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Lindsay Lohan Acts Out In FIRST Liz & Dick Trailer!

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Holy shiz, Perezcious readers!

It’s here!

While we might’ve gotten a promo pic of Lindsay Lohan dazzled in diamonds for her upcoming Lifetime flick, Liz & Dick just yesterday, the FIRST preview is HERE!

Check out Lindsay in action (above)!!!

There we go again with the oh so pertinent scandalous words! Ha!

We gotta admit, though — LiLo looks pretty DAYUM good as Elizabeth Taylor!

Betrayal, cheating and all the dramz in between… ah, the makings of a Lifetime movie!

Prepare yourselves for the “biggest television event” when Liz & Dick premieres in November!

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37 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Acts Out In FIRST Liz & Dick Trailer!”

  1. KloeJames says – reply to this


    Very very interesting!!

  2. 2

    skank looks NOTHING like her.

  3. Connor says – reply to this


    Oh boy. Lindsay thinks she's Elizabeth Taylor now but once people see this all they'll see is an actress falling to a million little pieces with a brunette dye job. Elizabeth was a smoker but she always had a very high voice! Also, Lindsay's hair looks NOTHING like how she wore it then. Fail.

  4. 4

    You really don't get to hear her speak, so I'm guessing she is awful…

  5. kelfunsun says – reply to this


    Ummmm, I don't plan on watching it. I personally never liked Lindsey as an actress, I've only watch a few of her movies and they are acted all the same.

  6. 6

    Wow, this looks really good!

  7. kenkidd says – reply to this


    Lifetime knows what it's doing. They're selling tickets to a train wreck. LL is delusional and belongs on basic cable. It's win/win/win: The viewer gets to feel better about themselves watching yesterday's tabloid stars getting played out by last week's tabloid news. Lifetime gets to show off their new logo with an 'original' movie and get ratings. LL gets a check and 3 more months before she has to admit that she's washed up. Oh, then that important film with James Deen comes out.

  8. Andrew says – reply to this


    Wow, she's amazing! This movie will be awesome.

  9. 9

    He's good. I feel bad for him. People will tune in to see just how badly she does, then change the channel. Just she second or so you see of her here is enough to realize that she's horrible. She has no voice left. Talent wasted. Very, very sad.

  10. 10

    I can't wait to see it; Liz's whoring & tramping, boozing & drugging, and psychosis & insanity were all covered up with Hollywood Media Magic…..

  11. jeff says – reply to this


    there is no doubt in my mind they released this as soon as they could after her arrest.

  12. Andre says – reply to this


    I say this only : Lindsay looks beautiful :) bye.

  13. Mitchell Alexander says – reply to this


    I hope it's good . . I just can picutre her in other rolls besides mean girls or in georgia rule . . where she basicaly played herself. I'll have to watch to it se

  14. 14

    Where's the accent? Liz Taylor spoke with a particular accent. I hear none of that. She also held her body in a certain way, and again, I'm seeing none of that. I'm sorry, but it doesn't look promising at all.

  15. pathetic trailer says – reply to this


    @ okra panfry, regardless of all the controversy that the press supposedly hid about elizabeth back then, she is still far and miles ahead than lindsay. she could act for one, and she never got convicted of stealing things, assaulting random people, neither did she get involved in hit and run accidents or car chases. plus elizabeth was a good friend with a big heart who liked to help those who were troubled. lindsay just likes to whine about others and makes it always about herself instead.

  16. 16

    “biggest television event" right it will be bigger than all the superbowls, the last episode of mash yeah thats the ticket. actually the final game of HS basketball tournament in indiana will likely draw more viewers.

  17. 17

    Fortunately I do not get this channel on my Directv.

  18. 18

    Looks good??? Did I watch the same thing? She looks absolutely ridiculous, like bloated Lindsay Lohan in a bad wig. She looks all slouchy, disheveled, & classless. Elizabeth always carried herself with class. And that voice, EGADS! She sounds like a 80 year old smoker. NOTHING about her says Elizabeth Taylor.

  19. drdre says – reply to this


    That's ridiculous. She is a terrible actress AND if u noticed, she has the same facial expression in every shot

  20. Toño says – reply to this


    Looks amazing! Totally gonna see this!

