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Queen Latifah's New Steel Magnolias Remake Is Sassy!!

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Who doesn't like the story of Steel Magnolias??

And who doesn't love Queen Latifah??

Exactly! Everybody digs them both, so we're happy that we can bring you guys an official clip from the upcoming remake of Steel Magnolias, starring the Queen herself!

Helmed by the Lifetime Channel, the movie, which tells the story of six Louisiana women who come together to deal with tragedy and difficult times, will also be starring Condola Rashad and Phylicia Rashad.

We've seriously been jonesing for some new Queen Latifah material for awhile now, and we're pumped to see what she can do with the role.

Check it out for yourself (above)!! Looks fab to us!

Oct. 7th can't come fast enough!

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21 comments to “Queen Latifah's New Steel Magnolias Remake Is Sassy!!”

  1. 1

    Meh, nothing like the original.

  2. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Does this open the door for Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holms and Pee Wee Herman to do
    Rasin in the Sun ?

  3. 3

    Dey always make dem darkies sassy so they don't sound as stupid as they usually do. Is there zero black creativity out there, other than the low-brow, stereotyping that Tyler Perry does to his own bruthuhs? First they screw up Steel Magnolias. Next they're gonna fuck up Annie with that god-awful and butt-ugly Willow Smith. I guess those blacks can't write any truly good, original material? Why am I not surprised? And no, I don't give even a single shit what the rest of you think of my comments. I'm tired of the blacks screaming about how hard they have it, but not doing a single fucking thing to rise above; this includes being so lazy that they need to remake classics just to ruin them.

  4. 4

    This looks HORRIBLE! I don't understand why anyone would decide to remake an absolute classic. You could NEVER improve on the original! I can't believe the BIG names that are involved in this project! Nobody can deliver these classic lines better than the original cast! This is a huge waste of time! The clip shown is terrible! These women have the comic timing of Mitt Romney! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE…..DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE….SEND LIFETIME A MESSAGE BY NOT WATCHING!!!!

  5. 5

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – You're a fucking MORON!

  6. 6

    Queen Latifah is an anti-semite, by your logic you support anti-semitism! PRICK!

  7. 7

    Re: thebigboot – Jewish! Not Anti Semite….IDIOT!

  8. Ignorance Bores me says – reply to this


    @Yes You Bore Me….I do agree with you some originals should not be duplicated. Steel Magnolias maybe on that list. However, Annie has been duplicated many times and none of the remakes have stood up to the original, who knows Willow Smith (who is not ugly by any shape or form and you shouldn't pass judgement like that) may do it some justice, but you won't know until she has tried.
    You may be a little racist seeing how you decided to select 2 remakes done by African Americans and deeming them horrible and then taking it a bit further by judging the physical appearance of a child.
    But hey that's you business. Live your life. I do agree with the Steel Magnolia's in the fact that it shouldn't have been remade…but for a difference reason not because its a classic there are just better movies they could have done justice to because all those women are phenomenal actresses.
    And yes there is a lot of creativity out there! And amongst black people don't be surprised. The funny thing is you probably like shows like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.
    You sound really ignorant, so don't generalize a whole race of people. Stick with what you know and how you feel about this particular movie.

    Ignorance kills

  9. blkchck says – reply to this


    This pisses me off why the fuck is it ok for this remake but god forbid white folks remake a black film Jesse Jackson would be all over em. There is NO WAY this will be as good as the original. Talk about two steps forward nine steps back,.

  10. 10

    People calm down, this is for Lifetime. That means it does not count - period. It will be on their sad sunday movie night for soccer moms and then straight to dvd. Then you can use it to prop up the short leg on your coffee table.

  11. 11

    Ugh! The acting is horrible! The delivery of each line falls flat! Don't fuck with the original!

  12. skankeliminator says – reply to this


    Boy, does that SUCK!!!! Where's the remote?

  13. 13

    LIFETIME = trashy,cheap,bad TV

  14. nxdvegas says – reply to this


    this is an absolute disgrace. and yes this is a race thing, there is no reason to take a classic and remake it with only black people. I would have been pissed if they remade this in general but an all black cast? Doesnt even COME CLOSE to the original and there is a reason it is on lifetime and not in theaters, because most people would agree this was a ridiculous thought in the first place. Whats next Beaches? Lets be honest before all those black people out there call me a racist…how would you feel if someone remade some Tyler Perry movies with an all white cast? or better yet Roots? somethings just shouldnt be touched….anyone remember The Wiz? ummm yeah POINT MADE

  15. Marie says – reply to this


    Is it 2012, or 1912? Racist comments are such a bore….*yawwwwwwnnnnnn*

  16. Sigh says – reply to this


    Re: Marie

    It's funny how the all black cast bothers you. Did you notice the all white cast in the original? So many movies are all white with a token black does that bother you? I would love a Roots remix with white mains characters. White slaves and Back masters the public would freak out lol.
    Look deep within and ask yourself what's truly bothering you. God bless!

  17. Fred hart says – reply to this


    This to me is just another way black actresses and actors are trying to make a classic into a race oriented movie so all can enjoy. It is on lifetime. Not in the theaters. Only a select few will view, even maybe set to record….but it is not a major motion picture! I mean really look at most of the movies on lifetime! Please give it a rest. It's not a racist movement or meant to be that way…it will soon vanish…well tho it will live forever on lifetime. Ha ha ha

  18. Renee says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – you mad u a asshole and the movie still coming out so f$&@ off

  19. Renee says – reply to this


    Y'all ignorant ass ppl are sad if a white cast would have remade it y'all wouldn't be saying shit y'all would be so excited y'all need to fuck off cause y'all are just haters. You ain't shit just because you're not gonna watch it many others will. I will be front and center to give my support cause of haters like y'all! Stupid Fucks especially the bore ass hole you are a fucking joke!!!!!!

  20. Life Lover says – reply to this


    Racist people really spoil everything…I just wish there were still concentration camps (for racists only). Anyway, who cares if the cast is all black, is it really that big of a deal? Kill yourselves please…….Geez!!

  21. bebe80 says – reply to this


    Re: Ignorance Bores me – - I couldnt agree more.. They are great actors however this movie just isnt a good fit for them.. Some classics just arent meant to be remade and this is one of'em.