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Honey Boo Boo Child Needs Bodyguard For Walmart Trip??

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Some people might make fun of the fact that Honey Boo Boo Child and her family need a bodyguard at all, and even more people might make fun of the fact that they need one to take them to Walmart and Rite Aid.

But take a second and think about it though — they're keeping to their usual stores instead of embracing the fame and hitting up posh locales… so where would they be more likely be mauled by fans??


Plus, even with the popularity of the show, the family seems to still have to budget. That means they might not have a choice to go anywhere else for right now anyway.

Here's what HBBC's Momma had to say:

'Pageants a big investment. I raise four kids and I’m able to do pageants as I budget. Honestly, we budget and I try to save money any way I can.'

Regardless of what everybody thinks, if they need a bodyguard to go to Walmart, then we're glad they have one!

Little Alana is a treasure that needs protection — and beyond that, she's just a little girl who we want to stay safe!

[Image via Splash News.]

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83 comments to “Honey Boo Boo Child Needs Bodyguard For Walmart Trip??”

  1. 1

    Another piece of shit trash. My goodness, what is going on with our earth? Pure garbage.

  2. 2

    She's getting a little too big.

  3. 3

    We are about to see reality tv destroy another family.

  4. 4

    Isn't she supposed to be a pageant kid? How is that possible? She is fat. There's a difference between a little baby fat and being overweight.

  5. 5

    What a Mammoth child. body guard really? for what??? to protect the flab?? spare us with this kind of B.S. there is white trash and then there is this?????

  6. trashneededuukatin says – reply to this


    Child abuse. This "mother" needs to get a fucking job instead of living off of her child. Pimping irresponsible trash.

  7. 7

    Looks like Red Bull in that bag. How fkng nasty way to fk you liver, kidneys and other vital organs. Way to raise a FAT kid even fatter. The parents probably have a life insurance policy on her.

  8. 8

    I really don't think I would recognize Alana. She looks like every other shopper at Walmart. God bless 'em.

  9. 9

    Re: ||Jenna|| – Are you fucking serious????????? destroy another family??? I'm speechless at your ignorant comment. That trash family couldn't be any worst off ever already.

  10. 10

    Re: pollopicu – Wow!! You really are speechless. That last sentence makes no sense.

  11. Nikki says – reply to this


    I just feel so sorry for this little girl when no one thinks she's cute anymore.

  12. 12

    Re: Squirrel – I guess i need to spell things out to an idiot like you…

  13. krissy d says – reply to this


    omgosh! Talking about a child like this! no wonder kids are killing themselves when "adults" are calling them fat and talking about them! shes a 6 year old! all that commented on this should be ashamed.

  14. Emmy says – reply to this


    Hell, doesn't EVERYBODY need a bodyguard to go into White Trash Mart…otherwise known as Walmart?

  15. 15

    They still shop at Wal-Mart because Honey Boo Boo is making all the money, which she can't touch till she's 18. Girl is set.

    PS you haters are pathetic. HBBC is an American treasure.

  16. 16

    ofcourse she needs a body guard! I'm surprised someone hasn't tAken out the fat, gross,disgusting, white trash, stupid, ignorant pig child, or any of her family, yet!

  17. shelly says – reply to this


    Just because your flaming ass might think it's "camp" and funny to laugh at this shit trash, that doesn't mean it's appropriate. This shit needs to get off tv. These kids are abused. It's beyond inappropriate. Trash momma living off of her child destroying her life. Poor thing. And yes, she's almost obese and that's not funny either but shitheads will continue to watch this shit and laugh at her.. And, to whomever is offended by people trashing this show, the CHILD should not be reading the comments of this website. And she should not be prancing around in pageants either. Ghetto trash.

  18. debbieb says – reply to this


    Can we say WHITE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That kid doesn't need a body guard she needs someone with a little common sense to be a parent. This child controls all that goes on in her house. Someone needs to tell her NO, SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE F**K UP!

  19. debbieb says – reply to this


    All together now, lets say it loud and clear………….WHITE TRASH. Looks like the Pig (Mama) and the piglet..Honey Boo Boo. Man TLC has scraped the bottem of the trash barrel when they came up with this show. Someone needs to sit her down and tell her to shut the f**k up. She doesn't need caffeine of any kind! She has taken over the family, she is the boss and they let her away with it. Not helping the child at all.

  20. jen says – reply to this


    That girl is FAT as in overweight. Good luck with that on top of ALL the other issues like having uneducated white trash poor excuse for humans as parents. I don't see how people don't believe in evolution, they are proof that we are closer to animals than to God.

  21. 21

    Absolutely! There's a lot of sick people in this world who wouldn't think twice about attacking a child, like the majority of the people posting on this thread.

