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Fox & Friends Gets Pranked By Young Mitt Romney Supporter Some College Kid

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It's no secret that Fox News tends to skew slightly to the conservative side of the political spectrum, so it's no wonder that the network jumped at the opportunity to interview a young Obama-turned-Romney supporter on Fox & Friends.

It looks like the object of the segment was to suggest that even the President's base is fed up with his policies, but the the guest had other objectives in mind.

Fox thought Max Rice was an unemployed, recent college graduate who voted for Obama in 2008 and would instead be voting for the Republican presidential candidate this November. However, it turns out he's STILL in college and wasn't even old enough to vote in 2008!

During the sloppy interview, Gretchen Carlson starts to realize that producers may have picked the wrong Romney supporter to display on national television when he says:

“Why I am supporting Mitt Romney? It’s actually a funny story. I lost a basketball game to a friend of mine.”

It's all downhill from there and the control room finally develops the good sense to cut him off, but not before Max's mission was accomplished. After the prank, Rice revealed he wanted to expose the mainstream media's inability to check basic facts and explained:

“I don’t care if there’s any negative press about me. I think there’s a greater issue. Our media should be a tool to educate the masses, instead of getting ratings and selling Cheetos. This is proof.”

This prank was a long time coming too. The gears started turning when Rice got a call from a “friend of a friend” working at the network. They were looking for exactly what he falsely described himself to be, but he made sure to give his network contacts plenty of opportunity to catch the mistake, as he continued:

“I gave them no straight answers. Every time they called, it would be from an unknown number. I’d be like, ‘Yeah, I got my English degree from Texas.’ Then the next time, ‘Yeah, I’m in engineering.’”

We're sure the people at Fox News learned a valuable lesson, but wouldn't be surprised if they make the same mistake somewhere down the road.

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24 comments to “Fox & Friends Gets Pranked By Young Mitt Romney Supporter Some College Kid”

  1. 1

    Kind of reminds us of the day you laughed off that M Jackson was dead and Fidel Castro was alive and the NUMEROUS errors that happen daily on this site.
    Who the ef are you to judge ?
    Hyprocrite !
    Anyone else agree ?

  2. you says – reply to this


    old news perez

  3. 3

    That guy was pretty lame. As much as I dislike Fox News, I thought she handled it very well.

  4. kc says – reply to this


    No Keeyth. The message is Fox and most media is SHIT. Fuck your other bitchy rambling.

  5. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    FYI Perez, if you watched Fox, you would know they are NOT conservative. They have half liberals and half conservatives. Only people who don't watch it think that it is a big republican channel. That is NOT true. If they have on guests to talk about a subject, they have one Dem and one Repub. Obama loves to claim otherwise but it is not true. Google these names who are all on Fox and you will see they are liberals….Kirsten Powers, Joe Terintino, Bob Beckel, Allan Colmes, Chris Wallace, Geraldo Rivera, Shephard Smith (not only he is liberal, he is gay), etc. Fox news is 50/50….If you watched it you would know it balanced.

  6. 6

    Re: Keeyth – This is a celebrity gossip site, not a news station. Know better than to get your news of the world from a guy who made a living drawing dicks on people.

  7. 7

    Fucking loser, redneck.

  8. buck says – reply to this


    It would of been ok if this guy where the least bit funny but he comes off as a Beavis and Butthead character. Liberals are ridiculous.

  9. emeraldfire says – reply to this


    Most people who hate fox news just do so because the liberals say they should….I bet most of the haters of fox news have never even spent one hour watching it….and im not talking about the shows like o"riley factor and Hannity and what not….the actual news coverage is ALWAYS half liberal, half conservative…..they ALWAYS have one republican and one democrat commenting…..people should maybe tune in for one day and watch the whole day before always….oh they are so right wing, and so conservative, and so republican….no, instead they just buy into the whole "faux news" bullshit……Jesus, and they call republicans sheep,…..i live in Canada and where I live, most people watch FOX news cause you get both sides of the story

  10. emeralfire says – reply to this


    Re: LiberalsMakeMeSick – you are exactly right, but the liberals will keep following and obeying their celebrities and president like good little sheep.

  11. jeff says – reply to this


    I liked the idea, but the execution was all wrong. He was annoying and looked really bad.

  12. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    Re: emeraldfire – I agree with you 100%. I get so sick of hearing people call it "Faux News" also. As soon as I hear that, I know they have no clue what they are talking about and that they just parrot's for Obama.

    Obama is afraid for people to tune into Fox because then they will see that Fox is not this Republican show that makes up news to entertain the "teabaggers".

    It is sad to see what has happened to this country and the Media is to blame because if it wasn't for them, Obama would not be in office.

  13. 13

    Re: LiberalsMakeMeSickRe: emeraldfire – Yes, i have watch an hour of fox news. Actually, i grew up watching it almost every morning. Guess what? I HATE IT! But no, that DOES NOT mean i am an Obama supporter. Just because people hate Fox News doesn't mean most of them support Obama. Fox news is hypocritical, judgmental and love to twist stories around. They do it all the time. Open your damn eyes and stop being so narrow-minded. And don't even bother asking me to give examples, i am not going to try and look for stories I've already looked up, do it yourself if you don't believe me.

  14. Anonymous says – reply to this


    This kid is from New Trier Highschool. He was my class president… he was a DICK!

  15. Carrie says – reply to this


    Ha!! This is awesome, and i love the comments he made after, "…Our media should be a tool to educate the masses, instead of getting ratings and selling Cheetos. This is proof.” Wish he would have said them on the air. And Keeyth…I would HOPE that a news organization would vet their guests more than say…I don't know A GOSSIP SITE!! Love your site Perez…but it is called a "gossip site" not a "News organization"

  16. 16

    What was HE smokin'?

  17. Jaded says – reply to this


    Re: Keeyth – No offense, but Perez Hilton is a gossip site. Fox News is a news program. If they want to re-lable themselves as gossip news then they can do whatever they want. The difference is news agencies should be doing research to vet people they are interviewing. Gossip sites should also do research, but lets face it this site tends to cut and paste word for word from other sites.

  18. 18

    I don't like fox, but I have to hand it to her she picked up immediately on him. Still don't like fox.

  19. stickrat says – reply to this


    Re: LiberalsMakeMeSick – if you want to be conservative, that's ok. but to pretend like fox news isn't obviously biased to the right is decidedly ignorant.
    in a fragmented market, it is a brilliant move by murdoch to go after a solid niche for all the angry old white guys and rednecks that don't like the semblance of the truth.
    fyi. more people watch spongebob than pap bear o-reilly.

  20. ed says – reply to this


    3 days old…

  21. kandycane says – reply to this


    Re: kc – you really are dumb! LOLZ keeyth told the truth. It's no different! People just have to play like children. :c im going to side with this person just because they have a poster of New Kids On The Block" no different the world just keeps dividing never admire their wrong

  22. 22

    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  23. Ohnoyoudont says – reply to this


    Re: Lucas23

    I'm a journalism major. I have no choice but to watch Fox News just to remain unbiased. From a professional (and personal) perspective, I can 100% assure you that they are indeed a more conservative "news" outlet, and are heavily biased at all times.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    The gotcha moment got turned around on them. Sloppy research.