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59 comments to “Robert Pattinson Cruises With Kristen! Twi-Hards Spot Stewart Back With Rob!”

  1. jeff says – reply to this


    some people are just that dumb. Once you've been cheated on by a girl or guy you can almost guarantee it will happen again. There are very few times that is not the case, but I wouldn't want to find out. Regardless their relationship will never be the same, trust is out the window. That is not something healthy for either one.

  2. 2

    clearly this is some bs farce to promote their joint movies taking the fans for a ride !!!

  3. adam smith says – reply to this



  4. Erika says – reply to this


    This girl has spread stuff about Rob and Kristen numerous times. She just makes up things and posts them.

  5. 5

    I have never seen a twidawn movie. i am don't think either of them can really act, but the fact they are (maybe ) back together makes me happy…I have no idea why. I don't want them to be sad) ;

  6. 6

    What a miserable girl. Run Rob run!

  7. bethany says – reply to this


    Rob cheated on Kristen early on in their relationship with some model at Cannes. He often went out drinking with Katy Perry and his "potential female co stars" - then left with them, while Kristen sat home alone. Even his ex gf from home said he would go out with females while he expected her to stay home. So Kristen fell for the charms of an older man…big deal! She made a mistake by kissing Rupert and owned up to it. Rob is not Edward. He seems very controlling and unsupportive. He was too upset (immature) to even taIk to Kristen but was able to have an intimate dinner with Katy Perry - not too distraught for that! I say "Run Kristen Run"!

  8. heather says – reply to this


    This kid needs a T-shirt that reads "doormat" if this is the case…he could get anyone in the world, why is he wasting his time with a girl that done him dirt? gluton for punishment I guess…I don't know why or what self respecting person puts themselves through that, how can you trust again? not to be crass but the vajayjay cant be that damn good! move on for the love of god have some self respect. I dont know but I smell publicity stunt again no self respecting man would stand for that shit.

  9. lil ang says – reply to this


    I like them together.

  10. E says – reply to this


    Eh. I used find both of them somewhat amusing, but I'm seriously starting to wonder if this was all a fucked up publicity stunt or if they were never in a monogamous relationship in the first place. Because if the way this was all handled did not seem the way two people in a monogamous relationship rocked by cheating would have handled it….with the leaks to People Magazine and all that. I kind of feel if they had been in a real relationship, People would have had an article with "sources" (aka publicists) saying that she was sorry and regretted it and both hoped that there personal problems would not become public consumption. Perez, both you and Ted Casablanca have insinuated that both of these twits were stepping out with other people in the past…yet the dumber of dumb and dumber got caught with her married side piece. What would be REAL GOSSIP is if you dug around and found proof that these two were never in some sort of lovey dovey monogamous relationship.

  11. 11

    I think you need to be so fucking judgemental. It's not your life, let them live their's in peace. They don't need people like you judging their every move.

    Who cares if they get back together? It's their life, let them live it.

  12. tarri says – reply to this


    If they are together, her next move will be to get pregnant, and he'll be stuck with this little sneaky monster for a very long time. Krsiten is so manipulative and would do such a thing.

  13. Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: bethany – Here is the difference between Rob cheating with Kristen early in their relationship..they were always on and off. PLUS< it is not early in their relationship, she was a castmate and friendly with Ruperts WIFE AND KIDS, she was deceitful about it to Robert, and everyone else. You cannot compare the two. What she did was heinous. If he goes back with her, I'll loose all respect for him.

  14. wenz says – reply to this


    Re: jeff – woe, Rob, grow a wee wee! You have to feel the pain before you can be free of this witch who has taken you prisoner.

  15. Vicious says – reply to this


    Re: Thomas – I agree, that what Ive been saying she will DEF get herself PG becuz she is a SNEAKY WITCH….RP HAS NO SELF RESPECT AT ALL. I GUESS HE WASN'T THAT EMBARESSED OR HUMILIATED AFTER ALL…once the TRUST is broken….that's it, he;ll either be able to handle it, by running with this relationship or in the end see the light and finally move on. A friend of mine says 'maybe KS is a good F, I say 'yeah maybe with a STRAP ON…she is so much a dude in so many ways……who knew!!! RP you have made a HUGE mistake & frankly when she BREAKS YOUR HEART AGAIN,, ENJOY THE PAIN AND WALLOW IN IT,,,HOPE YOU DONT GET MONO FROM RS…or any other disease…from KS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  17. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    If Rob takes her back he is a serious wimp he should have doormat written across his forehead. I hope this is not true, he is going to appear so weak and it is a shame I won't be able to take him seriously.

