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Jon Stewart: Mitt Romney's Dad Was Once Part Of The 47% Paying No Income Tax!

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"According to Mitt Romney's own logic, Mitt Romney could not win the vote of his dad."

We're not sure if the Republican presidential nominee can get back in the good graces of the majority of Americans after he blatantly disregarded 47% of them, but we do know this — Jon Stewart isn't helping!

During Tuesday's episode of The Daily Show, the comedian HIGHlariously tore apart Romney's senseless comments about welfare recipients and low income families by pointing out (above) that George Romney, his own father, was once on welfare!

So basically, this man's family was "dependent upon government" at one time and his dad was still able to "take personal responsibility" for his life all thanks to the U.S. government's "responsibility" to care for its people.

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19 comments to “Jon Stewart: Mitt Romney's Dad Was Once Part Of The 47% Paying No Income Tax!”

  1. 1

    You and the Liberal media have totally taken his comment out of context. ANY chance you get you add 2 & 2 and get 12. Our you skew everything to fit your agenda.

  2. 2

    Re: Snookietoes – Not at all actually. I have no clue how anyone could say something like that, Romney stood by what he said, and so did a lot of people who support him. He believes this, and you probable do too.

  3. 3

    Mitt Romney's grandfather moved to Mexico to be a POLYGAMIST, but he still has the nerve to say who can and can't get married. He moved back to the US of A and lived of WELFARE. Now his grandson pays virtually nothing in taxes (and won't even release his tax return,) while condemning the working poor. What a douche!

  4. 4

    That was hilarious. A lot of people may be disappointed with Obama, but is this hypocritical joke of a candidate what you really want instead?

  5. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    There's a big difference between a hand-up and a hand-out.

  6. 6

    He needed help and he got it. Then he came very successful, forgot to add that point. Man, I hope you don't get your news from Jon Stewart. It would be like going to the gyno for a root canal.

  7. 7

    mitt used to be good looking and NOW HES NOT

    this stuff is hilarious hahahah so far this douche shows nothing but scripted speeches and digging up dirt on obama no actually political direction beside what the bushes dished out and look where that led

  8. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    Re: purplesprings – You are a liar! His grandfather moved there to do Mission work. If you knew anything you would know that they practiced monogamy, since polygamy having been abolished by the 1890 Manifesto.

    It's people like you that try to spread lies and that is why our country is screwed up because people with no brains believe shit like that.

  9. Liberalsmakemesick says – reply to this


    People BETTER open their eyes and FAST! The media is reporting on shit like this, which, BTW is true. 50% of people pay ZERO taxes and 47% are getting checks from the government….do the math WE CANNOT SUSTAIN THIS!!! We could take all the money from the 1% and it would run our government for 8 DAYS!!!!!! So stop with the stupid talking points and open your eyes!!!

    Go see 2016 and you will understand that Obama is not only talking about redistributing the wealth in the US, but he is talking in the WORLD. If you would take 90 minutes out of your life and see the movie, you will see and hear his own words, his relatives own words and family friends own words showing us that this is his agenda.

    LEARN BEFORE YOU VOTE or 2016, we are DONE!

  10. sheri says – reply to this


    Yes! Trolls are never going to stop their idiotic lies about Obama and his heritage so why not dig up some actual facts about Romney. They want to play down his religion, which would be fair in any civilized place, but these birther just don't want to give it up. Romney was born in Mexico because the government was trying to stop the bizarre and illegal practices of his (truly fucked up by the way) church. Let's talk about that.

  11. mittforbrains says – reply to this


    Polygamy might have been abolished but it's still practiced. The majority of mormons are polygamists.

  12. bigwigss says – reply to this


    I'm w/Mitt all the way! Why should people who don't work sit on their ass all day and get paid by the government to do it! I work five or six days a week. myself and my son have no health insurance. We might have paid $200 at the doctor the past 2-3 years (not that bad) Is it fair that people on a government checks can have more babies and work less? Is it fair that even though they don't do anything, their kids get free lunch at school and free heath care? My kid doesn't even get reduced lunch because I work my ass off to be able to pay our bills. Why is it fair that we have to take care off a society that doesn't help themselves out? These people who get nothing but handouts will never lean to stand on their own if they all ways have the tax payers to hold them up!!!

