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Have Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart RECONCILED?!

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She may have been relying on faith, but honestly…

This is the kind of miracle that only the Holy Gospel of Twi-Hardism can bring about!

Kristen Stewart has apparently been clinging to the belief that she and Robert Pattinson still have a chance at reconciliation, despite her cheating ways, and according to new reports, the actor has apparently FORGIVEN her for what he's finally ready to write off as a "stupid mistake!"

Sources close to the pair claim that our beloved R-Patz was so freaked out by the on-line backlash against KStew that he invited her to visit him at Reese Witherspoon's ranch to hash everything out…and it went so well that they've even moved back in TOGETHER!

As an insider revealed:

“They pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other. Kristen poured her heart out to Robert and told him it was a one-off and a mistake. Rob sees it as Kristen made a really stupid mistake. After a lot of long tearful talks, they’ve worked it out. Rob can see how truly sorry Kristen is and has totally forgiven her. They really do love each other. For now they are focusing on themselves.”


Honestly, we're not ENTIRELY sure we buy this….if only because it seems SUPER sudden!

But hey! If they can truly leave the past in the past and let go of the pain and heartbreak they endured this summer, then all the more power to them!

We're sure the Twilight promotional team and studio bigwigs are now breathing one helluva sigh of relief over the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 premiere!


What do U think?? Have Rob and Kristen actually gotten back together??

[Image via WENN.]

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218 comments to “Have Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart RECONCILED?!”

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  1. Kiwi says – reply to this


    I sure hope not.

  2. Julie says – reply to this



  3. Liza says – reply to this


    If they are, it is ridiculously sudden, which makes me believe it was all a PR stunt from the beginning.

  4. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who thinks they were NEVER REALLY DATING?
    THIS IS A HUGE PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!! Of course they convieniently get back together right before the final movie comes out! Besides, who would willingly date KStewert?

  5. ok says – reply to this


    Not 100 percent sure I'm buying this

  6. 6

    Re: Stephanie – You should go play outside. You are getting strange ideas.

  7. Anna says – reply to this


    I would hope not… I'm sure he or anyone can do better than Kristen Stewart.

  8. Marie says – reply to this


    It's their life

  9. Mary says – reply to this


    I think there was a lot more backlash for her than there was for married guy. He is 40+, married and was her boss. While, I get that she is responsible for her own actions, she sure wasn't any of those things but has been vilified in the media because, she's naive. If she doesn't know by now, she should…cameras are everywhere, waiting for their golden $$$ opportunity.

  10. nena says – reply to this


    I love kristin end rob

  11. 11

    yeahh they should they're really cute together i love them

  12. 12

    I think that their relationship has zero impact on your life so you should STFU and mind your own business, homo. For someone whose most romantic relationship is with his mommy, you have fuck-all to say about others.

  13. 13

    Super sudden, maybe this one is true and all other articles are lies then it isn't sudden.

  14. Ashley says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – And you know Kristen personally? Doubt it. Don't say anyone can do better than her when you don't even know a thing about her. All you know is what is printed in the tabloids which is usually fake anyway.

  15. nena says – reply to this


    I loveeeeeee kristin and rob!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D says – reply to this


    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i knew there love would get them back together. CONGRATS and dont make any silly mistakes like that again. i wish them both the best in life with there love and happy nes :D :D:DD::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D: xxxTEAM ROBSTEN

  17. who_cares2012 says – reply to this


    honestly, he is a goofy looking mediocre actor who could do better than that skanky hack of an actress…
    this reconciliation, if true, is no doubt instigated by the movie company to ensure there isnt any loss of box office revenue due to the actress being exposed as a cheating whore in the fairytale love saga of "rpatz and kstew."
    and if he takes her cheating @$$ back, then he is an idiot cuz once a whore, always a whore.

  18. KStew Krew says – reply to this


    Really never believed they were apart. If they did split it was brief. They have had how many weeks now to work things out? Plenty of time to make some kind of a decision. Nobody knows what is up with these two and it's nobody's business anyway. To all you haters out there asking who would date Kristen…Really? Idiots. Just plain and simple ugly haters, jealous biotches. Get a life and stop hating on this beautiful woman. Go play suck face with your Rob posters cause that's about as close to him you are ever gonna get and that makes you a jealous hater. Sad, but true.

