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Witness Of Lindsay's Latest Accident Confirms She's Lying AGAIN!

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We know Lindsay Lohan has a hard time taking responsibility for her actions, but doesn't she at least know by now that she shouldn't claim she didn't do something when there are tons of witnesses on hand to immediately refute her?!

Apparently not! Even after all of her legal, ahem, 'hiccups!'

Although the troubled actress was arrested this morning in Manhattan for allegedly fleeing the scene after clipping a pedestrian in the knee with her Porsche, she's apparently been telling friends that she didn't even realize she had hit anyone, and despite earlier claims, never left her car to assess the damage she had done!

However, witnesses who were in the alley between the Dream Hotel and the Maritime restaurant, where she was attempting to park, have immediately come forward to say exactly the opposite!

They explain:

"She's driving in this freight area, going very slow. She's hitting her horn because there's a lot of people in the area. The crowd moves but she kind of brushes against this one guy. He runs up to her, tells her she hit him. They get out of the car, there's some interaction with her, her entourage and the guy."

Well, isn't that funny?

She claimed she had no idea that she had even hit anyone until she was arrested for it later on in the evening!

Must have been difficult to erase someone chasing after her — who claimed to be injured — from her mind in such a short time span!


Can't wait to hear from everyone what else she's omitted from her selective memory about this evening as this continues to develop!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Witness Of Lindsay's Latest Accident Confirms She's Lying AGAIN!”

  1. 1

    These people have no right to crowd around her car and force their lights and flashes in her face while she is driving and then claim to be injured when they are all but jumping on the hood for a payday!

  2. 2

    No doubt you're going to milk this for all you can, making post after post with no new or interesting information, just posts that offer your ignorant and tedious moral judgments. I wish someone would hit you full-on with a semi hauling ass at 90 mph. I'd pay money to see that.

  3. 3

    I love this, proof that your gay sorry fucking ass makes this shit up, and have no "sources". Other, real websites already have the security footage of the entire thing, and none of what you wrote happened, except her driving really slow. God damn it must be tiring being such a pathetic fucking doosh with no credibility.

  4. 4

    Why this girl still have a DL *** Why she doesn't take a cab instead *** only in US !

  5. Muneca says – reply to this


    Perez I love you but when it comes to certain things you need to get ur facts and sources stright before you post something… there are already security footage showing that she most likely did NOT hit that man..(even the cops state they do not see her hit him) ..everyone is quick to judge againist Lohan becuase of her past but then everyone wants her to change but as soon as a "so called" story lands their quick to start yappin at the gums… specially you…i see your post saying you hope the best for her, she really has turned around.. then as soon as some fool wants to make a pay check off her your quick to jump ship!!! pick a side pick a choice and stick with it.. if you truly want to see her to do better then STOP putting her down on ur website!!

  6. 6

    Another site is saying the police have reviewed the surveillance video, and they do not see that she hit the guy.

  7. 7

    She is a celebrity, it's sad that they can't go anywhere without drawing a crowd. I think she is innocent on this one.

  8. Jen says – reply to this


    Re: Muneca – Exactly. It's sad because it seems like he ENJOYS when lindsay get in trouble.

  9. Phillip says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – He's a pathetic loser :) with no common sense. "He's just too gay to function, Once a FAT ASS , always FAT ASS !!!

  10. Phillip says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure that moron just threw himself to her car. Perez is a fat cow who has nothing better to do ! Gaylord

  11. 11

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I don't understand why you're on this site… you continually refer to Perez is hateful… but reading your posts… you are oozing with hate. I don't know what's made you such an angry and hateful person, but it's nice for you that you can hide behind the anonymity of the internet, because you wouldn't be posting the hate that you do if you had to use your real name.

    Have a nice… and hopefully less angry…day! :)

  12. Karis says – reply to this


    If he was injured how could he have chased her?

  13. 13

    Re: DSummerfan – Good point, cabs are plentiful in New York - the one time I was there for half a day it looked like traffic was crazy.