  13. ROMNEY 2012!!! says – reply to this


    Re: sheri – So True! And while all od these smug, snarky and "Clever" Hollywood types sit around and make a bug joke out of the election our country's survival is at stake. The media and Obama is LYING to the public and making them focus on secondary issues. Obama is BANKRUPTING this economy and without money we are dependent of government. All of these so-called causes like Gay Marriage, Animal Rights, Immigration, and so on will go waaaay down the totem pole once he has this country on it's knees (like he intends to) and the very causes these people are fighting for will be mute. They are in an idealistic romance with this president and are not seeing the big picture. We are in deep trouble and we are sinking fast. We are NOT better off than 4 years ago and all of these Kumbiya speeches - although ideally enticing - are actually skewing the FACTS - which are employment is at the highest it has ever been and we are ireprebly going broke. I have several family members out of work who have been actively looking for the past year - living off of savings and odd jobs. Romney may not have been my first choice but I would rather him take over than someone out to destroy this country.

  14. 14

    unfortunately mitt is right about that 47% people who are collecting welfare, though its not only Hispanics on it. I have so many people around me I know that collect this and are not looking to helps themselves. They think since the government will pay me to do nothing then they will do nothing. They don't except better paying jobs just so that the "help" they get won't go away. These are the types of people that will bring this country down. Welfare is suppose to be help for a short period of time just like unemployment but once again you have those people that don't want to work hard. It makes me mad when I see people on welfare and collecting food stamps drive around in these new cars with systems and buying all this food for parties, when me and my husband work our ass off to have what we have on our own. Yes we could do the same and not work but we have two kids and want to show them the right way to work for your money. Hard work pays off because you did it for yourself.

  15. 15

    ”jon Stewart is sooo funny.

  16. Brandi says – reply to this


    #1 the 47% isnt collecting welfare. The only reason they dont pay FEDERAL income taxes is because they dont make enough, doesnt mean they dont pay state or pay roll taxes. Most of us commenting are in the 47% and yall dont even know it and a good percentage are senior who deserve their social secruity checks and veterans who deserve more than what they are getting
    #2 His words arent taking out of context, he said what he said, plain and simple.
    #3 I would sacrifice some money to make sure kids are fed at school for free if their parents dont make enough or are bums, because after all, why let the kid starve bc of their parents? Cruel.
    #4 Romney needs to make a distinction between the "47%" and those who honestly get paid for sitting on their butts and popping out babies.
    #5 How can mitt romney be so critical of those who dont pay FEDERAL income taxes when he is not willing enough to be transparent by releasing more tax returns?
    #6 if you watch fox news, please at least watch other new stations or do more independent research before you drown yourself.
    #7 it is unfortunate that ppl use govt assistance has a hand out instead of a hand to get ursel or ur family out of a hole. Doesnt mean get rid of it, just means to fix it.

  17. sofiax says – reply to this


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  18. SusieQ says – reply to this


    General Motors is one of those "people" (because remember, corporations ARE people too) who pay no taxes. That's just one of your 47%. If Romney gets in, the Neocons will cut this country to smithereens. More homeless, more hungry kids, more elderly without support - but hey, seems like that's just what some Americans want. Real patriotism there.

  19. Mk says – reply to this


    Re: Liberalsmakemesick – your facts are wrong.

    47% of Americans pay no FEDERAL INCOME TAX, however, they pay State, local, PAYROLL TAX , SALES, PROPERTY ETC….

    OF THE 47% that pay no FEDERAL INCOME TAX, most are elderly (who don't make an income), make less that $20,000, are in the military …..and millionairs who have great accountants.

    Get our facts start before you go repeating right wing fox news propaganda….