  18. KStew Krew says – reply to this


    Wow haters out in full force here. Shameful how you can judge this woman and not know a damn thing about her, her relationship with Rob, or what truly went down with Ruperv. Sick to death of hearing she strayed with a married man with kids….you don't know what Ruperv's status was with his wife. Ruperv is the one responsible for his family and kids, NOT Kristen…so if ya wanna bitch about that then bitch about him having no scruples and being the pig he truly is. He took advantage of a young woman, he knew better. Stop giving him a free pass you idiots. Thanks to all the relationship gurus here giving their holier than thou advice and being so optimistic for this young couple…very sad to be so judgmental. Seriously some of you need a life. Perez you still keeping the shitstorm going don't you. You need to lay off Kristen you turd.

  19. 19

    Mmm, drugs. Misery loves company.

  20. KStew Krew says – reply to this


    Re: Vicious – Good Lord you are one nasty hateful person. I hope you like living with you ugly ass. Jealous much? You need counseling.

  21. 21

    Good for them. Who are we to say who they can or can't be with? Kinda stupid for people to hate. These two have known and worked with each other for a long time. Both Rob and Kristen stick to their close friends. No surprise they're back together, hope it last.

  22. Elizabeth Wright says – reply to this


    Re: Thomas – Having children should never be the solution for anyones relationship issues. Anyone in thier right mind would never bring a innocent child in the middle of a horrible situation.

  23. kekhrie says – reply to this


    I love this couple! Kris, you're the BEST! Everybody make mistakes. Winners are those who learn from it!

  24. 24

    Re: jeff – That's exactly what I would think too. But a family member of mine just had that happen to her and she has been able to put aside the rage and sadness and just consider if the marriage is 'save-able' - so far, it's been worth working on. It's not always the end of the world when a spouse cheats. It can just be an eye opener about how badly things have gone to let the couple take a more serious look to see if the love and marriage are worth saving. If the victim of the cheating can't get past it, then the relationship is clearly over and they should stop clinging to something simply for the sake of staying married. It's just prolonging the inevitable.

  25. 25

    Re: heather – you sure drank the cool aid Kristen Stewart's publicists are serving.

    She'll cheat again. She cheated on Michael with Robert before –> fact.

    I feel sorry for Rob. He needs to get his self esteem back up and realize that the relationship is toxic.

  26. nancyhiltonfan says – reply to this


    Hello. This is staged to promote the benefit of ticket sales for Breaking Dawn Part 2 and the release of the Snow White and the Huntsman dvd. On October 1st, tickets sales for
    Breaking Dawn go on sale online and the Snow White and Huntsman dvd is available for purchase now.
    Convenient of Robert and Kristen to reunite at an auspicious time.
    More like suspicious time.
    Liberty and Rupert also benefit from sales of Snow White and Huntsman dvd.
    Really folks, think about it.
    What did the pictures taken by a "paprazzi" actually show the public and fans.
    A director holding his actress from behind. A picture of them in the car.
    Please it was staged. Rupert is a Director.
    Public Mia Culpa from Kristen who is a private person and her previous unknown director. A clever way to remember Snow White and Huntsman director's name and his wife, Liberty.
    Staged photos of moving day rental trucks. Youtube videos of Pattinson purchasing moving boxes.

    If Pattinson was really depressed over Kristen, wouldn't he have taken the first plane back to London.

    This is why Stephanie Myers refused to comment on Robert and Kristen's relationship.

    I am a Twilight fan and I feel bamboozled.

  27. sisi says – reply to this


    Re: KStew Krew – stop being so naive man kristen is manipulative she put her filthy claws in every inch of robs life starting with nikki reed rob was inerested in nikki first but kristen got jealous and dertified that relationship yo the extent of even pretending to love nikki and kissing her in public eghh and then befriending tailor and now tom sturridge trying to win over robs family she alienated him from everyone so that she could monopolise and control him better how sneakky could she get she is very possesive of him and then she goes and kissis a married man dirtifiying robs image as well she is toxic and a faker if Rib takes her bacj he will never break away from her trap and after a while he will discover that there really is nothing to her I just hope it wont be too late hmmmmmm and thrn there are deseases as well how can you say no one knows what happened you idiot there are pictures every where yes we dont the status of all their relatiinships but moraly Kristen knows very well that she should nit have been sneaking around with a married man the girl is DIRTY.finish and klaar.

