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Kentucky Girl Scout Leaders Condemn Boy Scouts For Kicking Out Gay Scoutmaster

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Girls rule and boys drool!

The Girl Scouts of the USA have supported people of all race, religion and sexuality since 1991 and are shaming the Boy Scouts of America for the organizations discrimination against open homosexuals.

The most recent story of Boy Scout bigotry comes from Kentucky where Greg Bourke, an Assistant Scoutmaster, got the boot from the organization after he revealed he was gay and had raised two children with his partner of thirty years.

Thank goodness for the big hearts and open minds of Girl Scout leaders though.

While he is no longer welcome to participate in BSA with his boy, he's still an active leader in the Girl Scouts with his daughter and the organization is going to bat for him.

In a letter condemning the BSA for their discrimination against Bourke, co-leader Kim Haydon reached out to the executive of the Boy Scouts’ Lincoln Heritage Council and wrote:

“[To] discount all that he has done for our youth only because he is gay is absurd. Shame on you and your small mindedness.”

Shame, shame is right!

Now Bourke is fighting back with a Change.org petition that urges the Lincoln Heritage Council to reject the Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay policy. In an effort to plea his case, the father of two writes:

"For the past five years, I've dedicated my time and energy to the Boy Scouts of America and to my community — and I've loved every minute of it. In return, the Boy Scouts of America has decided to fire me for being honest about who I am and for loving my partner of 30 years. I launched my petition with the hope of turning this hurtful situation into something positive… If enough of us speak out, I know the Lincoln Heritage Council will join the growing list of councils that have decided to reject the Boy Scouts' discriminatory policy."

If U are like us and think discrimination is WRONG, plain and simple, then take a moment to sign Bourke's petition so we can work toward sending a better message to America's youth!

Times are changing and the world is waiting for the Boy Scouts of America to catch up.

[Image via Greg Bourke.]

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17 comments to “Kentucky Girl Scout Leaders Condemn Boy Scouts For Kicking Out Gay Scoutmaster”

  1. 1

    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  2. 2

    Re: Lady Who? – If "ignorance is Bliss" you must feel like feel like a pig in sh*t 24/7. I loathe pedophiles so I know the majority of male offenders live and identify as straight. They are married with children and or priests. Lady Who, the Boy Scouts just increased their chances of getting a pedophile as a leader by asking a man who is living straight ask Sandusky's victims.

  3. grahamB says – reply to this


    Are you on crack? I'd pull my son out of the scouts if a predator like you was involved with it. You're delusional man

  4. lolly says – reply to this


    Re: ThIsIsFaLSe – you are completely delusional…the majority of sex offenders are most definitely not straight. You are just a typical liberal idiot who claims to be all for freedom of speech but the minute someone says something you don't like you get upset and make up stupid points. Also who cares if the boy scouts don't want to accept homosexuals thats their choice its BOY scouts….what boys that age should even know their sexuality preference.

  5. 5

    I support BSA's right to reject homos and to reject presenting men who like to play butt darts as normal. It's deviant behavior, and though I understand they didn't choose to be that way, it's still an abomination.
    Re: ThIsIsFaLSe – You have the right to an opinion and to your own belief system. This does not make you right and others who don't see things your way wrong. That makes YOU the ignorant one; it also makes you a bully. You very clearly have issues with straight men; please don't project those issues onto other people. That you loathe pedophiles doesn't give you some special knowledge. It just means you loathe pedophiles. Therapy and meds will help you make sense of things and get your emotions under control.

  6. 6

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I was stating facts, Gawd it is sooooo annoying when s/one whips out their education but my degree is in criminal science which included statistical data, chemistry blah blah. I deal in facts Lady who was perpetuating a stereotype that leads to violence and stereotyping and that is ignorant NOT AN OPINON

  7. 7

    Re: lolly – I a conservative with a criminal science degree that equal a BS in chemistry. Try looking up some statistics before you perpetuate ignorance. LOOK UP thE DATA> it is out there. I am not gay. It is just the truth. LOOK IT UP> Just more educated on the subject that you, but I am on a gossip site, so a bit ignorant myself.

  8. 8

    Re: Yes You Bore MeReI: lolly – I am not saying that Gays are not offenders but independent studies(this means non liberal or conservative) gays are a very low number of pedophiles comparing to those who identify as straight. Especially male pedophiles like the guise of marriage. Now if you wanted to make an educated argument you could say a married man with children (if his inclination was pedophilia) have more access to offend(than gays) and most crimes are those that have opportunity.
    But why throw stones if YOU are speaking from opinion and ignorance?

  9. 9

    Argue all you want about how right or wrong the policies are, but within a PRIVATE ORGANIZATION, it doesn't matter what the rules are, or how arbitrary they might seem, those are the rules. These people knew the policies before they signed up to join the group, but now they're crying about them being unfair. That's not how it works and that's not how to bring about change.

    This isn't a matter of supporting or condemning homosexuality as a lifestyle, nor is it about claiming that homosexuality leads to pedophilia. It's simply about a private club having its rules. If those rules aren't acceptable, then find some other club to join where they are more to your liking.

  10. 10

    Re: Lady Who? – That I can't say Lady who. Maybe they are gay men but most of them never act and or live a gay lifestyle the profile for a man that molests or rapes a boy is usually that of someone who lives a straight lifestyle, sorry for the condescending comments before) ;
    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I truly adore straight men. Love them! Some of the most wonderful people I know. You sound like you are a lover of pedophiles which is terrifying.

  11. 11

    Re: lolly
    you are a moron- educate yourself..

    and most kids start becoming aware of their sexuality, i.e. when they get their first crushes..
    and as soon as a kid expresses being gay, they boot them out, eagle scouts, order of the arrow, boy scout- they don't care…

    grow up and gain a real education

  12. 12

    Re: Lady Who?

    too late, they have already suppressed hundreds of molestation charges and they keep the fine, upstanding, molesting pedophiles around the boys. and they Did Not report accusations to the police

  13. 13

    Re: pastxmas – kids join before they know their gay, and then when they discover they are gay and express it, they are kicked out.. is that fair?

  14. 14

    How many Lesbian scoutmasters are there working for the girl scouts I wonder?

  15. kandycane says – reply to this



  16. 16

    Re: pastxmas – Agreed, thank you.

  17. Velyna says – reply to this


    Re: lolly – But you see boy's their age do know about their sexual orientation. They know if they like a girl and young gay boy's know that they're not the same as the other boys and can't understand why. They need to know that it's ok to be different not shunned upon because of the way you were born. How long was that scoutmaster working there? He could have been the nicest scoutmaster ever and would have died before any of those youngin's fell victim to a sexual predator but just because he was gay OH NO! HE's going to do it! If you're gay doesn't mean you're more likely to be a sexual predator. Also it's true that the majority of sexual predators/pedos are straight men. Some pick just boys some go with just girls but a lot go with whatever they can get their hands on. It's sad but true. The paediatric professor at Harvard medical I think it was Harvard (one of those schools) who was around children and operating on children etc…is a pedo. They found a bunch of child porn on his comp. I think he has a wife and kids of his own. Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with whether or not you will be a pedo. With pedo's there's just something that's not quite right with them (obviously) and I don't think we've had plenty of luck finding out exactly what causes this sort of behaviour.