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Amanda Bynes Hasn't Talked To Her Parents For MONTHS!

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Ugh! More heartbreaking news in the curious case of Amanda Bynes' ongoing downward spiral.

We heard her parents were attempting to get back into their daughter's life and had moved back to El Lay to keep an eye on her. However, someone has stepped forward to reveal that Mandy hasn't even SPOKEN to them in months!

Say what!?

Apparently, they've been back in the City of Angels too, but have pretty much been cut "out of her life entirely," as a source explained:

"Amanda's parents had moved back to California long before she got arrested for her DUI. Her parents have been living in California for a significant amount of time before her legal problems began. Amanda hasn't spoken to her parents in several months and she has been living like a recluse, which does have her parents extremely concerned. Amanda just cut them out of her life entirely, and she doesn't return their phone calls or e-mails. There wasn't a fight or any ongoing unresolved issues between Amanda and her parents, she just axed them out of her life for no reason."

They have actually become so estranged that they only know as much about the 26-year-old as we do! The source continued:

"The only way that Amanda's parents find out what is going on with her is from the media. They love their daughter very, very much though and are just heartbroken and very concerned for her."

They can join the club because we're ALL very concerned for her.

[Image via WENN.]

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9 comments to “Amanda Bynes Hasn't Talked To Her Parents For MONTHS!”

  1. LoriC says – reply to this


    It is just a matter of time. :(

  2. 2

    Conservatorship it is. Case closed.

  3. 3

    Oooo, months, how can this be that a grown woman does not talk to her parents that live a thousand miles away, every day. How tragic. And for all you morons talking about something you only heard of when britany spears entered into it, a conservatorship is either voluntary, like with brittany, or is done when someone is committed. This isn't the 50's folks, parents just can come to court and ask a judge to give them control of their rich childs finances. For god sakes, get your fucking heads out of your asses.

  4. torgster says – reply to this


    Said it before and saying it again - classic schizophrenic behavior. Why is no one catching on to this fact? It's not like she can help how she is breaking down - she needs someone to intervene.

  5. 5

    Re: hoochpit – Are you that idiot or you are just pretending for laughs? Britney's conservatorship was NOT voluntary. A judge FORCED her into it and at the beginning she fought it tooth and nail. She had a mental breakdown (remember that baby-in-the-bathroom-with-crazy-momma incident?) and Amanda is heading the same exact direction. Get down from planet Asshole and read the news fucking moron: hits and runs, doing drugs in public, acting erratically and having severe mood swings and her constant DENIALS… It's just a matter of time.

  6. Susu says – reply to this


    My guess is BiPolar. She's in a manic phase……..but who knows? The smoking pot is very self medicating. Someone who loves her needs to do something! Suicide amongst the mentally ill is very high and even if it isn't BP, she is NOT exhibiting "normal behavior."

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Amanda always struck me as a very sweet young woman. I wish the best for her and hope people rally around her to see her through this period. xo

  8. 8

    Re: torgster – right?! She was so close to her parents and friends and then out of nowhere she snapped .Could it be that her support group were her parents who moved to Texas, her sis got married, and her grandmother and pup passed away.May God give her strength to get through with this.

  9. george lin says – reply to this


    she's young and beautiful…this is NOT the time to give up on her.