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Shaun White Practically BEGGED Police To Haul Him Off To Jail

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What, they wouldn't let him pose with his gold jewelry?

We told you The Flying Tomato was grounded Monday after Nashville police arrested him for public intoxication and vandalism, but now we have even more dirty deets on his dubious deeds — and a totes cringe-worthy mugshot with a wicked black eye (above)!

As it turns out, the local PD tried their hardest to cut Shaun White a break!

They were called to the scene after he smashed the crap out of a hotel phone but were happy to merely give the gold-medal snowboarder a misdemeanor citation!

Had he cooperated, the star athlete would've only been a little lighter in the pocket for his hotel room shenanigans. As it were, Shaun REFUSED to sign the citation and coppers were practically forced to drag him off to jail!!

One police source admitted:

"He basically put himself in jail by not signing [the citation.]"

Between the bruised noggin' and his severe hangover, our fiery-headed friend is sure to have a headache that lasts days!

Keep your chin up, though, Shaun!

As far as we know the Olympic Committee doesn't revoke gold medals for getting plastered and smashing stuff!

[Image via Nashville PD.]

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