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Michael Lohan On The Radio: Says Dina Hit Lindsay's Grandma!

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If Michael Lohan is to be believed (at this point we don't know WHAT to believe), then Dina Lohan seems to have been struggling for a loooong time… and not just during interviews with Dr. Phil!

Michael called The Mojo In The Morning Show today and totally said a lot of surprising things about his ex-wife — among them were accusations of hitting Lindsay's grandma in the face, and breastfeeding while drunk.

Ugh. We can't even imagine what else she's done if those are true!

Michael also talked about the Dr. Phil interview AND Lindsay's most current issues.

Here's what he said about the violence:

Michael - …But if she [Dina] goes onto Dr. Drew, I’ve already been in touch with their producer, and if she goes on the show, I am going on face to face because she needs to be addressed. She’s not going to lie; I’m not going to let her continue to lie. The abuse? Give me a break, she gave my mother 6 stitches over the eye, she hit her with a phone when she was drunk one day. I’ve never said this, you’re the first ones to hear this.

Spike – Really? And you know this for sure? Or is this something you’ve heard from TMZ reporters.

Michael – She’s my mom, I was there.

Mojo – Dina did this to your mother?

Michael – Yes, she did this to my mother. Call my mother right now, I’ll give you her number.

Shannon – How long ago was that?

Michael – Um, like in 1988…1987, it was a long time.

Honestly, that's just a fraction of the interview, which we have for you (above) in full!

We're shocked that anyone could be so forthcoming like this, but then we remember that it's Michael Lohan and stuff like this is just par for the course!

Smack talking your ex-wife on the radio isn't really helping either Dina or Lindsay's issues, you know??

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4 comments to “Michael Lohan On The Radio: Says Dina Hit Lindsay's Grandma!”

  1. 1

    I heard this live this morning. The whole family is jacked.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    This guy is a black widow. Eats his ex and young.

  3. 3

    Perez you've been around long enough. Has this guy ever told the real truth? We the public and I'm sure Dina and Lindsay are way past this. It's not healthy for everyone around.

  4. jeff says – reply to this


    He is such a media whore! Most celebrities do what they can to avoid them unless they are promoting something.