  22. Paul says – reply to this


    This has got to be the worst show ever and the kids should be revolved from there home.

    What a bunch of low life people the tv network should be charged with child endangerment and exploitation. Of a minor

  23. 23

    Re: krissy dRe: krissy d – I would hope she commits suicide because the world would be a better place.

  24. 24

    this kid loks and acts like an inbred retard.

  25. ATLcat says – reply to this


    I have not been to their specific town but I have had to go to several of the surrounding towns for business. They are still shopping at Walmart and Rite Aid because that is ALL there is down there. They are probably the biggest stars that town has ever seen so they are getting mobbed when they go out in public. I could see where they need security in a small town.

  26. eat shit says – reply to this


    Throwing hate at a an 8 year old. You trolling fucktard bullies must be useless piece of shit in the real world. If this was some celebrities kid the queer would had blocked comments.

  27. lizzy67cali says – reply to this


    You are so full of envy because this family are famous and making money and you are not, you are the looser.

  28. Mari says – reply to this


    Ghetto fab.

  29. Karma says – reply to this


    I think Alana is a smart little girl without the advantages that many of us have. It is culture shock to watch the show at times and at times they are so crude, but you can see they all love each other. Yes, she is a little chunky, but those of you calling her FAT should be ashamed of yourself, she is 6 years old, a child. If you don't like it don't watch the show. Her dad works 7 days a week and yes her mom should get a job, but they are making it on very little and surviving with the minimum…I think its good to have a program showing the opposite of the materialistic society that many have become…its not about what you have for them but who you have in your life…even if they don't conduct themselves in a presentable manner…they care about each other and ultimately what is wrong with that?

  30. Honey boo boo lover says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – You are trash old bi***

  31. Honey boo boo fan says – reply to this


    To all of you haters! STFU and get a life losers!
    Alana is only 7 trs old! Oh pollopicu: I hope you commit a suicide not a 7 year old baby!

  32. tlk says – reply to this


    Isn't this the way Kate Gosselin started too?

  33. HeavenLeigh says – reply to this


    So I've seen this show and I laughed this family is hilarious, theyre a real life family they fart burp make jokes shop with coupons who cares!! its very evident she cares for her children, they have a mother and a father supporting them, meanwhile the haters are from broken homes where their parents probably gave them zero attention. Let these people BE. Im happy for them to have a show on tv, I mean why not. and really ..picking on a child…get a life folks.

  34. 34

    Re: Honey boo boo loverRe: Karma

    How much a bet HBBC is pregnant right now as we speak.

    I hate to see where you guys live…

  35. jtb says – reply to this


    They have done a pretty good job of destroying their own lives: Mom knocked-up at 15 and now has four kids with four different fathers none of whom pay child support. After her mother took custody of her first child she had another one at 17. The father of her youngest is obviously developmentally delayed. Her 17 year-old daughter is knocked-up and they are incredibly closed-mouthed about who the father is (which makes me suspect Mike can't fit into June anymore, so he is going somewhere else).

  36. mastermind says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – /yes beginning with your vocabulary. Is what this world coming too.

  37. mastermind says – reply to this


    Re: krissy d – / you are so right. These people commenting negative comments are sad. Really. Unbelievable. How people can be so negative/cruel. I guess they are the reason bulling and hate were created in this earth.

  38. debra says – reply to this


    i cant belive the cruel remarks coming from adults (i assume) this family maybe poor , ignorant (somewhat) and over weight, however to hate them for it is such a shame. why is it grown adults have to judge so harshly and cant allow a little over weight girl belive shes "somebody special" shame on grown ups that would probably take candy from a baby also shows how ignorant yall are and how mean.

  39. mjomi says – reply to this


    Re: Gay Republican – I'm sure her trust is closer to 21 however not the point. A fat redneck family with an overweight child that has "personality" should not be a reality show. I do feel bad for the famiy, no clue fat hog like mom..good luck honey moo moo

  40. 40

    You people are disgusting. Alana is eight years old, and you are calling her 'trash,' 'piglet,' and an 'inbred retard.' Bullying and trashing an eight year old is just pathetic and is more classless than anything they do on the show.

  41. Todd says – reply to this


    What I do not understand is what is the purpose of the big black guy? If I was going to harm the girl I'd just walk up behind the knee grow and shoot him in the head first.

  42. Diana says – reply to this


    Get real!!! This show/family is a farce and I'm not sure why it's become popular.

  43. 43

    The only thing they need a body guard for is there fridge to keep them out. They are all a little robust and need a lot of help in the manners dept. They are all gross and a great example of what America should not look like..Shame on TLC for this garbage.

