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Lindsay Lohan And Mother Get Drunk Together For Her 50th Birthday! Michael Lohan Calls It "Disgraceful!"

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Dina Lohan may be denying that she was intoxicated during her recent interview with Dr. Phil, but we doubt she'll be able to do the same for her recent birthday celebration!

The celebrity mom recently turned 50, and reportedly used the milestone as an excuse to pAArty with her daughter, Lindsay, son, Michael Jr. and nine others at Mio Posto in Long Island Saturday night!

That's right, despite LiLo having gone to rehab five times, Dina is STILL drinking with her!

While the manager of the joint claims the actress stuck to a “double vodka and club soda,” mommy dearest supposedly outdrank her, with the manager observing:

“She drank mixed drinks. She had a few.”

And since we should all just accept that estranged father Michael Lohan has made a career out of bashing his family to the press, he, of course, has weighed in on the events of the weekend, and is NOT too happy!

He says:

“After finding out Dina was drinking in front of Lindsay on her birthday, not only do I think it’s pathetic, but obviously she doesn’t think what anyone thinks of her as a mother. It’s absolutely disgraceful that a mother would appear on 'Dr. Phil' in the condition she was in and continue on the same path. Even more troubling is now she was drinking around and with Lindsay.”


Not that we condone Dina's behavior, but seriously?

After everything he's put his family through, seems a lot like the pot calling the kettle drunk black!

Such a shame that even now, they STILL can't put their own child's health before their own impulses.

But at this point, could we really expect anything more from them?

So, so sad.

[Images via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Lindsay Lohan And Mother Get Drunk Together For Her 50th Birthday! Michael Lohan Calls It "Disgraceful!"”

  1. tobycameron says – reply to this


    Nice to see a mom and her child getting along! More power to you Dina!

  2. Ojsakila says – reply to this


    Hahahaha. Typical trailor park trashy family out on the town for ALL to see…. This is news!?

  3. 3

    Normally I wouldn't see that much of a problem with this but considering the fact that her daughter has an obvious drug and alcohol problem, this is completely despicable. It's like she WANTS her daughter to fail.

  4. Evie says – reply to this


    That's actual a pretty and humble pic of Lindsay with her mom. Too bad the pics was like ages ago and she looks nothing like that anymore. Dina the enabler. Some things will never change.

  5. 5

    Wow, great support from a loving mother…get your alcoholic daughter drunk to celebrate your birthday.
    Michael Lohan may have had a problem with drugs and all that other relationship stuff but in this case there is no doubt he is the better parent. I don't care what his motives are for speaking out, the main thing is that he is speaking the truth, which is something that the female Lohans have no idea how to do.

  6. 6

    Looks like an old picture, do not follow her too closely but thought her hair was back to red now (does not look red in the photo).

    Bad idea to take a daughter who has been to rehab FIVE times out drinking, sorry.

  7. 7

    FAKE STORY as usual.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's a judging jailbird who continues to be a bully from a distance and thorn in his ex wife's and family's shoe with his constant public spewing of negative bile.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    After all the years of bullsh*t he's put Dina through, I'd say the woman deserves a ruddy 50th. You don't see her lying in the streets or unkempt a la Nolte. Why this turd couldn't just say a public happy birthday says a ton.

  10. 10

    Milo is no better then Dina, so he's in no position to call her on anything.

  11. 11

    ugh, this is so sad. Poor Lindsay. I wish her well and hope to FUCK she gets away from her insane trainwreck of a family.

  12. 12

    this is all BS, I personally served the Lohans the night they were celebrating Dina's birthday party and there was nothing of this sort going on. They were actually quiet and led small conversations as to not attract or disturb fellow patrons. It sad to see the media going crazy over something that isn't even true. Lindsay and her mother never consumed any alcohol. they enjoyed themselves and left happy. that was it

  13. 13

    the story isn't even true. the manager confirmed he never told anyone that they were drinking and he said they had a quiet dinner.