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Fiona Apple Gives Bizarre, Threatening Statement Following Drug Arrest!

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She's been a bad, bad gurl!

Following her arrest for pot possession, Fiona Apple was released and sent about her merry way to perform for people with good taste.

But she made it a point to call out four jerks who made her jail-time less-than-stellar at Houston's concert Friday night. And guess what…


And she's not afraid to unleash it!! Cuz nobody screws with Fiona and gets away with it, that's for sure!! So we hope you've got a good defense, bitches! Ha!

PRESS that PLAY button (above) to watch the craziest, most awesome post-arrest statement ever!!

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27 comments to “Fiona Apple Gives Bizarre, Threatening Statement Following Drug Arrest!”

  1. NOH8monster says – reply to this


    I'd love to know what she says but I am hearing impaired so thanks for nothing for just writing a teaser and leaving out the actual subject matter.

  2. 2

    Ok, so cops are all cocksucking motherfuckers, but i think it's pretty impudent of fiona to throw a public temper tantrum because she was arrested for doing something ILLEGAL!! I guess "talented" artist like her feel they should be exempt to the law..

  3. apple sider says – reply to this


    For Lady who: NO ONE puts baby in a ditch. Why do people have such visceral reactions to strong women who stand up to disrespect? Pollopicu, can you hear?! she was very gracious in her remarks about the man running the prison (sheriff?) and she made no assertion that she shouldn't have been arrested! please indicate where the impudence or sense of exemption is in her remarks exactly. Or just admit that you're an idiot.
    But let me also point out what Fiona didn't - she (and anyone else with hash is Texas) gets a felony charge for a victimless crime, whereas assault, DWI, or theft are merely misdemeanors. That doesn't make cops cocksucking motherfuckers, but it does make Texas law a metric ton of bullshit.

  4. clueless says – reply to this


    I never even heard of her before this. Youtubed her songs and never heard those either. Was I missing much? Guess not.

  5. 5

    Lady Who:
    Nah. No one put's baby in a ditch.
    Can you hear?! She was very gracious in her remarks about the person who runs the prison (sheriff?), and made no claims to exemption from the law. So yeah, you're an idiot.
    What's more is that hash (a victimless crime) gets a felony charge whereas DWI, assault and theft are misdemeanors. That doesn't make cops cocksucking motherfuckers, but it does make Texas law a metric ton of bull-sht.
    NOH8monster: This will probably be covered in print elsewhere. Fiona apologized for giving attitude to the person running the prison, said s/he won her trust eventually. she also said that 4 people (cops? inmates?) accused her of bringing up some other celebrity, talking behind her back, and doing something illegal, and that she would out them for it if they gave her reason to. As Hilton alluded, it is a little bizarre/hard to figure out exactly what she meant, but it was obviously intended to intimidate some folks who f'd with her.

  6. 6

    oops posted twice. guess i shoulda left the hash back in cali.

  7. 7

    Re: apple sider – Where???!! by making that ridiculous public THREAT!! it's a fucking THREAT whether you think so or not. That's not gracious. gracious is moving on and keeping your fucking mouth shut. I myself am a strong woman so don't give me that shit.

  8. 8

    Re: apple sider – talk about who's the idiot….

  9. 9

    Can't press PLAY, because I'm not doing the ad thing anymore. Looks interesting, though!

  10. 10

    What an idiot I hate how she really thought she would get away with having possession of weed and hash no one even remembers who you are! Tough my a$$ I bet she was crying while being held in the jail cell and this is an everyday thing normal people get busted and there not crying about it just laugh it off and don't do it again common sense when our driving threw a border checkpoint honey

  11. 11

    Re: apple sider – DWi in Texas is pretty harsh also idk what your talking about because you can spend up to 3-6 months in jail for your first DWi and they suspend your driver lisence as well and as for hash it is illegal due to the fact that it is traced with other drugs it is not natural as everyone assumes it is and alot of people have died from it
    because you don't know what kind of hallucination your body is going to have you guys really need to know your shit

  12. apple VINEGAR DOUCHE says – reply to this


    Re: apple sider – Ohh shut the fuck up! Its hardcore there because of drug trafficking. For fucks sake. Willie Nelson, Snoop Douche, on and on and on. STop letting comments get you so riled up that you have to give a liberal university sociology speech based on a class you took at university that was based on 7 books for that semester that were all chosen by your professor that all lean to the left of left of LEFT and blame white males for every goddamn thing in your miserable / fake cheery bubbledom marxist life! You are NOT as smart as you appear to try to come off as. STFU please…..NEXT!