  28. mm says – reply to this


    At the beginning of Twilight, a 22 year old Rob thought it was ok to chase after 17 year old Kristen, 17 year olds are either in 11th or 12th grade. I found it a bit odd, that a grown man would want to date a high school age child, but I actually like them as a couple. I think they were a real loving happy couple. I hope that they will continue to be happy, but I smell a publicity stunt. The second I saw the lame, tame, awkward photos of the "affair", I thought publicity stunt. I hope this stunt does not ruin they realationship.

  29. enough already says – reply to this


    After the BD2 movie I hope Rob and Kristen go away for good. Whether together or apart.
    This relationship will not last. Kristen's too immature to handle long term relationships.
    I think they're both too young to handle the long road to a lasting relationship in Hollywood.
    If it's meant to be, it will be. I just don't see it happening.

  30. Lilu says – reply to this


    The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
    Mahatma Gandhi

  31. jay says – reply to this


    If she's already cheating on him in only 3 years, imagine what she will do in 10 years if Rob is seriously thinking about being with her ~forever. She's too wild and gets bored easily it seems. She cheated on her last boyfriend too. There's a pattern going on that we can all see except for Rob I guess.

  32. Keeley says – reply to this


    Re: KStew Krew – Look at that girl in the picture above and dare tell me Rupert, or any man for a matter of fact, can manipulate and "take advantage of her". LOL. Kristen would punch the guy right on his face if he ever did. Kristen was as much infatuated with Rupert as he was with her. Go read her quotes about him. She can't stop gushing over him. He did a number on her and she did a number on him. They stayed at the same hotel in Australia. God knows what they did over there.

  33. Deej says – reply to this


    Good job Rob. Taking her back only 2 months later? He's giving her a free pass for cheating on him. He's telling her it's ok she cheated on him. He's a wimp for not standing up for himself. No wonder everyone's been saying Kristen was confident this whole time he'd take her back. She always knew.

  34. KDIC says – reply to this


    The loser has no respect for himself. I feel bad for him.

  35. ninjastew says – reply to this


    Yup right in time for the last Twilight movie to be released in… a month. Never thought the relationship was a publicity stunt but I think THIS is a publicity stunt, no doubt. What idiot is falling for this BS. I wonder if it's Summit is having a bunch of *sources* spreading all this BS about them getting back together and walking the red carpet together or if it's Rob and Kristen playing a long. Lost all respect for these two idiots

  36. 36

    "Wouldn't that be a treat!" Really? You did nothing but bully and insult Stewart while all the drama was unfolding (and while you were trying to keep it alive because no one cared anymore). You were opinionated and judgmental, and ALWAYS against Stewart. So now that it looks like Pattinson might take her back, you're all supportive of them now? You know what you need Perez? You need for Stewart to give that ugly fucking head of yours about 20 hard whacks with a baseball bat. With any luck you won't survive it. You are the biggest fucking hypocrite I've ever seen, and I hope karma gets to your diseased ass really soon. And shame on the rest of you for failing to call Mario out on his turnabout. He's so fucking FAKE, and the rest of you missed it? Idiots.

  37. You bore me is back! says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Hey fucktart get a fcking life and get out of your mother's basement. Kristen Stewart would punch your ugly obsessed face so hard and ram into a wall. Go away!

  38. 38

    bs again, they meet with attorneys at hand

  39. yuri hernandes says – reply to this


    Am so happy for them…. I love you kristen and robert!!!!! :-)

  40. BabyDeer81 says – reply to this


    Re: ThIsIsFaLSe – IMO the movies are not great movies (like you said, these kids need some more lessons in acting). But if you've read the books, you're into them. But like every other movie made from books, they're never as good as the book b/c they cut so much good stuff out of them. The movies still entertain though.

  41. carol says – reply to this


    i wonder what would be happening if the "story" of kristen cheating never got reported? would she still be seeing rupert on the side and hoping not to get caught? just saying…..

  42. guinnethv says – reply to this


    Where are the pictures?

  43. 43

    I think they r both morons. She cheated on the love of her life for a reason. She was lacking something so big and Rupert filled that void. It seems Foot Face wants it his way or the highway. He is forever with hot female "friends" and it seems to be A-O freaking K. He has a good deal, what's Bite her lip and stutter her lines have? I don't see her surrounded by male friends. She is alone or with him or waiting for him.
    Too bad she didn't have a group of cute boys to lean back on during this fiasco.
    She's young, in love with the idea of being in love with the worlds most romanticized figure.
    He ain't Eddy Cullen sweetie, he's sullen, scruffy/dirty, no real personality to speak of.
    Then again maybe they are soul mates….