  44. TawnyM says – reply to this


    National treasure? Are you high? This has to be one of the most vile programs ever aired on American television. She can't speak properly for her age, she acts out like a three-year-old while her POS mother encourages and applauds it all. It's not just disgusting, it's sad. Little miss "a dolla makes me holla" will end up pregnant by the time she's 13. Her weight is the only thing that will keep her off the stripper pole. National treasure? More like national disgrace.

  45. Pat says – reply to this


    LOL… who is that heavy weight baby girl, of course haters gonna hate little pumpkin. I like the bodyguard looking serious behind her.

  46. 46

    Re: krissy d – I totally agree with you, so what if she's a little chunky. Not everyone is going to be skinny, so that shouldn't even be an issue. The world is filled with a lot of cruel and negative people. Thats's why I've learned to overlook ignorant people, because everyone has opinions and not all the times they're going to be nice. If the show is that bad just don't watch it!

  47. teagstar15 says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – can u plz keep ur undignified and extraordinarily rude comments to yourself she's just a kid ok you have no right to go around bashing her. After all it was the mother who signed her up for pagaents so if anything you should be badmouthing the mother

  48. teagan&opinion says – reply to this


    Re: eat shit – true dat hatin on an eight year old really isnt on my list of priorities and neither should it be on yours

  49. 49

    Re: pollopicu – You Are trash.

  50. 50

    Re: Karma – Why do you people keep saying her mother should get a job. SHE IS RAISING HER KIDS, That IS her job. Yeah, get someone else to raise kids for you. Its what society wants now.

  51. 51

    Some of you people commenting should be ashamed of yourselves. Bullying a CHILD. The show is very entertaining and cute. I love it and I'm certainly not trash. I may have way more class than they do, but they aren't hurting anyone. They don't "abuse" their Children either. I see no abuse at all. They are happy. The only thing is they could stand to diet because of obvious health problems, but I don't see the purpose in coming on here completely trashing these folks and the one saying that Honey Boo Boo needs to commit suicide.. Now that's trash and abusive.

  52. prg says – reply to this


    who ate all the pies?

  53. 53

    Re: prg – I think pollopicu ate all the pies. Her mouth is filled with garbage.

  54. Sierra says – reply to this


    Seriously people? What has this world come to? Grown ass people bullying a child. That's aick. You people need to grow up and see what you're doing. Youre all pathetic.

  55. 55

    This fat-assed child and her hideous and obese mother are disgusting trash. They're all side-show freaks.
    Re: rosebud99 – It's a choice they've made freely; no sympathy.
    Re: Nikki – Someone thinks she's cute? She's fat and ugly.
    Re: lizzy67cali – No one is envious of fat, ugly, trailer trash, no matter how much they're making right now. Perhaps they're your idea of great, but most of us are looking down from higher up the food chain; we lack your unique perspective of useless gutter slime. Next time put some thought into your comment instead of using a lame jealousy thing. It's tiresome and stupid. Do try to evolve, asshole.
    Re: Bobcat69 – There is a difference between expressing an opinion and bullying someone. Do you see that disgusting little butterball here responding? No. No one is talking to her. There's no bullying going on here, dick face, but leave it to a loser like you to invoke that other bit of tiresome trash. It's called TRUTH. She's a fat, big-mouthed, disgusting pig. The sooner she faces the truth about herself and her ridiculous family, the sooner she can stop being an asshole on TV. So STFU.

  56. 56

    Re: Sierra – Shut up, you coddling, liberal twat. It's weak assholes like you who made the reality genre possible. The kid and her family are fat, disgusting fucks. It is what it is, and trying to call it something else doesn't change the facts. Instead of accepting something so stupid, sugar-coating everything, and making excuses for her porcine family, you should be concerned about raising standards.

  57. 57

    Re: pollopicu – That was rosebud99, not me.

  58. 58

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – You sure are full of hate that I almost feel sorry for you. You must not have been shown a lot of love in your pathetic hate-filled life.

  59. Ross says – reply to this


    lol.. i since a lot of jealousy.
    shes rich your not.. go out and get yours instead of being a righteous internet commentor

  60. 60

    I don't think it's any more trashy than everyone on here bashing this child. Those who live in glass houses…

  61. Ksmith says – reply to this


    You people discust me!!!! shes young! and you think shes fat? well your probably no prize either!!!!!! how dare you call a child fat! you sicken me you should be ashamed of yourself! not all pagent people are tiny!!!! i would spit on you if i saw you!!!!

  62. shelly says – reply to this


    Yes, she's fat and she's on her way to being obese. That's not being mean it's a clinical fact and actually a serious issue. Her parents are responsible for this but perhaps you all think it's "mean" because your country is the fattest on earth and according to the news on it's way to being majority obese in the near future. So, guess what, she is fat. Her mother is an idiot. She pimps out her daughter. No fault of the child's but it is what it is and instead of watching this trash it should be taken off air in the interest of the children. sick.