  19. iamawesom-o says – reply to this


    Um, didn't she cheat on her boyfriend at the time to be with him? Last timed I checked that makes 2 "mistakes". Or perhaps I'm just on some other planet where 1+1=1.
    Yeah, that MUST be it. *eyeroll* Oh well, I'm dead set against people doing others wrong if they don't deserve it but i guess you can't stop one vapid idiot from pursuing another vapid idiot no matter how much proof is in their face. Hope youre into all those super fun std's and unexpected pregnancies because your relationship is going to be chock full of all those wondrous and special kodak moments. Have fun, kids!

  20. Lonyae says – reply to this


    Im happy for them, really cute couple. All the ppl saying negative things…get a life!! It is their decision no one else.

  21. Haliewa says – reply to this


    Yay! but…they still have a lot of work to do–! And to y'all haters who have nothing but judgemental things to say about their acting abilities and looks. I have immense credit for them for just sitting through this storm of garbage criticism and scrutiny. They are lightning rods for people's opinions about relationships and honesty. A lot of the crap people say is really about their OWN issues. These are people you don't know.

  22. Abby Elliott says – reply to this


    Abso-freakin-lutely. Tbh, she doesn't deserve everything she's been getting; only him. They deserve each other and I knew that they would get back together.

  23. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Gawd…WHY does he just not buy a blow-up plastic doll ? It would have more life, and personality, than this SKANK. Prettier, too …..

  24. 24

    Gimmick. Just in time for their movie opening in November. ;)

  25. lll11 says – reply to this


    ; when r we going to know the truth?

  26. Anna says – reply to this


    Re: Ashley

    When did i ever say i know her? I just think she's extremely ugly. lol

  27. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She is SO ugly…honestly, I wouldn't give her a second look if I saw her walking down the street…..she always looks so down and out, I might even hand her a dollar Bill………

  28. Anna says – reply to this


    hell no ! he deserve better

  29. Julie says – reply to this


    wow rob way to be a doormat(if it's even true). maybe i'm old fashioned but cheating isn't something you just overlook and somehow forget like it was no big deal. call me crazy. i defiantly agree with everyone it does look rather sudden especially with all the breaking dawn press starting up in a month

  30. Lilly13 says – reply to this


    wow–im gonna just cheat on my guy and say, oops made a mistake–if true, Rob is making the biggest mistake in his life. How a class guy like him wants a girl who wears torn up clothes like on their july 19th date, swears like a sailor, gives people the finger whenever, never combs her hair unless for photo shoots when someone else does it and then cheats and not even with single guys–I have no idea how he doesnt think he could do better–and then sends her father to beg to get them together–How embarrassing. She will manipulate him and now get pregnant on purpose, mark my word. Lost me as a fan. No respect.

  31. Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Wow, calm yourself crazy. Once a cheater always a cheater. Don't know why a lot of people don't see that. Oh they love each other. Oh please. If you love someone 'so' much you wouldn't do that to them in the first place. Pathetic.

  32. Sarah says – reply to this


    How is 2 months sudden?

  33. Mic says – reply to this


    I think even if they aren't a couple they will always be good friends.

  34. 34

    I think they should be together but she needs to prove that to him

  35. branbran1581 says – reply to this


    Hey! If they are back together Congrats! If not then they're putting on one helluva front and it looks more like a front to me So whatever it is I wish y'all the best!!!!

  36. sarah says – reply to this


    there is alot of things not known,, one how many of you, have left your husb, or wife, and got back together in a week, how many have been cheated on , and never did separate, so them getting back together after two months, to me is normal,, 2nd, what about that video that came out, and made claims that all the pictures were fake, and the public statements by Kristen, and Rupert were never recorded, so did they actually make them,, ? and if the photos are fake, and now Robert is back, maybe he didnt believe her, but believes her now,,,, 3rd,, just maybe, it the whole thing is bullshit, and a huge PR Stunt,, who knows, their personal lives are no ones business if they are a real couple and they are back together, i wish them all the luck,, if its a pr stunt,, well done Twilight,,, I am still gonna go see it.. so who cares, move forward peeps…

  37. Bells says – reply to this


    Perez, what kind of a journalist are you. You contradict your own news, by asking if this is true that they finally reconcile. You have doubt of your own report????. You must be reading other tabloid and then write your own . . . what an easy job.
    Question : - Why so sudden they get back together, because there's so many things happening that is off limit to the media, only them knew secretly behind closed door. These two must be laughing at you guys the stupid report everyday on the tabloid. Their life is private and they keep it that way. For those who still don't believe that these two is reallly in love, they don't care either what you believe. For those who is so negative that Rob took Kristen back . . . its not your life or feeling or your affair is at stake and you don't live with them (thanks God for that). Now that they are together once again . . . much happiness and love to both and contunue this journey till the end. God is good.