  21. 21

    can't wait!

  22. Chris says – reply to this


    People are so ridiculous!!! I feel terrible for Lindsay because there are actually people out there that want to see her fail! I think she looks beautiful in this trailer and I'm exited to see the movie.

  23. Chris says – reply to this


    Another thing I wanted to mention is that Michelle Williams looked ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like Marilyn Monroe in last years "My Week With Marilyn" and her acting was more of an impersonation and she was nominated for an Academy Award!!!

  24. deb says – reply to this


    I just want to say the music hooked me =)
    And it's actually TOO CLOSE by Alex Clare ;)

  25. 0love says – reply to this


    very little of her speaking (on purpose i suspect), and when she does she doesn't sound like liz and i can already tell the acting is horrid. she doesn't even look like her. shame - the actor portraying richard burton looks to have done a good job. this could have been good - if they had chosen a competent actress. will not watch.

  26. Posner12 says – reply to this


    I'm looking forward to watching it. Whether you're genuinely interested in seeing the film or just wanting to see her fail, you'll be watching it. She wins.

  27. elizabethtaylorfan says – reply to this


    nope, I won't be watching this mess. I've already seen enough to know how crap this movie is going to be. no michelle williams looked nothing like marilyn monroe either but at least she was able to capture marilyn's traits perfectly. lindsay looks and acts like lindsay here, there is nothing from the preview so far that shows her as elizabeth taylor. only her fans would be delusional enough to believe this trout pout plastic fantastic actress looks close enough or talented enough to play Elizabeth Taylor. this is such a disgrace and insult to elizabeth's memory.

  28. Vampa15 says – reply to this


    It looks better than I thought but Lindsay's voice is soooo irritatingly high pitched and cracked it would be hard to sit through hearing her the whole movie. Elizabeth Taylor's voice was considerably deeper.

  29. simon says – reply to this


    Omg!! Linds is amazing! I can't wait to see it! <3

  30. Stefani says – reply to this


    Only in America?! In Italy?! I'm burning with curiosity ! I want to see how she acts as Liz Taylor!

  31. ohplease says – reply to this


    @ vampa, you obviously haven't seen or heard elizabeth taylor. first off, elizabeth doesn't even remotely resemble this ugly skank, and elizabeth's voice was childlike and feminine. Hohan sounds like a 50 year old smoker.

  32. Mumra says – reply to this


    > This trailer is a joke. 50% billboard sized text and 50% fast cut-ins with little dialog. From what little dialog there is of Lohan, it sounds like they totally gave up on her having a British accent. I guess Elizabeth Taylor as channeled by Harvey Fierstein didn't work out that well.
    > This hot mess of a docudrama will be a hoot. It will get big ratings and even bigger razzies. People will speak of it for years to come with the same awe that they speak of "Ishtar" and "Heaven's Gate".
    > It will be horrendous, and by now, everyone realizes it. Yet for some reason Perez is still flogging away telling everyone that it, and Lohan will be marvelous - I'm assuming Lohan hooked him up with Cody.

  33. a.t says – reply to this


    It looks amazing, Haters, when you don't like her don't watch the trailer or the movie. the only one yo is emberassing right now are you!!!!!! stupid people

  34. jk says – reply to this


    What an insult to LIz. This skank look szilch l;ike her and who is the guy playing DIck? Looks nothing like him . What a joke. The only thing LL and ET have in common is the booze and pills. Taylor could act , LL can't. Taylor was beautiful, LL not at all lol SHe looks like an old beat up hooker. Taylor had a great body , LL has crao. I am going to tape this thing so I can have agood laugh when I need one lol

  35. 35

    haha notice they dont show a clip of her speaking? dont wanna put people off watching it obviously. Lizzy was English girl who moved to US aged about 12 so her accent is very unique. This cracko cant pull it off.

  36. Johnny says – reply to this


    So upset the production wasn't made with the actress Alexis Kiley. I will not be watching like everyone else. Elizabeth Taylor had class and was a rare beauty like Alexis Kiley and Sherilyn Fenn. Stupid casting picking Lindsey Lohan.

  37. Escuelas infantiles en says – reply to this


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