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GLEE First Listen! Chris Colfer & Sarah Jessica Parker Pair Up… And So Do Lea Michele & Dean Geyer!

Ah! Alas, Gleeks! Mondays suddenly aren’t so bad afterall, now are they?!

As if last week’s Britney 2.0 Glee episode wasn’t AH-Mazing enough with the cast’s tributes to the one and only pop princess, just wait until you hear the next batch of tracks!!!

On this week’s episode, titled Makeover, Sarah Jessica Parker makes her long-awaited debut on the show — and we’ve got her song with Chris Colfer and Lea Michele!

Take a listen to the trio’s mash-up of The Way You Look Tonight and You’re Never Fully Dressed (above)!!!

Our Gleekfilled hearts!!! We can FEEL the excitement in Chris’ voice when he finally got the chance to work with Mz. Carrie Bradshaw herself! And Lea, of course, sounds beautiful as always!

But that’s not all we have for you, Perezcious readers! You are definitely going to want to hear Darren Criss’ cover of, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, as well as Heather Morris and Chord Overstreet getting badass with Celebrity Skin!

Oh, and guess who also is doing a duet together?! Lea and newbie hottie Dean Geyer! They paired up on Sheryl Crow’s A Change Would Do You Good!!!

Prepare your earbuds for ALL of these tracks… AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Heather Morris & Chord Overstreet - Celebrity Skin

Lea Michele & Dean Geyer - A Change Would Do You Good

Darren Criss - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

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18 comments to “GLEE First Listen! Chris Colfer & Sarah Jessica Parker Pair Up… And So Do Lea Michele & Dean Geyer!”

  1. 1

    i actually don't hate darren's song for once but a change will do you good is horrible.. how did brody get into nyada and jesse didn't? His voice and Lea's don't go well together SJP song is fantastic though

  2. Amanda says – reply to this


    I liked Darren's song. SJP is amazing, but Dean and Lea's song was horrible. He can not keep up with Lea and I miss the familiar sound of Cory Monteith. I really hope that Glee doesn't stick to this Brochel stuff anymore because it is losing my attention. They could have least casted someone who could sing and act. Finchel Forever. Bring back Finn!

  3. Brok says – reply to this


    LOVE SJP's song! It's so cute. I've been listening to it non stop. Can't say the same for Dean and Lea's duet. The instrumental music is too loud. It's obviously covering something that musically isn't working out. The arrangement is just horrible. I feel bad that Lea had to sing this song. Can't wait until she's singing with Cory Monteith again.

  4. Amanda says – reply to this


    Re: dewdew5 – OMG I so agree with you. How did Brody even get into NYADA?

  5. L says – reply to this


    a change will do you good is awful. not looking forward to another "sexy" number by them. give me a call when finn's back. i do, however, LOVE the SJP/Chris mash-up! as well as everybody wants to rule the world. give darren more songs like this, please and thank you.

  6. Siren says – reply to this


    I want a Finchel duet.
    I don´t have any interest in Rachel/Brody duet.

  7. person says – reply to this


    A Change Would Do You Good more like stick a rusty spoon in my ear and hope for the worst. It was terrible and to think I thought Lea could make any song better with her voice, but apparently not matched with that person. God season 4 is gonna be a f*cking mess.

  8. Mafer says – reply to this


    Lea's voice for me is like heaven but I gotta say Dean's doesn't sound well with hers and it's a shame for Lea and us fans to have such a poor duet in the show… SJP's anc Chris duet is the best of the episode and Darren's song my definitely fave!

    PS: I'm dying to hear Cory's beautiful voice again (and if it's a Finchel duet better)

  9. Crystal Blades says – reply to this


    The way you look tonight is incredible. Their voices blend really well together and they sound good individually. Darren also sounds good on everyone one wants to rule the world. still unsure about celebrity skin. The only good thing about a change will do you good is Lea's parts. Other than that I'm sorry but it doesn't sound good because their voices don't blend well together and I don't think Dean sounds well in this song. I hope their duet next week is better. Give me back my finchel and hummelberry duets or any other member of the original glee cast.

  10. Lucy says – reply to this


    I liked Darren's song. But Dean can't sing and Isn't a good actor. What a hell is he doing in the show? Why a duet with LEA?! She has the most perfect voice but a duet with Dean can be so horrible!!
    I miss the Glee good times.

  11. Maya says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda – Totally agree!! Jesse and Kurt didn't get into Nyada and Brody did??? OMG this is ridiculous!

  12. Lisa says – reply to this


    All I can say is i can't wait for Finn to return, this Rachel and Brody duet is garbage! Finchel duets are the best!

  13. Maria. says – reply to this


    i like the dean voice =(……. and the song of darren was just GREAT!!

  14. Lizzy says – reply to this


    Love the songs by Darren, Heather and Chord! I'm not so sure about Dean and Lea singing together. There is something wrong or missing there….Maybe it's because I am not mad about this Sheryl Crowe song at all, although I like the parts when Lea is singing.

  15. Monique says – reply to this


    I know what you mean. I think Dean's voice is just cut out for a specific type of songs. This song is so fast paced and Dean keeps repeating the same lines becomes annoying. I had hoped for him to be a better singer, because I am also not impressed with his acting. Maybe he turns out be a great kisser? Because for know he's only good at being a hot idol to young teens :)

  16. Simon says – reply to this


    From all the spoilers we know that there are going to be more duets between Brody and Rachel. Gosh, they will have more duets together in 3 episodes than Finchel in one season! But we all know that the only reason Dean was casted is because of his abs. Young girls do not notice his bad acting and moderate singing, while stupidly staring at his hot body.

  17. Justin says – reply to this


    Cannot wait for Finn to sing "The scientist". Watch him be AWESOME!
    Wish for Lea to duet with Chris again or maybe with some of the Mc Kinley cast. Liked the splitduet with Melissa. No more Brody duets,it's making me puke.

  18. TotalGleek says – reply to this


    Yech Dean & Lea's song was a trainwreck :( I love Lea but Dean's voice is not great. Not impressed with the direction they are going with glee so far. Seriously we are so over these on/off again relationships.