  38. 38

    It's none of my business, of course, but it does seem like a well-timed PR move. Including the relationship.

  39. eh says – reply to this


    I hope not! He could do much better!

  40. 40

    Re: Lonyae – I agree I thought i was the only one who remembered that

  41. christian says – reply to this


    Re: iamawesom-o – totally agree. I don't believe they ever broke up. I think Rob needed time to sort out his feelings, but it never made sense that he'd immediately kick her out, then start dating. And, that's what the press kept wrongly reporting, I mean in real life, who does that?? Most would take time before coming to any decision but these gossip sites love to interject their personal feelings/desires into blog posts. Which, in the end mean nothing. Pure speculation based on crap sources. So, none of this surprises me. People need to get over Rob loving Kristen.

  42. Oatmeal44 says – reply to this


    Hurray……I feel bad that the people that are unhappy and have negative comments have NEVER MET THEM!! Easy to form an opinion….I am giddy!!!! Forever a Twihard or a Coswhite

  43. 43

    How about the fact that they were NEVER broken up? Jesus. Nothing but stupid media assumptions has lead people to believe they had broken up. R&K certainly hasn't lead people to believe that.

  44. 44

    People seem to cheat so much more these days because in the back of their mind they know all they have to do is apologize and everything will be ok. I hate that cheating is almost becoming a normal part of relationships. It's so messed up!! Cheating is NEVER OK… Take a stand and show people it is not right! Maybe if people stop being doormats and take back the cheater, people won't cheat as much because they won't be able to get away with it so easily!! ugh so frustrating…cheating is unforgivable. period.

  45. Guest says – reply to this


    Re: ok – Get back in your hole and STFU

  46. 46

    It NEVER happened! Kristen never had sex w/Rupert! Just like Judge Judy says if it does not make sense its Not the Truth!
    Kristen makes sure these last 3+yrs that no pics no PDA no nothing 'shown' with her & Rob…then she all of a sudden she's okay with Cheating/w/a Married man/in Public/wearing Rob's clothes??? No way, None of it ever happened! & I am so Happy they are still In Love w/each other! Snuggles!

  47. 47

    Rob, I know you like to read all the media stuff about your life…hopefully you are able to read all this crap and laugh to yourself but at the end of the day, just switch off and do exactly what you want to do because it's your life and nobody else's!!!

  48. 48

    The next girl should be educated, have some social skills, and not be so filled with self-loathing that she throws away her career and the boyfriend she didn't deserve.

  49. lauren says – reply to this


    remember jlo and ben affleck totes a PR stunt and they almost got married…..but honestly rob has such serious views on cheating ,so why he would take her back ….i dunno

  50. Scorpioptld says – reply to this


    So let me get this straight, Chris Brown beats the shit out of Rihanna in his car and NEVER apologizes. THEN he gets a nasty tattoo of her beaten face on his neck. AND….you support him. You post his songs, videos, etc. You praise him left and right. Kristen Stewart kisses a man other than her boyfriend and for weeks now you've been slamming her like she killed a man. I don't advocate cheating by any means, but get the fuck over it already. Jesus! And please stop supporting Chris Brown. And if you need some enlightenment, read this: . You were such a better blogger before you became one of the celebrities you used to rip on. The old Perez would be ripping the new Perez apart. Your makeover didn't make you a better person. Now you come off as snobby and awful as the rest of them. Such a shame.

  51. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    I hope and pray this is not true. Rob can't be that stupid. This will only end badly worst then what it was before. He is really stupid if he takes her back. DUMB DUMB move if it is true.

  52. 52

    Can't anyone be smart enough to read through this little PR set up? They will pose together and smile for the camera simply because their studio wants it for the Twilight fans. That's it. He's not stupid enough to take her back. She's a rude little skank with no class and he can certainly do a whole lot better than her.

  53. jsweetness101 says – reply to this


    i think people really worry 2 much.its nobodys business,i could care less if they are.of course itd be 2 soon,but oh well,2cd time she cheats on him itll be his fault for getin back with her.

  54. janiekat says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – Hey, Kristen can do better than that Robert, anyday. She has been highly acclaimed by Oscar winning actors and directors, even those that have just seen one or two of her movies, and that's including Female directors. I haven't heard even half for him. This Cosmopolis movie is being shot to the ground by everybody. Sorry but Kristen is way ahead of him and Oscar caliber actors like James Franco are waiting in the wings when she gets over RP. I bet he is not the only one. Not only is she a great actress, I will have to add, but fashion designers are awed at how she outshines everybody on the red carpet in every aspect. RB should be thanking his lucky stars that she likes/loves him. If he doesn't get together with her, someone higher caliber than him will treat her right and make her happier than he ever could. Oh, and kissing an old man is no crime.