  13. 13

    this sounds stupid. she is whining b/c her cellmates were bitching about a celeb? stupid

  14. 14

    Re: apple sider – Texas BEGS celebrities to not bring Pot or other drugs through that check point, there is no secret or "gotcha". For the most part it is completely over looked in TX but not there, Willie Nelson can tell her. It is BS to treat the Apple bus at this border town like they do every one else are you fing kidding me. No one in TX cares if a celeb does drugs just don't carry it through border towns or be obvious coming back from an international flight. 2 RULES that's it. If you can't do that DON"T whine (not like a strong woman) but like a spoiled brat because cops were laughing in some podunk town because they had to babysit your "additudy" a$$.

  15. 15

    Btw that is from a fan

  16. Goodfornow says – reply to this


    Re: Jennedemila – Hold the phone I was in Austin watching the news and about fell over laughing because they had a news crew follow the police to pick up an old man for not appearing for his 12th DWi in 2 yrs he said he didn't have a ride. My ex had 3 no jail time and a drivers license.

  17. 17

    Re: Lady Who? – Are you mentally retarded!???? She's fionna apple! You can't kill/harass/avenge a celebrity without it going unnoticed. She can say whatever the hell she wants and they can't do anything about it!!!

  18. Amused Douched says – reply to this


    Name Hilarious! I must benignantly dissent. My thoughts are cider went to community college not University. Also I can sound acutely articulate but I am an unexpurgated dumbass.

  19. 19

    That's sad. Being defensive kind of shows her embarrassment. Paranoid.

  20. Fyibydb says – reply to this


    Re: apple siderRe: NOH8monster – Not sure where. Somewhere on news internet this mrn the entire stupid blabbing wuz printed fir app cider n ppls who dont wanna hit play.look around. If I see it ill post where.

  21. 21

    Re: pollopicu – My question was very simple… When did apple ever say anything disparaging about cops? And I will interpret a whole hash tainted busload of nonsense about where I went to college etc. etc. as the anger that comes from trying to defend indefensible statements. Fiona never claimed to be above the law or shouldnt have been arrested. Re dwi vs hash - the punishment depends on details but there's a clear difference btw a felony and misdemeanor (eg potential loss o voting rights). hash can easily be tested for adulterants and is only a misdemeanor
    In most states if possessed in small quantities. Ps glad to hear so many folks are interested in my educational pedigree. Phd holder here but I think it completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Pss why am I the only one who tried to help out the hearing impaired respondent? what a pack of dbags.

  22. 22

    Everyone is acting like Fiona thinks she was entitled to special treatment. In fact it seems to me the only thing that upset her was four people who isn't treat her the way they would have treated any other prisoner. Seems like a pretty decent way to handle getting busted. Of course her road manager ought to have known this border was well policed, but since they ende up getting nailed, making a quick statement to the crowd and getting on with the music seems like the right and classy thing to do.

  23. 23

    Man Perez this is my first and last time on your site. Ur readers are making me depressed to be an American, but get an A+ for imagination. Swing your lame hammers at thin air then folks, I'm done logging in here and back to more useful discussion.

  24. Jennedemila says – reply to this


    Re: Goodfornow – I guess some people have better luck than others my cousin had one DUI and was put in jail for 3 months

  25. Jennedemila says – reply to this


    Re: apple sider – I never mentioned anything about your education I didn't even know where that came from I just pointed out the whole DWi situation because it is a huge deal in tx as well as drugs I guess different cities in tx handles everything different though like one guy said his gf got 3!dwi and nothin happened but with my cousin she got 1 and went to jail and had her license taken away which isn't fair when people have had more but anywho I only pointed that out to you but I didn't bash you or tend to do so….just annoyed about Fiona apple for acting like a diva when wellie Nelson never gave a speech neither did snoop "lion" she needs to move on because this is an everyday thing that happens to regular normal people but because they don't have a mic and an audience to cry to they never get heard but it's the law and it's commen sense to Fiona apple and to everyone else who drives threw a border checkpoint

  26. 26

    well, that was just weird. and kind of embarrassing. really. wtf does she think some written down crap about cops is going to do? her word against theirs. and something tells me a nutcase popstar hasbeen isn't really going to be all that credible.

  27. ron kokely says – reply to this


    let me guess your special you can break the law and dam be it known stay out of jail ,well fiona time to grow up .now not after ur in prison