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Dina Lohan, Frazzled & Unfocused, Squares Off With Dr. Phil!

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This is… this is… gosh, we're just at a loss for words!

This afternoon, Dr. Phil aired his almost incoherent interview with Dina Lohan. For the majority of the program, Lindsay Lohan's mother tried to weasel her way out of answering any the tough questions by any means necessary. She cries uncontrollably, asks Phil to DEFINE WORDS and attempts to flatter her way into an easier line of questioning.

As you can imagine, that doesn't go over well with Oprah's main Doc!

Check out the video (above) to watch Dina become practically unhinged as she attempts to keep the interview going, while Dr. Phil becomes exasperated with her deflections and antics.

Then, CLICK THE JUMP, to watch the interview continue and get stranger…and stranger…and then downright, mouth-droppingly AWKWARD!

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32 comments to “Dina Lohan, Frazzled & Unfocused, Squares Off With Dr. Phil!”

  1. david says – reply to this


    dina could find the corner in a square-off, in the first place. secondly, WASTED!

    she did not answer a single question….spin, spin, spin…

    this what this GRIFTING family does….DUIna is the sacrificial grifting-lamb. all planned to deflect the GINOURMOUS amount of bad press following her grifting-daughter. boo-hoos for lindasy. pity party. all are welcome. it was my mom's fault…you saw. fade to 6 months later…mom is sitting in a bar somewhere, sippin' fizzy cider drinks, hiccup….watching re-reuns of her dr phil interview, saying WTF, as she flips the birds ot camera B…lindsay still has no sympathy…and grift….and grift….and grift 123….

  2. Honor says – reply to this


    Yes, Dr. Phil is a huge SKUMBAG but those of you that feel sorry for Dina, really? Could her daughter get in more public trouble. Then her other daughter looked as if she weighed 10pds at one point. If you decide to have four kids and your husband is a dirtbag you can't be a mess especially when you have all the help in the world at your finger tips.

  3. 3

    After seeing this, I *almost* feel sorry for Lindsay. With parents like Dina and Michael, that poor girl never had a chance.

    This interview = train wreck. Wow.

  4. Kberry87 says – reply to this


    Shame on Dr. Phil for trying to act like he cares. He is only out for a good show rating. How about really helping her back on her feet and then put her on your show. JERK

  5. Jesica Curry says – reply to this


    What a train wreck.

  6. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Kberry87 – She contacted him for an interview. Don't blame Dr. Phil

  7. rose8901 says – reply to this


    Dr. Phil, I have never know a therpist who would attack like that. Shameful. Dina is a good girl. Her daughter has been placed as the breadwinner. Lindsay is a good girl who is tired of it all

  8. 8

    She's an idiot. She wanted to do this for one reason, to get ppl to feel sorry for her and to hopefully make all the bad press stop. Unfortunately she wasn't able to fool Phil and what she has done is shown the world that she really is as bad as we all thought, worse even.
    I don't know why ppl hate on Dr Phil, he's a tv host, it's what he does, he wants ratings like they all do, no one hates Oprah when she does the same type of shows, they're all the same, the more famous the guest the better, if they can get them to cry even better.
    I actually enjoy watching Dr Phil, I like seeing car crash celebs and regular ppl being confronted and seeing their reaction then watching their journey to a better place..much more enjoyable than watching Oprah interview the Kardashians or watching a whole show about how much Rihanna loves Chris! If you want to blame tv hosts for exploiting people for money they you should place every single tv personality on your list!!

  9. genarae says – reply to this


    Re: Kberry87 – You can only help someone if they want the help. Dina doesn't think she has any problems much like her daughter. i"m sure if she asked for help Dr. Phil would have seen that she received it.

  10. evr says – reply to this


    these parents are soooooo horrible. I can't even put it into words.

  11. me you her says – reply to this


    Re: rose8901 – Lol are you Lindsay in disguise!? Good person, good girl? don't make me laugh. Lindsay and her mom are vile, disgusting creatures. They are basically everything that is wrong with this society all wrapped into a person. They think they are entitled to everything, are arrogant and just simply stupid as well. Wish they would just dissapear already.

  12. 12

    Hey Lindsay Amanda Bynes Called she said " hahahaha heeheeeheeeeheee Teeee Heeee Haaa Snort chuckle chuckle snort hahahahahahhahha snort heeeee haha hahahaha. Thanx girl

  13. 13

    she's a wackass crackass mess like her daughter. But he was waffling on about nothing just as much! Didnt learn a damn thing from that interview because she's a fruitloop and he's an egotist who likes his own voice too much.

  14. Hiho Remy says – reply to this


    Re: rose8901 – Dina is a good girl? You mean a plastered woman?

  15. 15

    Before watching the video, I thought that she would be a hot mess but after watching it, it is clear to me that she wasn't ready to talk about her abusive relationship. She is really a battered woman. I know people who get really nervous when they do not want to talk about something, trying to divert or redirect the conversation. She probably thought that she was ready to talk about her abusive marriage but clearly she wasn't She was overwhelmed by the pain, sadness, and emotions those horrible memories provoked. I now have a more favorable view of her. I had no idea that Michael was abusive during her pregnancies.

  16. 16

    It doesn't matter what words come out of her mouth, her body language says it all. She's squirming around and dodging eye contact like a murder suspect under a interrogation lamp. Summation: Shes's a lying piece of trash. Knows it. Doesn't care.