  55. Kasey says – reply to this


    Well, I guess it WAS all just a publicity stunt, because there is no way he could be that desperate. I am really disappointed in him stooping to such a low level as to go along with it, to drag innocent children into something like this is about as low as you can go.
    And don't even get me started on the parents.

  56. 56

    I'm not thrilled with the backlash against her or the free pass the married director seems to have been given in all this but I hope it isn't true. He seems like a nice guy and she doesn't seem ready or mature enough for a serious, committed relationship.

  57. Not_True_Love says – reply to this


    A lot of people have weird ideas of what true love is. True love, if one is lucky, happens once,perhaps twice in a lifetime, if that ends, it'll hurt forever. Most "relationships" are NOT love, but meaningless collisions, just because facing your grief and loss by yourself, alone, is a thousand times harder than trying to capture or relive that ultimate connection that has been lost forever. Nowadays it seems it's perfectly normal to have 10 or 20 or 30 "relationships"…..well, not to me. You can tell we live in bizarroworld when this affair or so-called cheating is nothing more than a mistake. Well, it's not. If you insist on calling it a mistake, let's call it the ultimate mistake, the one you'll never recover from, allright??!!! Having an affair is not cheating, cheating is unforgivable and this ultimate price that you can find in live; "love" will not EVER survive affairs or cheating. So, even IF this reconcilliation is true, it'll only be shortlived. Their relationship is damaged beyond repair, for if you can't be faithful to one another and trust each other, why bother being together in the first place? There's no legit excuse, no solution, just that pain and heartache that is left for these people. Very sad.

  58. julie paterson says – reply to this


    please no, she always seems sullen and to hold him back, he apeared fresh and happy recently
    and once a cheater always a cheater

  59. Sonya says – reply to this


    I really hope it is not true.. sounds way to convenient for the studio and KStew. I follow this story and there were constant media attempts to manipulate it in obvious deficit of reliable information. And regardless, I never will like KStew as I used to. She is over for me.
    And if he really gets back with her, he is a fool. My opinion. When you love somebody - you cant touch anyone else. Just cannt. It is how love works. She wasnt drunk or forced to do it. And after she went about her business like nothing happened, keep lying to Rob every sec until pictures surfaced. She is whatever she is but not what she claimed to be. Rob needs get therapy if he cannt sort his feeling out on his own instead of letting KStew do it for him.

  60. Hope and Pray says – reply to this


    Re: KStew Krew – Are you BLIND? He is thr best looking man in the world! And he CAN act. What can you do besides nothing notable? And he was voted best looking man 3 years in a row. Can you claim that Looser?

  61. kiki says – reply to this


    This site has been all over the map with this couple. Reported every ridiculous rumor there was made about them. No consistency whatsoever.

  62. antipodean says – reply to this


    Well all you fans out there seems your wish may have come true, but all this says if he has changed his mind and taken her back he's a lost cause, I think the term used is P—-whipped

  63. noseynelly says – reply to this


    Hey, ever stop to think that perhaps RP was never with the twat to begin with? Perhaps that's why he couldn't muster up a tear or a frown during his Cosmo press tour. You can't take someone back when you were never together in the first place. This is nothing more than her PR team trying desperately to repair her horrible image (or the image of her getting dry humped by a man twice her age) and attach her to RP's outstanding reputation. The media can serve up these little delusions of grandeur about getting back together and happy lovey dovey crap but let's be honest, snoop dogg said it best, you can't make a ho a housewife.

  64. Roxy says – reply to this


    I don't think they are really dating. When the movies first started filming all the rumors were that they couldn't stand each other and I believe that. I'm pretty sure this whole thing is a PR stunt. I mean come on the next movie is coming out soon.

  65. crapface says – reply to this


    They won't really reconcile until November when their movie comes out. They need to milk this story for all it's worth. Pulicity publicity publicity

  66. Crystal says – reply to this


    Just damage control so Breaking Dawn won't be impacted by the Kristen affair with a married man. It's just too hard beleive Robert would settle like this.

  67. Liza says – reply to this


    It's rather convenient how they are beginning to reconcile right after the premiere of each of their movies is over and in time for the premiere of the last Twilight movie. They'll be together long enough for Kristen's reputation to be repaired and Robert's sensitive guy image reinforced and then officially break-up not too long after the Twilight movie is over and each have a "clean" slate.