  44. June says – reply to this


    Re: Thomas – I agree. If he really is going to take her back,
    then I just hope he takes care of the birth control, cause you know once there's
    a child involved, he'll will be tied to her forever. (ouch)

  45. caron says – reply to this


    Good luk RP if you have indeed reconciled with KS as you will need it and more. Once a cheater always a cheater and unfortunately for you KS is so arrogant that she gets away with anything and everything. Forgive is definitely the way to go but to reignite the "flame" with skenk. WOW.

  46. IzzyLoc09 says – reply to this


    OMG!!! Hope they will fix things…even if they have to start over again on building a strong relationship. Yes we are fans of them but this is a personal issue for them to solve not us. Best Wishes!!!! Can't wait for Breaking Dawn part 2

  47. GrannygirlP says – reply to this


    I think it was all a publicity stunt to boost sales of her recent movie coming out in DVD and his new movie that also came out around the same time. Isn't it funny how just before their new Twilight movie is fixing to come out and we are hearing rumors of them getting back together. I imagine that just before is is released, they will be full blown back together and in love. I am not falling for it.

  48. Woody88 says – reply to this


    They started seeing each other again before Rob went to NYC. They are indeed coming out of the closet now because Breaking Dawn 2 promotion is getting close (in terms of event announcements). This has nothing to do with whether their relationship is real or not, just the realities of their jobs. This can be debated forever, but the fans will know the truth of their relationship come January next year when the PR advantages are gone.

  49. Jay says – reply to this


    The Twighlight fans should take note that Robert and Kristen are only together for the money, ask yourself do you further want to waste your time and valuable Money on them, Robert has forever just ignored the Fanbase, never issued any public statements, treated the Twighlight Fanbase with disrespect we are purely his cash cow, he has treated Kristen without respect, don't take you tents to the Twighlight opening treat him with disrespect as well and start ignoring Robert as well, let's see wat happens without our money he sure knows how to use people, and please he will do it for the money, he is an actor

  50. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: You bore me is back! – Robert only took Kris back for the money, he let her down he let the Twighlight Fanbase down he never issued a statement in support of her, himself, he just kept on running now they have reunited for the money = that is Total disrespect to the Fanbase decide if you still want to spent you money on BD 2 are the Fans becoming Roberts cash cows now? And Robert has chased after Perry and Sarah Roemer and Caitlin Cronengerg and how many others while he was still with Kris. Kristen start running please!

  51. 51

    Well I say it's ok for them to be together cause eventually they will go their seperate ways cause the honeymoon phase has been over for some time. She was bored, he was drunk, she was alone, he went partying, they never admitted they were together and so many other things. I think they need time to see if they really love each other or was it just infatuation. BD2 will force them to do that. I just hope Kristen didn't beg him to come back to her cause women shouldn't beg. And I hope he isn't playing hard to get now cause she will find some one else eventually. So yes, they need to be together to not work on their relationship cause that sounds forced, but to see if they can live with each other or not. And to see if there is love there still that can overcome cheating, neglect, boredom, hurt, and everyday life.That's my opinion.

  52. 52

    Re: Jay – I agree also with You bore me.

  53. manda says – reply to this


    Re: jeff – no, you are dumb. cheating doesnt make a person s cheater forever. its their relationship, its their trust. dont guarantee something especially on people you dont know. what happens to them after wouldnt be known to anyone because its NOT OUR BUSINESS. dont pass on negative relationship tips as if something that should be praised. you are a mean person. i hope you know that you are pessimistic, sad and narrow minded person.

  54. trudy says – reply to this


    Re: heather – There's never been a statement from Nina except to say that Rob would be a great father. He's definitely not a controlling man…that's one of the biggest fictional story that I have ever read. You should be on the fanfic page since everything you said is completely FALSE! God, you are really pathetic.

  55. Nicole says – reply to this


    I call bullshit. If they were "cruising" around together, especially in California, there would be photos of them everywhere. This is just some idiot trying to grab attention. Don't believe any of this crap.

  56. Courtney says – reply to this


    Why do you people honestly care so much? Are your lives seriously that boring? Who CARES if they get back together. Your lives remain unchanged. The Earth still rotates and the sun will rise tomorrow.
    Calm your collective tits, christ on ice skates.

  57. tracey kearney says – reply to this


    She doesn't deserve him. He loves and cares for her and she goes and cheats on him. I don't think that they should get back together. Once a cheat always a cheat. Robert deserves someone better and that will treat him better

  58. winston groome says – reply to this


    she is a talentless ho bag and he's a douche, they both deserve each other !

  59. 59

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