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Amanda Bynes Is STILL Acting Erratically…But Now She Has A Chauffeur!

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And just like that, the entirety of El Lay county breathes a massive sigh of relief!

Despite Amanda Bynes finally having her car impounded after numerous accidents and increasingly erratic behavior, the former child star once again raised eyebrows yesterday when she locked herself in the dressing room of a West Hollywood boutique for almost two hours and refused to come out!

Well, it appears that after she eventually left the store, she holed herself up in a Starbucks, where she talked on her phone and listened to music on her headphones for over three hours and late into the evening!

But more importantly, when she finally left the coffee shop after 11pm, she was picked up by a waiting SUV and escorted away!

While we're still getting those chilling, uncomfy Britney-circa-'07 vibes from gurl's bizarre behavior, we're at least relieved to know that she's had enough sense to hire herself a driver!

Nobody can force her to address her obvious issues if she doesn't want to, but at least she's no longer a danger to the roads!

Hopefully this upswing in rational thinking will continue!

Fingers crossed, anyway!

[Image via Splash.]

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9 comments to “Amanda Bynes Is STILL Acting Erratically…But Now She Has A Chauffeur!”

  1. 1

    Obvious issues?? Says you. Okay Dr. Hilton, why don't save us time and diagnose these "obvious issues". You're a prick, Perez and you know it. If anyone has "obvious issues" it's you, asshole.

  2. 2

    who cares what this nobody does. She has a butter face. She would be pretty for a girlfriend in reality but as a celebrity she is butt ugly.

  3. The Peach says – reply to this


    Locking yourself in a dressing room for 2 hours definitely constitutes as "obvious issues" as Perez already so eloquently stated. why are you on his site if you think he's a prick squirrel? Nothing better to do with your day? She's in the public eye and if you're gonna put yourself there then you better be prepared to be scrutinized. If you feel the need to consign for this crazy how than by all means please do so. But there's no need to be nasty and call people names you fucktard.

  4. The Peach says – reply to this


    And furthermore, if you're going to be a prick, wouldn't you want to be self proclaimed?? I'm a bitch and proud of it. You better believe there is nobody pushing me or Perez Hilton around in this world. Keep doing what you're doing boo. You rock my world Perez!!

  5. overit says – reply to this


    It does seem that she is having a bit of a 'tough' time. However, people like you are all over that…praying for another misstep to print/post. You seem worse than anyone else (in your business) for exploiting other peoples troubles. It reads as though you thrive on their misfortune. You aren't alone, though…the sales clerk seems to be regurgitating the various 'stories' she's read about this girl to build up her encounter. She likely figured she could make 'buck' off of her. Call me a cynic, but that's my guess. With all of those paps outside, Bynes was probably trying to hide out for a bit. Funny the clerk didn't consider this in her theory.

  6. 6

    Thanks for the Amanda update… keep 'em coming! That's what I'm here for.

  7. 7

    Re: The Peach – Maybe it seems like "obvious issues" to you but we both know what celebs will do to get attention. My issue is Perez pushing a narrative he has no proof of. He feigns concern while he works double time to dig more dirt. Perez is no better than The Enquirer and everyone knows the majority of their stories are made up.
    Oh, and Peaches, you can call me all the names you like and I'll still luv ya. Peace!!

  8. CC says – reply to this


    For someone who said she is nothing like Lindsay, she sure does look like her twin in this pic.

  9. yuiuyiuy says – reply to this


    How has she not ran out of money yet? What the hell has she done to earn anything lately???