  68. Harry says – reply to this


    The report originates on a gossip site. The Sun then prints word for word the same story.
    Sources close to the pair? Well same planet I suppose.

  69. christie says – reply to this


    Re: Lauren – he is making the biggest mistake ever. i would say this to anyone who has been cheated on, not just rob. he wiil never fully trust her again. he will never forget. it will rule their relationship. i think he should count his losses and just move on. what i am saying here may not be the most popular with everyone else, but i know what i'm saying is the truth. it totally sucks to be with someone who cheated on you. i have taken my fiancee back after he cheated and it was the biggest mistake i have ever made. i so wish i hadnt ever taken him back. now i want out but i have nowhere to go. i have 2 dogs and no job. he cheated on me 5 yrs ago. no, i never married him, thankfully. i am looking for a job and as soon as i find one and have enough $$ i'm sooo outa here. i have wasted enough time. rob, dont make the same mistake i did!!!

  70. clawed says – reply to this


    If this is true, Rob Pattinson deserves the abuse and the horrible treatement and disrespect he gets from her. I could tell she never appreciated him and took him for granted. He could do so much better, there are amazing chicks out there in the world but I guess he feels like Kristen is the only girl he can have a relationship with. NOT. Kristen is the lowest of the low. Especially out of her peers like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. Dude you can do so much better than this bitchface slut.

  71. leah says – reply to this


    I feel like their "relationship" is so fake. I bet anyone a $100 that after Twilight Saga or w/e is over they will break up. Its all for publicity and to keep attention on the film.

  72. MH says – reply to this


    I'm so glad they worked things out, they clearly have something special between the two of them, part of why the on screen romance worked so well. Good luck to them, love wins again!!!

    To all you miserable people who want to pick them apart, get a life!!!!

  73. RobandKrisFanPCFL says – reply to this


    I hope this report is true. There is so much contradictory info on the web. Having been cheated on, the strength of relationship and willingness of both parties determines outcome. The two youngbirds have a lot to learn.
    They appear to have an awesome professional relationship and hope more movie opportunities open up for them to perform together. While not a total Brangelina fan, if their work relationship works, then perhaps Kris and Rob should try it. It has worked for other actors as well.
    If yall need a place to hide out or visit, we have space in Panama City!!! Love to have ya!

  74. 74

    It's eerie how easy this all was to predict when they started dating when I was 14. (Have always hated the series, but was Kristen fan from Speak) AI said exactly this would happen to all my zealous friends…

    Hollywood is too predictable.

  75. BoBiiFly says – reply to this


    so let me get this right.. the married guy cheats and his wife takes him back and everyone is ok with that, but omg the sky is falling coz Rob takes Kristen back? wow, double standards much… i say leave them be, what they do with their personal life is their own business..

  76. Gwen K says – reply to this


    Some pretty harsh words said about Kristen….but yet know one on this panel really know her on a personal level. That being said, it is your own opionions!!!!
    What K and R do is their business - correct!!! What the hell with what people say they can do what they want. I feel so sorry for them, in the eye of the public their life being exploited in media….but I love you Perez. I only read your blog.
    I personally believe if they learn to forgive each other, be able to deal with all this drama being exploited, they have a shot at making it. Only time will tell. Good luck to them both, I hope they can find true happiness and love.

  77. SecrSourc says – reply to this


    What do U think?? Have Rob and Kristen actually gotten back together??

    That's a big fat NO way In HELL,,, they have not.

  78. Alex says – reply to this


    Re: BoBiiFly
    No not everybody's okay with that,,, just the twidiots ,, they don't care about anything or anybody as long as it doesn't touch their pathetic little twilight characters.
    since rupert the cheating manwhore and unfit father of 2 isn't a twichar … they don't care… he could be hung by his balls from a tree and they still won't react.
    Hmmm actually sounds like a good idea. nice and fitting punishment.

  79. candy grandmom says – reply to this


    Re: BoBiiFly – I totally agree you. :)

  80. morgan says – reply to this


    dont screw it up again kisten i was like dat before i cheated befor not a good thing i stoped so stop cuss i dont want to stop being ur fan

  81. 81

    If this is true the HATERS did it!

