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Kate Middleton's Topless Lawsuit Begins! Here's What Happened Today…

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kate middleton prince william topless lawsuit

So! As you know, the future Queen of England wasn't about to let some nosy paps and a zealous editor get away with the topless photo scandal untouched!

Oh no no no!

Kate Middleton and the royals immediately enlisted the help of their legal team to pursue action against the French edition of Closer magazine on Friday.

On Monday, their attorneys met in court right outside of Paris to commence the case. And Kate's legal reps weren't sugarcoating it — what happened was f***ed up!

Kate was sunbathing on a private estate. Celebrity photographers could only capture the images of a topless Duchess using long lenses. Total invasion of privacy!!

Aurelien Hammelle argued:

"[These photos] violated [Kate and are a] grotesque breach of privacy [taken during a] highly intimate moment. She's a young woman, not an object."

Hammelle is seeking an injunction to pull all of the magazines from the store as quickly as possible.

They also made sure to note that this unfortunate incident took place just days within the 15th anniversary of Princess Diana's death (which also involved snooping paps and France).

We're betting on the Royals' side in this case!

[Image via WENN.]

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6 comments to “Kate Middleton's Topless Lawsuit Begins! Here's What Happened Today…”

  1. lorrie says – reply to this


    Kate is famous for crotch shots, drunk photos,photos with legs open, photos not wearing panties…she's an idiot. She's a stupid bimbo. She is just carrying on "business as usual" now with the boob photos. As if William OR herself were really uninformed about long-range cameras ? She is so stupid, honestly she irritates me. Has a college degree and used it for…what ? She was at Williams beck and call for 9 years or so. Has no interest in anything. Now plays at her "role" and pretends interest in charities. Looks dumb and vacant, IS dumb and vacant. William is sadly lacking for choosing such a stupid woman with a horrible, tacky past of constant partying and being drunk. Princess Diana would have loathed kate.

  2. 2

    Way too much airtime for those small bobbies , that gir is not even sexy !

  3. 3

    honestly I just do not know why she would be nude anywhere with the way the paps are
    the right to privacy is what she gave up before going into this public role

  4. 4

    "….future queen"? Why isn't Prince Phillip in line to be king? As an American, I don't know, nor do I have an interest in British Royal hierarchy, but I believe she cannot ever be queen.

  5. fluffy13 says – reply to this


    Don't know where you get your information from but you probably shut up before she slaps a lawsuit on you. What a load of crap you spout. You may not understand the role she plays but be assured that everything in her past is totally scrutinised before she would be given royal approval. Obviously with a college degree she is hardly DUMB. As for Princess Diana loathing Kate how do you know that. Just spouting more of the garbage that infests your brain. If you want to make statements then maybe you should inform yourself well with all the facts and not your on perverted views.

  6. Susana says – reply to this


    YES… Kate just shows herself as DUMB!!! She is wearing a mask in public and thongly wrong in private which will downgrade William and the Royal family soon…TOO FAKE!!!