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Scientology's Angry Letter To Vanity Fair Claims Bigotry, Ignorance And Threatens Legal Action!

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We've all read or heard about Vanity Fair's dirty dish on Tom Cruise's relationship with Scientology and how it has affected his love life, but now we're hearing the Church's side of the story.

In an eight-page letter to Graydon Carter, the magazine's editor, the controversial religion's legal rep accuses Maureen Orth's piece of being "shoddy journalism, religious bigotry and potential legal liability."

Before the high-profile story was even in print, Scientology fired off the scathing letter to criticize Carter for ignoring "firsthand knowledge" from VF staff as he prepared to "publish a poorly researched and sourced story."

The letter refutes any and all allegations against the Church, especially any against its "ecclesiastical leader," David Miscavige. While the exposé claims that he secretly recorded Cruise's confessions during auditing sessions and served as a "third wheel" in his romantic relationships, the rep disputes the notion by citing Miscaviges extensive traveling. The letter reads:

"Ms. Orth’s implications are demonstrably false. If she had considered for a minute the respective travel and work demands placed on both Mr. Miscavige and Mr. Cruise, she would have dismissed outright this “third wheel notion" … Mr. Miscavige is the leader of a dynamic global religion expanding across five continents. His duties are herculean and accomplishments monumental. He is not a 'third wheel' to anything or anyone.

We always thought the mention of Miscavige being a "third wheel" in Cruise's life was more of a metaphor suggesting his overwhelming influence, not an implication that they're besties who travel the world together.

Either way, the leader of the religion was not happy to be described that way and his rep is emphatically denying the stories of monitoring auditing sessions, as the letter continues:

"These alleged events never occurred – and, no credible person has ever said that they did. There are no authentic contemporaneous documents evidencing such events (because such events never occurred). To be absolutely clear, Mr. Miscavige never videoed auditing sessions, never saw videos of auditing sessions (since there are no videos), never read session reports aloud (since there are no such reports), let alone ever used such information to 'manipulate' anyone."

After comparing the article's treatment of Scientology to something of a white supremacist's attack on a Sikh religious leader, the letter addresses ignorance and bigotry against the Church which may have helped shape Orth's writing, adding:

"Scientology is a new religion and its beliefs not as well known as those of more ancient history. That does not excuse you or Ms. Orth for being ignorant. Rather, it demands you be even more sensitive to finding out what the true beliefs are of Scientology-which can only be told by the religion itself. Just because you don't think you are bigoted doesn't mean you aren't. Bigotry and ignorance go hand in hand and you are definitely and wilfully ignorant of the actual beliefs of Scientology and the activities of its Churches."

Since the rep believe Orth's piece is "based on fictions manufactured by unsavory individuals who wish to do" the organization harm, the conclusion assumes Vanity Fair "will not publish anything defamatory" and "we will not need to meet at a deposition or in a court."

Welp! This guy assumed wrong.

Wonder if Scientology's legal team will make good on that subtle threat and take the magazine to court…

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20 comments to “Scientology's Angry Letter To Vanity Fair Claims Bigotry, Ignorance And Threatens Legal Action!”

  1. 1

    I read the entire article, and it seemed to me that Ms. Orth bent over backwards trying to write a fair article. Every time she wrote something they apparently had disagreed with or objected to, she immediately included their point of view or objection in parentheses, almost to the detriment of the article. (All those inclusions made it choppy.) Why are they drawing more negative attention to themselves? Poor judgement.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    These guys make the JDL look like little bo peep.

  3. 3

    They are lying to save face (or try to). They are nothing more than a cult. You don't have to read just the article in VF to figure that out. All you have to do is google them, and read until it makes you sick to your stomach. I've done it. Accodring to their "CULT" everyone lies but them.

  4. Millie Richmond says – reply to this


    I can't see how a charge of religious bigotry against Maureen Orth / Vanity Fair can stand given that Scientology is not a religion. It is, in fact, an on-going organised conspiracy to defraud and has been since the day in 1950 when L Ron Hubbard said he used Dianetics to cure war injuries. David Miscavige is just the current mob boss running the show and, as in Hubbard's time, anything goes.

  5. Anonymous Poster says – reply to this


    Scientology will never take Vanity Fair to court for one reason: the 'church' would have to prove every one of the claims in that article wrong without lying to a fair and unbiased court of law.

  6. Pam Schutz says – reply to this


    What Scientology fails to realize is that the majority of mankind, except those they have brainwashed, don't believe a word that comes out of any Scientologist's mouth. The organization is about 2 things, power and greed, and someday, and it may not be till his last breath, Tom Cruise will be horrified at what he did not only to his children but to his mother and sister's also.

