAZING!!!! That little girl can SANG!! That was beautiful, and full of soul. Gave Nina Simone and every artist out there a run for their money for sure! Absolutely <3ed it!

  2. 2

    This girl was good. Unbelievable almost, she's a pro at 13.

  3. VALENTINE1299 says – reply to this


    You can see her on youtube in Frank Wildhorn's Wonderland.

  4. 4

    That girl is the shit!! She has stage presence and talent… hard to find in a 13 year old.

  5. 5

    sings better than Britney!!!

  6. Sheila says – reply to this


    She moved me to tears with her rendition, that NEVER happens. The last time it did was when I heard Adele for the first time. I bet her parents are so proud of her. She did a beautiful job and my heart thanks her.

  7. 7

    Re: P I N K Y – That isn't too hard to do.

  8. zox says – reply to this



  9. 9

    It always amazes me that people are amazed by tween or younger singers. This is when you have the best voice, if you have talent. This is the age a singer is at their best.

    She was great but she has been singing for yeaaarrsss! She has had training and professional help, probably since she was 7. I just love it when the public buys into the bs that these kids are shower singers , that just happened to try out for X, TV, or AI. She is an obvious "Plant" or "Ringer".

  10. leenie says – reply to this


    She's been singing on Broadway for years and is classically trained. Nothing wrong with that, but they acted like she never sang before.

  11. 11

    Anyone else notice the Devil Wears Prada suite after she sang?

  12. 12

    She will be a great singer right now she has a lot more to learn. Just because someone of `13 who sings sings better than adults who don't sing doesn't make her a genius. Spare this girl and let her develop she was out of tune half the performance but if she is praised for it she'll never know and as she gets older it will be worse .

  13. 13

    precocious brat. Nobody needs a 13 year old trying to sing with emotion. What emotion? you dont know shit at that age. Its just mimmicking other singers. And any adult who enjoys children singers must be a bit pedo frankly.

  14. Princess says – reply to this


    She doesnt need that X Factor to get a deal. She could walk into any record label and get a deal.

  15. 15

    Aww — she's got an amazing voice and great taste.

  16. samsun says – reply to this


    Dr. Nina Simone had a doctorate in music. She has been dead for decades!!! There will never be anyone like her. This little girl doesn't have soul…she has vocal training.

  17. 17

    I love small love Sghair say.The party raza1:14 AM the difference between dim sum and between tears; ….. Is that the tears; you people simmer Dim Sum I swear to you my Lord and your Lord ….. And most luxurious bhebbak hope and lift the head

  18. 18

    its getting really stupid now they got 14 yr olds on aus xfactor dragged all the way to new york to get DUMPED off the show away from momma and family and sent home i assume alone and crying all the way ABSOLUTE SHIT!! leave the age to 16 and keep the young ones to child fame shows or separate them from adults

  19. john says – reply to this


    The sad thing about this audition is the fact that she probably sang better then Britney and Demi combined. That is how good she was. She puts artists like them to shame (not that I think Britney and Demi can't sing cause I happen to be big fans of both) but damn gurl you had me talking. Really I just could not believe this when I saw it. I was like wow I must be dreaming again but no sir this girl has it all and she is in it to win it and I can see her making it all the way to the very end of the competition. We shall see you in the finals my dear :)

  20. one_love says – reply to this


    This kid is a ringer.
    She's a trained professional who's sung in Broadway shows (pleural). I think she's wildly talented and will go far in her career, but I hate that they put her on this show and profiled her as an "aww shucks" kid who happens to sing. They should have been honest and said "My name is Carly, you may know me from…" and list her many credits.

  21. Yana says – reply to this


    No doubt, the girl is talented! Super talented even, she sang with soul and only 13, what more can she do 5-10 years from now. But I hate the fact that they showed as if she's an amateur when she has already starred in a Broadway show, appeared on tv shows and even two movies. She can walk in any recording label and get a deal, there's no sense in still competing in Xfactor because the chance should be given to other people.