  82. Jessica says – reply to this


    I'm not buying it either….I think that Rob has a bit more sense and has not reconciled with manfaced Kslut. The chick publicly humiliated him by cheating on him with a MARRIED man. He would be ultra foolish to go back to that, especially after having been so adamant on his views of cheating. I will not believe this absurdity until I SEE Rob Pattinson admit to it. Till then…. it's just a whole bunch of bla, bla, bla.

  83. eliza2012em says – reply to this


    Re: who_cares2012

    If you really don't care, then why do you say that she's a skanky whore and he's a goofy looking idiot? If you really didn't care, then you wouldn't have any opinions one way or the other. Get real.

  84. Brenda says – reply to this


    Well Rob Patt is Hot but the other dude was HOT also so, w.e its their lifes!!!

  85. 85

    i hope not! i really hope not! horrible idea!!!

  86. Hopeful says – reply to this


    Its no PR stunt!!!! This is just a couple who happens to be in the public eye, they still have to deal with real problems but they don't get to resolve them in private because everyone is in their business, sticking our noses in and making it impossible to just deal with break ups and MAKE UPS in their own way.. He still loves her so it's natural for him to take her back and she loves him. What we have to say inc me is blah blah blan to rob and kris. We love you Robsten. Hide away somewhere so you don't have to listen to anymore shit especially from the heaters

  87. Stormy says – reply to this


    Rob has a big heart hope bitchface doesn't break it again. It's amazing he can forgiver that thing( and by the way she is a terrible actress who is cockeyed and has only one expression) but she should win an Oscar for lying, cheating and destroying families you go girl your soooo special NOT

  88. Baz says – reply to this


    Its natural for Rob to give HOMEWRECKER a second change he loves her, but it will be her one and only. The problem is deep down he will never trust her again and the relationship will never be the same. Way to go Stewart way to go

  89. yesiam says – reply to this


    This article is about as true as the other 75 articles you have posted about it. As soon as an article says "sources", I say "bullcrap".

  90. iffy says – reply to this


    At comicon there seemed something off between them. This scandal may have tipped it over the edge. Is Rob a romantic? He never said he his but he could be. But even so, he strikes me more the type to follow his head over his heart especially in situations like this. He did say though he is more passionate than sweet so it could all just be sexual attraction?

  91. ETG says – reply to this


    It doesn't seem sudden at all. I think it's what he's wanted from the start. He was just hurt and was getting all kinds of negative feedback from friends and family about forgiving and forgetting. I think this is what was going to happen right from the very beginning, as soon as he stopped worrying about what everyone else was going to think and started to focus on what he wants. Leave them alone. She screwed up. So what? I personally think they'll be fine. Just my personal views as I don't know either one of them.

  92. BoBiiFly says – reply to this


    Re: Hopeful – agreed :)

  93. Kara says – reply to this


    so weird.

  94. salt says – reply to this


    Rob is no Edward. In fact Rob had said he didn't agree with a lot of how Edward dealt with things. Says a lot IMO. I'd be surprise if they are back together (assuming they were ever together in the 1st place and the incident was real). Being hurt in this way is like a knife stabbed to the heart literally. Scars you deep and usually brings the other person a few notches down in your eyes/heart so he/she can never hurt you as badly again, ever.

  95. Kiki says – reply to this


    i'm hopping it's not true… i have no interest on their lives… It is just i'm talking for self experience… CHEATERS GONNA CHEAT… ALWAYS… Seconds chances DO NOT work … Sadly, I've learned it on the worst way. One learns from one's own mistakes…

  96. 96

    This news came from the England Sun just as a topless photos of the princess are being published. Seems to me this story is a diversion, a smoke screen. Just like this scandal took all the attention off Tom and Katie. The royals is hoping a fake story of Rob and Kristen getting back together will create a diversion for the princess.

  97. Joyce says – reply to this


    God, I hope this isn't true! He can do so much better.

  98. Teresa says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – I agree with you 100 percent! She is not worth it!

  99. littlemskristen says – reply to this


    very happy for them! I've screwed up and cheated on the man that I love before, he forgave me and we are back together. people make mistakes! kstew didnt deserve all the negativity she got..

  100. jDelaney says – reply to this


    OMG, this is great news. Not so much for them, but for the thousands upon thousands of moronic fans who simply couldn't deal with the tragedy of them not being together. Now, maybe these girls might carry on with their own lives and, perhaps, find romance too, knowing that everything is all right with this most ideal of all dream couples. Let's hope they have a Twilight-inspired wedding. Wouldn't that be perfect? Maybe they can even air it live on Pay-per-view…it might be bigger than WrestleMania whatever, and the fans definitely deserve to witness such an event…and pay big bucks to do so!

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