  63. 63

    Work it Boo Boo…

  64. Christina** says – reply to this


    How awesome do you all feel trashing a 7 year old child? You all should be ashamed of yourself. Do you think she is old enough to make her own decisions yet?!? NO, certainly not. I don't expect any 7 year old to be. Yes the show is a bit too much, but that gives you absolutely no reason to put down a 7 year old.

    @ Pollopicu : Wishing a 7 year old would commit suicide? REALLY?!!? REALLLY?!!? Your a worthless piece of shit and you deserve absolutely nothing in this world! How do you sleep at night wishing things like that!!

  65. ooo says – reply to this


    she just probably wants to seem cool, what up with that show anyway? even some high profile celebs don't use a bodyguard why should she?? LOL

  66. MOMMY OF 5 says – reply to this


    I do not understand what the big hype is about honey boo boo and her family. They are trash, my god look at the teenage daughter getting ready to be a mother and how proud momma trash is about it. Look them up in 13 years and honey boo boo will be pregnant and they are all living in the mama bear house.. Get the heck outta here. These people by no means should have their own show nor be any kind of celebrities. THIS IS A JOKE

  67. sexyone says – reply to this


    Re: Redd_one – haha. That is funny.

  68. Beverly says – reply to this



  69. jham says – reply to this


    i just love that little girl. not a fan of the go go juice and hope she doesn't end up exploited (as well as her family) - if she hasn't been already. she just seems like a sweet little girl.

  70. jham says – reply to this


    i'm so torn on this one. i do NOT believe in child pageants NOR do I believe in families being exploited on television and the Kardashians make me sick to my stomach. howevah . . . this family has SO little - maybe this could help them? i don't know . . . honestly.

  71. Karlee says – reply to this


    all you peoples nasty ignorant comments are what make this lovely planet such a joyous wonderful bright and loving place to live. God i just love human beings:) NOT!!! go buy your make up clothes and hopefully you will feel better, god knows you need it.

  72. 72

    i fuckin love these people…..THE ONLY PEOPLE ON REALITY TV THAT IS ACTUALLY REAL!!!!!


  73. michelle says – reply to this


    Re: lizzy67cali – That family is NOT and i repeat NOT famous. they are more then white trailer trash. They go to auctions and all the fat butt mom buys is junk food. How in the world with a attitude like hers can she be a pageant princess she has no pride etc she acts pathetic and eats like a pig!!! i would never give that child a crown until she lost the fat and took classes PROPERLY. they should toss mom out of the competition room as well she is a embarrassment herself

  74. michelle says – reply to this


    Re: MOMMY OF 5 – I agree i bet her bisquit will be torn up when she is 11 and be a whore like her sissy is

  75. t-dog says – reply to this


    Why does the lil rugrat need a body gaurd…. she acts like she is 21. wow… i rather have a tv show. how bout this… ill have the tv show and she can have the body gaurd

  76. t-dog says – reply to this


    ok.ok. i like her but she is spoiled

  77. 77

    Ya'll are supposed to be adults and yet you're picking on a little girl ? Get a life and quit hating !

  78. nick says – reply to this


    ACTUALLY a better reason for the bodyguard would be to protect this sad little kid from the ones who outweigh the fans (HATERS) who are sick of this family and how they have destroyed this little girl.

  79. janie says – reply to this


    Re: Karma – well said!

  80. To funny says – reply to this


    Ha ha that fat ugly girl needs Jenny Craig not a body guard .

  81. rocky says – reply to this


    All of these comments about poor parenting but how is one better by calling a CHILD fat/fat ass/flab/trash any better? I'm sure one's parenting skills are up to par and probably "perfect".
    Be the change you wish to see in the world.

  82. To bad says – reply to this


    Well maybe if her parents didn't let eat so much crap she won't have turned to a tub of lard then people wouldn't have any reason to call her fat.Her parents let her eat like pig which cause her to get fat and then want parade her on TV for everyone to look at.And all you say is nasty.Maybe if the parents change the way she eats she won't turn out to the round lump of clay her mother is.Maybe Evernote yelling at people for calling her fat should yell at the parents for letting her get fat.And I am sorry that girl is ugly .Of course these perfect parents had no cause in buying their to many chicken nuggets or to picky sticks.The public are the bad for ones for seeing a fat girl and calling her fat.Well Boo boo for honey boo boo.The public calls what they see and if they don't like it then don't over feed your child then parade them around to the public .

  83. ma says – reply to this


    What do people expect from trailer park white trash obese family members. The only thing more disgusting than them are the people that actually watch the show.