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Sharon Osbourne SLAMS Dina Lohan, Calls Her A 'Criminal' & A 'Teenager'!

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Dina Lohan Sharon Osbourne Mom

It seems like Dina Lohan’s Dr. Phil interview that aired yesterday is doing anything BUT clear up her reputation…

By now, we’ve seen the interview, and if you missed it, she was all sorts of disoriented and frazzled during the whole thing!

Not only did Dr. Phil call Mama Lohan out on her parenting, but now the ever outspoken Sharon Osbourne is, too!

On The Talk yesterday, Sharon explained how Dina is your typical case of Regina George’s mom a mom who tries to be their kid’s friend.

Mz. Osbourne — who admitted she was being a “witch” — went on to explain:

“Kids don’t need friends as a mother. They need a mother to guide them. The way she conducts herself — she acts like a teenager. She’s a mother past her sell by date!”

After seeing that SUPER uncomfortable interview yesterday, it’d be hard NOT to agree.

While Sharon also cited Michael Lohan, LiLo’s dad, as not being the best influence for Linds growing up with his criminal record, she thinks Dina is just as much to blame!

Osbourne elaborated:

“I don’t think [Dina] has a criminal record, but she’s criminal to herself and her children because of the way she behaves.”

A recent example of the poor influence? Dina reportedly celebrated her 50th birthday on Saturday by drinking with Lindsay… you know, her daughter who’s gone to rehab five times??


We can only hope that yesterday’s interview came as a bit of a wake up call to Dina, to get herself sorted and finally face whatever issues she’s dealing with.

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14 comments to “Sharon Osbourne SLAMS Dina Lohan, Calls Her A 'Criminal' & A 'Teenager'!”

  1. 1

    Sharon Osbourne didn't do such a great job with her own kids, who have been in and out of trouble, so the world doesn't need her advice. But no one likes to hear Sharon Osbourne talk more than Sharon Osbourne. I wish someone would remove this woman's vocal chords and sew her fucking mouth shut. You play up to her, Perez, because she's a homo lover. That makes you as big a moron as she is.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Surprised at Sharon's piling on here. It does look like Dina needs some help, but Dina's really been through it from an allegedly abusive ex who continues to make her life miserable publicly. Always check the back story. Love Sharon's sense most of the time. If anyone could help Dina, Sharon could, but it's not her job.

  3. 3

    Both Sharon's kids ended up like worthless & useless drug addicts. nuff said

  4. Gigi says – reply to this


    Whether or not Sharon's kids ended up in rehab it not the point. The point is that Dina PARTIES WITH HER KIDS. That's the point. I never heard of Sharon drinking and drugging with her kids. I've heard numerous times that Dina drinks and does coke with Lindsay.

  5. 5

    Re: Gigi – Who did Dina party with? her son Michael? daughter Ali? who exactly? when have you seen either of them partying besides a birthday party with Dina? Sharon is hypocritical. TWO of her kids did drugs and went to rehab. ONE of Dina's FOUR children has gone to rehab and THREE of them are adults. Sharon is a nobody with a famous husband who did a reality show and is plastic looking where Dina is also a nobody but with a famous daughter and doesn't look plastic.

  6. 6

    Sharon doesn't have room to talk, but I was NOT a perfect teen but I wasn't a useless piece of trash like Dina lohan and if I had kids to look after, I would of given them up before I destroyed them.

  7. 7

    I think Sharon has learned a lot from her parenting mistakes. Her kids seem to be doing well after their own stints in rehab and their family seems pretty healthy today. The Lohans? Total, complete train wrecks.

  8. 8

    I agree with monkey, Sharon's kids are doing well. Jack's married and has a daughter and Kelly has her own tv show and has a movie coming out. Aimee seems to be okay, haven't heard anything from her. And Yes the Lohan's are fucked up I mean, their mom is so diluted and I agree that being your kids friend isn't right.

  9. 9

    Kids do not need a parent who tries to be their friend, had a girlfriend in high school with that type of parent and she wound up very screwed up, got pregnant early, had to get married, etc. My parents never tried to be my friends and at times I hated them (especially when I was 17) but I grew to love and appreciate them so much later on and realize how much they sacrificed for me and my brother.

  10. naja says – reply to this


    This woman is an idiot.. and who is her to critize other woman's capability to raise kids?

  11. 11

    Both of them are idiots. Both of Sharons kids turned out to be drug addicted, alcoholic losers who leech off their dads fame. Sharon just like Dina is only relevant due to association. So, its literally a pot calling the kettle black scenario.

  12. 12

    How Sharon's kids turned out isn't really the point here, and I have to agree with her opinion. It's been clear that Dina was never strict enough with Lindsay, allowing her to party and even going out with her at a young age. She allowed her to live alone in Hollywood as a teenager, when she really needed to be reigned in and given rules and boundaries. Dina still seems to think that everything Lindsay has done and been through is really not a big deal or problem. You have to feel bad for Lindsay somewhat, she had all the cards stacked against her from the beginning, with a drug-abusing father in prison, a mother that didn't want to parent, and being exposed to Hollywood at a young age.

  13. jk says – reply to this


    Who is Sharon to talk? SHe raised two drug addicts and her husband is a burnt up druggie. SFTU Sharon you bhave NO room to trash anyone. You were a horseshit mother and still are and you dress like a teen yourself. You and Dina are two of a kind

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – Not quite true. Sharon's dad was a hard ass talent manager and she learned at his feet. When Ozzy was down and out, she grabbed him, went through hell, and pointed his talented nose up and forward through sheer will and tough smarts. His No More Tears album was a pinnacle and a testament to how right it turned out.