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Every Performance From Last Night's Glee HERE!

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In a cloud of perfection and cheesy, orange dust emerged Glee's second tribute episode to Britney Spears — and it was just awesome!

While we'll concede that the show's first homage was in no way topped by last night's episode, we also have to recognize some of the incredible new arrangements the show's team put together, giving BritBrit's music a fresh new sound.

But before we get to that, we need to direct you to our favorite performance of that night. Sure, maybe it was "lip synced," but something Heather Morris can't fake is her extraordinary comedic timing. She probably watched Britney's now infamous 2007 VMA performance of Gimmie More more times than we have to get the nuances right here — and that is saying something!

Once you enjoy her jab at BritBrit's low point (above), you'll also want to check out some of the other great performances of last night, which included two our newbies melding the pop princess with Aerosmith and a stripped down version of 3 by a trio of unlikely Gleeks!

CLICK THE JUMP to see all the musical masterpieces of last night's episode!

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10 comments to “Every Performance From Last Night's Glee HERE!”

  1. 1

    How much they pay you for this Perez? At least youre not calling it a leak.

  2. gleehater says – reply to this


    This episode pissed me off like the first so called britney tribute. The say they are going to do a tribute to britney spears but they always find a way to mock her. What a Low blow to bring up her 2007 melt down that was 5 years ago get over it. Yes, she had a melt down now let it go!! Glee you Suck!!

  3. Shane Avery says – reply to this


    This episode was AN INSULT not a tribute. If you all want to read a PROPER recap of the episode, check this out

    Perez, you should be ashamed to call yourself a Britney Spears fan.

  4. 4

    i hated this episode and was so looking forward to it. it wasn't a tribute, it was a way to butcher her songs, plug x factor and mock her for an hour. except for two of the songs (and i don't remember which ones which should tell you how good those were) all of the songs hurt my ears and were just plain horrible. but i guess that's what happens when you leave out some of the most interesting characters who were also the best singers. i really hope this is the last season of glee and hope they don't decide to "tribute" any other artists.

  5. 5

    Watching Glee has been anything but this season. I think the show has jumped! It is too much with McKinnley High Glee Club storyline and the NY storyline of Rachel and Kurt. Fox should have followed Ryan's request and start over with a new cast.

  6. awk says – reply to this


    what i didn't understand was why the guy with the dreads who's supposed to be mega religious was singing a song about threesomes um…

  7. 7

    Singing 3 as a ballad in the choir room is one of the most awkward things Glee has done. Why not give that to Rachel as her storyline was about sex appeal?

  8. Sarah says – reply to this


    PEREZ….I would think you would be offended by the bullying this show just did towards Brittany. Especially with the changes you have made Perez. It was down right mean, and does nothing but continue to promote bullying to the generation that watches it. Seeing the comments online I would say they have lost a lot of viewers. What happened to Brittany was far from funny, and she has done a lot to fight her way back. That is what should be celebrated. She is a picture of strength to women who suffer from everyone else sucking them dry. Maybe, just maybe, she had the issues she had because so many freaking greedy people were using her, and with her kind heart she just didn't see it until the damage was already done. Stick up for her Perez. I know you like this show, but do the right thing! And if Brittany reads this stuff, I would say ignore the stupid people on this stupid show. You have a lot more fans than they do! :)

  9. Josh Evans says – reply to this


    This was just a desperate attempt to spark ratings of a show that has "jumped the shark" long ago. They constantly mocked Britney who brought them their highest ratings when she appeared in an episode. For a show that constantly preaches Anti-Bullying and treating everyone with kindness, it is hypocritical that they would make fun of someone to such an extent. Making fun of someones struggles and hardships is heartless. After watching Glee from the beginning I am not sure if I will continue to watch this show. It just felt classless to highlight the darkest period of someones life and constantly tear them down but then profit from covers of their music.

  10. 10

    How many darn posts do I have to read about Glee? Never watched it ane never will