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Bill O'Reilly Announces 90-Minute Debate Against Jon Stewart

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Now that the Democratic and Republican National Conventions are over, the most exciting part of the election process has arrived — it's debate season!

While we can only assume that the entire country is eagerly anticipating the showdown between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney when they finally get to exchange verbal jabs in person, there is another upcoming showdown that may have those on the left and right EQUALLY enthralled.

Longtime rivals Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart will be debating for a full 90 minutes at George Washington University in Washington, DC on October 6!

"The Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium" will finally pit the two television personalities — that perhaps best embody the differences between the conservative and liberal mindset — against each other in a moderated battle of the wits.

We've seen them clash on each other's respective programs before, but this should allow them both the opportunity to say exactly what they want to say without any time constraints getting in the way.

O'Reilly announced the big news during The O'Reilly Factor on Monday evening (above) and seems genuinely jazzed about the event. Even though he's excited to "make fun of Stewart" on a national stage as they "discuss the intense issues of the day," Fox News still turned to viewers to ask:

"Is the debate with Jon Stewart a good or bad idea?"

Considering the Daily Show host single-handedly took down Crossfire hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala at the same time…it just might be. But at least it's going to be really entertaining and raise a lot of money for charity!

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