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Mitt Romney Is A Hot Topic On The View And Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends Him

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Mitt Romney's leaked private fundraiser footage is all over the media so, of course, the ladies on the The View had to give their two cents on the issue.

Barbara Walters tried to maintain a moderate POV in her dissection of his comments and pointed out that it is indeed true that roughly 47% of Americans don't pay federal income tax. It's not because they are "dependent upon the government" though.

According to the Tax Policy Center, half of that statistic is due to families making such a low income that they are exempt from paying the federal tax, while the other half take advantage of tax code provisions that benefit senior citizens and low-income working families with children.

With that being said, Elisabeth Hasselback shocked everyone defended Romney's remarks (above) and suggested:

"With more and more people becoming dependent on government, by next July we could be celebrating Dependence Day instead of Independence Day."

We're not sure if being stuck working a low-income job or accepting the Social Security benefits that are promised to seniors is "dependence," so much as a reality that can't be avoided unless more Americans have access to better jobs.

Joy Behar raised the point that Romney's statements about Barack Obama supporters simply reveal that he doesn't particularly care for that population and will not serve their interests as president.

But are the 47% of Americans that the Republican presidential candidate generalized as Democratic voters actually voting blue?

Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that they probably won't be because the ten states with the most people not paying federal income tax, nine are Republican with Republican governors!

Inneresting talking points, ladies!

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25 comments to “Mitt Romney Is A Hot Topic On The View And Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends Him”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    That Hassleback c * nt is so annoying. And uptight. I know she stuck a piece of coal up her skanky ass, and a week later, out came a diamond ! Really, a truly disgusting vile smelly right-wing nut-bar. Bet her husband is on the 'down-low' ….

  2. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    What a Dumbo….defending Romney's stupid comment ! LOL ! She is SUCH a re-tard !

  3. 3

    Low blow. Libitards will do anything to embarrass or get the upper hand. Kinda like how Fox news was attacked for doing an anti obama campaign. Even though they used 110% facts that can be easily researched. You don't see republicans sneaking in to dinners and secretly recording people.

  4. 4

    Elizabeth for the most part is right. People are too dependent on the government. Liberals rely on the government to think for them and control their decisions. "This stuff is unhealthy, people can't control what they eat so it should be banned" Lets not also forget how they nauseating believe the government can do no wrong.

  5. 5

    Re: NookiesWA – That's because you wacky tea baggers keep saying stupid shit time after time after time again. Plus the words Fox News and facts don't belong anywhere near each other.

  6. 6

    maybe if the bush administration didnt wipe out thousands of jobs they wouldnt be dependant .. this romney guy so far what he was good looking when he was young who wasnt .. he had tight jeans and a big package who didnt big deal all he does is rely on negative things but offers no positive..

  7. 7

    "According to the Tax Policy Center, half of that statistic is due to families making such a low income that they are exempt from paying the federal tax…" Yup that is true. and its because of republican policies; first Reagan then W

  8. 8

  9. 9

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – I'm a libertarian. I call out stupidity and hypocrisy on both sides equally. Unlike die hard reps/dems. BOTH sides are stupid. Both sides dig this country deeper and deeper. Both sides spend trillions on useless shit. Both sides want to violate our rights. Both sides are hypocritical as hell. At least conservatives are slightly the lesser of two evils. They don't want able bodied people being able to collect welfare, theres tons of leechers capable of working on welfare. One lives right next door to me LOL. They also at the least try to protect our constitutional rights. Liberals ban unhealthy food (soda ban in NY, outdoor smoking ban, increase sells tax on smokes) Liberals want our 2nd amend gone. Libs are basically taking our 1st amendment and throwing it out the window and lib are bending over and allowing their 4th amendto be shat on in NY. (NY in which is the most lib state in this nation has a strict stop and search law this legally allows cops to racially profile, stop and search you at any given time for 0 reason at all. Imagine being an attractive woman in NY having to deal with pat downs from pervy cops. Im sure it happens alot in NY except, since they control a great deal of the media since most of it is ran/operated in NY its probably censored. Take away a conservatives bible humping, anti gay and racism they will indeed be the lesser of two evils.

  10. 10

    Why am I making so many typos..NEEEEEEED…SLEEEEEEP

  11. 11

    Romneys statement is pretty much right.

  12. 12

    Re: NookiesWA – FINALLY ! Someone who gets it!! They're both idiots!

  13. cari says – reply to this


    Romney is a clueless narcissistic shallow and hollow human being. My son called it 100% when he said he is the physical embodiment of political corruption. If you still think Romney/Ryan are viable as leaders of this country, then God help you. Because you'll need it.

  14. leonard edelen says – reply to this


    Right or Wrong, if you're running for public office, especially President - you should keep such insensitive remarks to yourself. if that's how you feel, fine. however in this day of no privacy, you would think dumbo mitt would thing before he speaks! this alone proves he is unfit to be President!!

  15. 15

    Hey Perez, why don't you and your mom show your fans your tax forms from the past few years? What percent do you fall into?

  16. Michael Paris says – reply to this


    The view not only did not have Whoopi Goldberg on the show today they left out what Romney said about her. Romney is not fit to be President of the USA. A President must be for all the people.

  17. 17

    I'm on social security disability due to an autoimmune illness. I would love to work but my illness won't allow full time so I can only work part time. Not all Americans are dependent on the government because we want to be! I know there are people who do take advantage tho. Just don't like being lumped in with the ones who are dependent for all the wrong reasons

  18. viva says – reply to this


    First of all Ladies - don't ignore Mitt's comments about the women on the view "having sharp tongues". That is belittling to today's women. The women on the view represent not only today's adult women, but journalist too. Is that the respect we want a president to show to our women?
    Regarding the comment about people dependent on government assistance, let's not forget the military who have given their body parts for our president and country. When you lose a body part due to fighting in wars, shouldn't your country take care of you for your service? Is Mitt saying that they are not entitled?

  19. aye ye ye... says – reply to this


    I understand what Romney said may upset a lot of Americans but I really wish that people would get more upset about that fact that almost half of the country has become dependent on the government and the taxes that the other half of the country pays…

  20. 20

    Re: NookiesWA – You say that, yet nearly all your posts reflect that you're a right-winger. I see you constantly write 'libitards' yet no derogatory remarks towards the tea baggers.

  21. 21

    Romney is right. There is too much dependence on the government. I know a lot of people that take advantage of the hand-outs.

  22. 22

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – I just did, I called them "bible humpers" woulda used the F word, but censors, or at least the chance of the comment not being approved :P

    Tea baggers are ass backwards living in a completely different time. Much like the middle east. See there ya go ^_^

  23. 23

    Re: NookiesWA – Much better! lol

  24. Jay says – reply to this


    He doesn't represent women,or elderly since they are a HUGE part of the 47%.Doesn't represent black or Hispanic or Latino or young people.So who does he represent?Old rich white guys and the sooner people realize that the better.

  25. Saselayefly says – reply to this


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