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Lindsay Lohan Footage Revealed! Watch & Decide! Did She Hit That Man?

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Behold!! The video footage to be viewed by all!!

Following Lindsay Lohan's NYC arrest for allegedly hitting a man with her Porsche, the security footage has finally emerged, showing how the incident went down.

Of course, it is security tape, so it's a bit vague, but you can see her car enter the hotel's parking garage. And then you can see the victim walk in front of said car and then chase it into the garage.

But does he get hit?? Press PLAY (above) and tell us what U think!!

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31 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Footage Revealed! Watch & Decide! Did She Hit That Man?”

  1. Kim says – reply to this


    I never thought I would ever defend the bizarre actions of this girl, but it does look like he stepped in front of her car. Go figure…

  2. 2

    Just about impossible to tell.

  3. bobsyerunkle says – reply to this


    I can't make out anything.

  4. Meg says – reply to this


    There is absolutely NO way someone with two torn patellar tendons could run after a car.

  5. rox says – reply to this


    she totally didnt hit him with her car crazy to believe that she is telling the truth for once.

  6. April says – reply to this


    yes he stopped, and got out of the way it appears he wasnt paying attention and she saw that and stopped for him…..

  7. 12345 says – reply to this


    yea hes just trying to cash in lindsay's in the clear

  8. 8

    if its not one thing with the lohan's its the next………..dat clown did not get hit

  9. 9

    I didn't see anyone get hit.

  10. Jesica Curry says – reply to this


    I really don't think she did :-/

  11. 11

    Bitch totally hit him

  12. andy25 says – reply to this


    It doesn't look like she hit anyone, unless he puposefully jummped in front of the car
    in the last second.

  13. 13

    Uh..if that's it then no rofl he walked behind it…If he was hit and had torn ligaments he would not of been walking.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    I really can't tell. A video expert may be able to slow, isolate and highlight and render an opinion.

  15. Eli says – reply to this


    she did not hit him sooooo full of bs poor lindsy

  16. 16

    Wow, it does look like he stepped in front of her car. He must have known it was her and made that sick choice.

  17. 17

    it looks like he got hit but he walked in front of a moving car so go figure shes pushy she isnt going slow thru the crowd it seems when people are walking u GO SLOW u dont force the car thru the crowd

  18. 18

    Can't really tell one way or the other from this video, sorry.

  19. 19

    She's being set up. That guy should get a real job

  20. yeah says – reply to this


    it looks like she hit him, the girl and another man jump back as it happened on the left side and you can see him run after her. I don't think she was set up, she was pushy with her car.

  21. 21

    the video does not show much, so I go with NOT guilty. In conclusive. OR JUST BULLSHIT cash grab.

  22. Caroline says – reply to this


    She didn't do anything wrong. If it had been some average Joe instead of Lindsay driving, the man would've let it all go. Instead, he realized he could cash in on it and is pursuing that. Honestly for once I feel like she is totally innocent.

  23. 23

    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  24. 24

    With her track record I would say yes but… Someone with two torn patellar tendons would not be able to run so… No I do not believe she hit him.

  25. 25

    I saw no one get hit. but what I did see is how there was a dozen morons standing right in the middle of the entrance. You don't sit there and stand around a place where cars pull in and out (a high traffic spot) for no damn reason and then whine if you get hit. She should of went Grand Theft Auto and ran them all over.

  26. V.V says – reply to this


    Why are they standing in the middle of a drive way entrance in the first place? Secondly, they saw her car trying to get in, why didn't they move aside? Regardless to whether she was dirving or not, if you're standing in the middle of a place where cars are supposed to enter and there's a car trying to come in and you don't MOVE to the side so they can pass properly what do you extpect to happen? Not get your foot run over or bumped into? She wasn't driving recklessly or anything, she was clearly taking her time giving them time to get out of the way. You see a car coming you FUCKING MOVE. Simple as. He's obviously trying to cash in. People are pathetic. I seriously feel bad for her.

  27. 27

    it does not look like she it him, it looks like he tried to get hit, someone just wanting that fast cash

  28. sm87 says – reply to this


    hahaha is this a joke?
    People are actually getting frenzied over this?
    a) she did not hit him
    b) these assholes were not moving out of the way for her car, so she was slowly inching her way into the parking garage - if she nicked him, good - teach you to move out of the way when there is a car lol

  29. Alex says – reply to this


    Its a bite hard to see but the way i see it yeah she did hit him whit the car it was like 15 people standing there why did she have to drive in to them.

  30. Ashley says – reply to this


    yeah she hit him i saw him move out of the way but then the light was in hes face so he could not she she should have stopped and let them move out the way she should really hade stopped and let them move out of the way she is to blem

  31. Alex says – reply to this


    No she didn't hit him ,,,,, When a car comes (slowly,,, and she even stopped) into your direction,,, it means you get outta the way. She should have backed up over the stupid effer,,, then it's called natural selection,,, 2 GD stupid 2 get outta the way.