  17. 17

    Re: mojo jojo – lolols

  18. 18

    I can't watch this — Dr. Phil is such an asshole.

  19. 19

    Meant to watch this after reading about it last week but decided to wash my hair instead.

  20. Leslie says – reply to this


    That poor woman is a nut case who is drugged out of her mind. How do ppl get that messed up? And doesn't she live off Lindsay who barely makes any money these days?

  21. 21

    What an embarrassment! She is such a dumb pill-head! The dad is obviously scum of the earth, but he always seems to carry himself well and speak fairly eloquently in public - which is SO much more than you can say for Dina.

  22. 22

    This interview was disgusting and I am disgusted by Dr. Phil. As a practitioner he is clearly aware that she needs help and is not running on all cylinders, in addition to poor self-esteem (just look at her body language). He spends most of the "interview" talking down to her and trying to make her feel stupid, or rather, make himself look smart and boost his ego. Also, he kept telling her not to "interrupt him"… sill her, she thought she was doing an interview where it was desired that she speak! He may as well have just put a picture in her place.

  23. pegd says – reply to this


    Re: Jesica Curry – SERIOUSLY…Dr. Phil is at fault in this interview…SERIOUSLY?????? He gave Dina Lohan the opportunity to refute ALL of her bad press and she shows up loaded with an axe to grind and HE is at fault…no way!!!!

  24. pegd says – reply to this


    Re: ThIsIsFaLSeRe: Jesica Curry – SERIOUSLY…Dr. Phil is at fault in this interview…SERIOUSLY?????? He gave Dina Lohan the opportunity to refute ALL of her bad press and she shows up loaded with an axe to grind and HE is at fault…no way!!!!

  25. 25

    The sad thing is people will watch this and still wonder why Lindsay turned out the way she did. Like mother, like daughter!! That whole family is a train wreck!

  26. 26

    I just watched the whole interview and she just seemed nervous to me and I think Dr Phill was counterproductive. He wasn't being sensitive and allowing her to talk.

  27. cindy says – reply to this


    Re: Jesica Curry – I agree 100%. He said one of his goals is "to do no harm". He knows damn well she was wasted, he should have stopped the interview immediately, and scheduled it later, but not aired the one he did. He purposely caused harm by taking advantage of the current situation, shame on him.

  28. 28

    Re: pegd – What? Dina is a horrible mother and a mess. Dr. Phil is truly a Skumbag who exploited a woman who was obviously intoxicated. He did give her a chance to refute things allegations against her but she could barely form a thought or a sentence. He knew he was exploiting his position. Now if he were Oprah or Jerry Springer and not saying what a perfect trained professional he is, I would cut him some slack.

  29. 29

    Freak, easy to see how the apple did not fall far from this tree.

  30. 30

    I don't know that she was drunk or anything, but she was completely out of ANY element. being on TV can be daunting, being asked personal things IS daunting so combining the two is a nightmare, and she's obviously insecure and troubled because of all the issues. The bottom line is she's got a movie star daughter, a son she's put through college successfully, a daughter who's got a modeling career that's booming right now, and her youngest son is too young to really do anything legitimately. I'd be hard pressed to say she was a bad mother because of what she has accomplished for her kids, but what she DOES need to do is take time out for herself for a moment and then focus on her youngest son. Lindsay and Michael are grown now, but they are still likely to follow in your footsteps with their own lives to some degree so you need to straighten whatever it is out. She's had a rough life so far, I get it and I think people are really mean and quick to rush to harsh judgements on her and her parenting. She was a single mom for the majority of her kids lives and she's managed to go far and bring them even further, and at the end of the day they're individual people, and she can not control what Lindsay or any of her other kids do. She just can't so stop expecting her to be the "savior". Nobody, no parent, sibling, friend, whatever can just BE that. It's up to each individual to live their lives in a good an healthy way.

  31. 31

    That being said, Dr. Phil is NOT a genuine doctor he has no idea what he's doing when it comes to dealing with people in very sensitive states of mind, or situations. he's been in trouble for it before and probably will be again. He's an asshole tbh, and he went out of his way to pressure her and make her feel uncomfortable in the first place. She was dodging, yes but if you're really a Dr who knows what hes doing then you know that you're supposed to pick up on a persons behavior and act in such a way that won't put them further on the defensive. He sabbatoged his own interview, he sabbatoged Dina, this was not a good place for her to do this, Oprah is a far better interviewer than him and would of been more open to Dina. I feel for this woman, I really do. My dad is an alcoholic (he's been sober for a number of years now), but I know an alcoholic when I see them, I know an addict in an interview or under pressure when I see it, and that's not what I saw here today. She was not drunk.

  32. CaroleFlower says – reply to this


    I am stupefied at the people that want to blame Dr Phil for Dinas drunken stupidity. He didnt force her or even invite her, she contacted him. His purpose is not to sugar coat situations to make people feel warm and fuzzy. Thats an untruthful friend thats worried about hurting your feelings so they tell you what you want to hear, a therapist doesnt do that. Why she was using words she obviously didnt know the meaning of, I dont understand! She proved to everybody what blithering idiot she is! Not a very bright lady, very uneducated. Did she even graduate from high school?