  7. david says – reply to this


    they are going down the drain. and you are right. their threats are empty, just like the cult that it is. they can not sue, as they would have to prove otherwise to the human atrocities they are responsible for.

    i do not understand why your government is not investigating. if these human rights violations were being applied to the those fighting wars abroad right now, you can bet your bottom dollar theat the us military would be dropping bombs on these violators.

    i suspect the us government must have alot to lose by intervening.

    no matter, the master will take care of all your government's indifference. if you dont rise up, no matter, the master will take care of your collective pacivity too…

  8. david says – reply to this


    has anyone else noticed how big tom's nose is growing? the pinocchio-syndrome, i suspect.

    how could he do what he has done with his children? shame on him. he has no conscience.

    and check out the head on smile shots of his. notice how offset the centre of his two front teeth are from the centre of his nose. his nose is one front tooth offset.

    strange. kind of like a beak his nose is becoming. again, the pinocchio-syndrome. and for all those who dont know a damn about pinocchio, he was the little boy whose nose grew every time he lied. tom's the new pinocchio.


  9. SusieQ says – reply to this


    Everybody's known for years what Scientology is and what they do. If people are dumb enough to join, they shouldn't bitch about it. I, too, read the article. Maureen Orth is always fair and balanced in her writing. I don't believe she makes things up. But here's the thing - these people joined of their own free will. The women Tom was set up to marry but didn't stayed with them, even after they made her scrub toilets and wash floors. And Scientology is like every other religion - the people who make more and donate more are treated better. Even after all this stink, there will be people who will join.

  10. 10

    Cry me a river, Scientology. How many people have you killed and how many are doing slave labor duty? I guess you got John back under control since things appear to be moot on his accusers. Is he being a good boy for you??? And another thing, tax exempt my ass!!!

  11. Dean Fox says – reply to this


    "His [David Miscavige's] duties are herculean and accomplishments monumental." - who would use words like herculean and monumental to refer to David Miscavige in any context, only David Miscavige of course.

    My guess is he dictated this rant and demanded it be posted. Then his gibberish was heavily edited to remove explitives and translate it in to proper English.

  12. Dean Fox says – reply to this


    Re: SusieQ – I understand your points but when I first started protesting this cult I was shocked at how many people didn't have a clue in the UK.

    More people know about it than ever before but yes I expect there will still be people ready to fork over what ever money and time they have to support this abomination. It's a numbers game, they only need to fool some of the people some of the time and because they don't teach critical thinking in schools every generation presents new opportunities.

  13. HillRunner says – reply to this


    Well, darn, Perez! You may become a journalist after all. Not a bad article. And devoid of the cattiness that drives away male readers.

    When I assess the Vanity Fair story, I speak as someone who has edited newspapers, magazines, and graded journalism papers/stories. And I promise you and your readers that Ms. Orth's story wouldn't pass Investigative Journalism 101.

    I'd flunk her for inadequate attribution, a complete lack of hard evidence—like emails, notes or tapes (accusations aren't evidence)—failure to include opposing views, a constantly one-sided approach, and laying her publisher open to a big fat lawsuit. (Even if this suit never comes, Conde Nast should prepare for it!)

  14. 14

    Meanwhile Scientology has been advertising their creepy crap -at least here in Europe - for weeks now on this website…

  15. 15

    antidepressants are evil and rubbish they are right on about that ,,, what [people dont know is alot of doctors get incentives to shovel them down ur throats ..as for this 8 page letter that u managed to say in 3 paragraphs .. i was reading this book about cults and they like to say that they come from a higher knowledge like they know something u dont..they have secret knowledge nanoo nanoo…

    also where are all the missing people ?? did they move to another planet

  16. 16

    Here's the thing…IF they had a case against Vanity Fair, they'd be making it. The article is published, it's out there. Threats can't stop something that's already out. If they knew this article was full of lies and entirely false, they wouldn't be sending an angry 8 page letter, their lawyer would be filing a lawsuit. Simple as that. A legit organization would never let a major magazine publish this kind of thing and just "threaten" legal action, they'd immediately take it. Enough people have said it…they aren't going to do anything because they know they can't take it to court.

  17. 17

    Awww widdle cult is feeling all bullied!! Poor things. Hey, cult — how many people have been killed by your "Narcanon" drug treatment centers btw? Scientology is NO different than any cult group — except for the fact that they have loads of money and PR to try and pretend they're real. EFFING CRAZY.

  18. cari says – reply to this


    SCIENTOLOGY IS A CULT. Way to go trying to deflect attention from the truth. They ARE a cult. Miscavage had his wife killed. Past members are harassed and followed. They extort, kidnap and blackmail regularly. The list goes on….

  19. Shame on Tom Cruise says – reply to this


    Hey Corporate Scientology! Why don't you sue VF mag if you really think everything in Maureen Orth's article is false? I know why, because you are afraid the whole truth gets revealed in the court of law while the cameras are rolling. You sue, and we will bring in all the witness and evidences. Just saying!

  20. nonscientologist says – reply to this


    Scientology is nothing but a CULT!!!! Anyone who believes it otherwise is STUPID!