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Although still early in their relationship, it sounds like Katy Perry and John Mayer’s romance could soon fizzle out -- at least, according to Katy’s fr… Read more…

98 comments to “Katy Perry's 'Dangerously In Love' With John Mayer & Friends Think It's Headed For Disaster!”

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    Poor GIRL,

  2. 2

    When you steal from someone, the ethical, professional thing to do is credit the source. In this case, you stole this from the radar … right down to your headline. You are a tacky, lazy, stupid homo and you need a good punch in your ape-like, ugly face.

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    Re: KIKA01 – Yeah he used to be cute but every pic now is so bad! He looks slimy and sleazy. She obviously is a glutton for punishment in the romance dept!

  4. Patrick says – reply to this


    She dates the biggest losers in Hollywood. John Mayer? Really? How does this dork get any dates, let alone top stars? I never got his musical appeal, and I certainly dont get the appeal he has to women. I am gay and I dont see anything attractive.

  5. Lisa says – reply to this


    I think John likely has been very good to her and she in-turn. The thing is JM just can't seem to commit. My hunch is he's been "good" to a lot of women.

  6. ummhello says – reply to this


    Joy wants to speak with you john.. ……. babybluezzz. On tumblr… very important matter

  7. Jared Haulter says – reply to this


    From a man's point of view, whenever I see pics of John Mayer with Katy Perry, he looks emotionally distant and uninvolved mentally and emotionally with her. A girlfriend in the office asked my opinion of these two and he looks so blah and bored with her. He's detached from her in every scenario. Even when she was forcing him to hold her hand. Dude's hand was open, limp, lifeless. She was grasping his. He looks like a man who is possibly in love with another woman. IDK but I'm willing to bet he has something brewing on his mind that's a hot commodity. Of course, we males can sleep with a woman for an extended period of time and not grow to care about her or love her. Sex is just sex to us men. We get horny and will wam bam you and then ignore your calls and text. Sex means nothing to us men. I'm not sure what's up with John Mayer but I got ah wild itchy hunch that he's not even into her, like she's into him. He may have something going on on the side. We guys know that, "I'm not into her, I'm just f–kin her look, but I have a future wifey on hold look." I'm even guilty of doing it a few times to girls. I've dated girls for sex, to make sure that my libido was up to snuff for the real woman I really wanted. So what if John Mayer isn't into Katy Perry. He shouldn't feel forced or obligated to make it work with her if he's not connecting with her.

  8. Shania T says – reply to this


    Re: Jared Haulter – Jared I like your point of view. You may be correct. I get the feeling that Mayer's not clicking with her and that she's too immature for his taste. She seems like she's forcing herself on Mayer. He looks like he's ready to go. Get a load of Katy's forehead. It goes on for miles like the moon. Not attractive at all. Have you seen her w/o make-up? That should be enough to make him piss himself in fear when he sees her. What is he doing? He doesn't look happy with her.

  9. righton says – reply to this


    Re: Jared Haulter – . Your pretty good jared.. you hit the head on the nail..any guy would take advantage of free and willing pu..y thrown at them…she is not a smart lady, john is stimulated by an head smart women.. katy lacks that

  10. ohbaby says – reply to this


    Recall the article about her false preggo test? Hmm what it looks like, he was ready to dump her and she pulled the oh I might be preggo tactic that a lot of immature ladies use on guys when they are being dumped, I know, I used it myself when I was about her age, then she tells him she just can't go on without him, and really needs him and the whole needy act.. and he takes her back out of guilt and etc. It all makes me wonder if she is trying or is pregnant to trap him, and the fight they had after awards, when she ordered booze and he got mad, is she pregnant? Is that why he had a cow? since she's been obsessed with him before russell.

  11. Trista V says – reply to this


    Re: Jared Haulter – honest point. Just because a man bangs you doesn't mean he loves you or wants to be with you. Do you know how many men sleep with one woman and can't stand her but is in love with another woman? It happens. We can't blame John Mayer for not being into her if she's the one chasing him and forcing it. Poor guy. He should just tell her what's up if he's not into her. I got to see him at the Southern Ground festival and he was on fire! The crowds went insane for him. He needs lose Katy Perry and not return to her even if she pursues him and begs him. He's above her.

  12. BeenThereDoneThat says – reply to this


    Re: ohbaby – So what if she is preggers? He doesn't have to be with her and if she did pull that "I'm preggers bs," then that should be an even more excellent reason to ditch her for good because any woman who'd play the "oh baby don't leave me I'm preggers bs" is walking dynamite in bad ways. He should have nothing to do with her. Men get women preggers all the time and don't love them or stay with them. Just because a man gets a woman preggers doesn't mean he has to stay with her or love her, especially if she trapped him. Playing the "I'm preggers bs when a man wants to leave you, you trying to hold onto him with a baby or lie will only make him hate you." Plus she's banged so many guys before Mayer that how can she know its even his if she is preggers! The girl is psycho. Any woman who'd pull that preggers card can't ever be trusted.

  13. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: ohbaby – You're pathetic. Katy is young and sweetl She is so NOT a slut! Yeah, maybe she has a lot to learn but i also think she has a lot of sincere love to give!

  14. Kirsten Loew says – reply to this


    OMG! True! 22 years ago, my bestie trapped a guy who didn't love her with a baby and he told her from day one that he loved another chick. My best begged the guy to stay and tried to put a guilt trip on him over it. It didn't work. The guy broke up with my pregnant beastie, changed his number, got a restraining order, had his lawyer draft a letter for the future accident child to read at age 18, about how he told the mother that he wasn't in love with her, never intended to have a baby with her, how she trapped him, and how he was set up. The guy agreed to pay child support to my bestie and had his lawyer send checks to the kid each month in a trust fund, and never spoke to my bestie again. He's now with the woman he loved all along. So John Mayer doesn't have to stay with her if she's preggers. He should sue her if she did lie to him and accuse him of impregnating her or scared him into believing that he got her knocked up when he didn't If that's the case. That's a bad thing to do.

  15. Kristi says – reply to this


    John mayer has looked apathetic with a lot of women. So what else is new? How do we know she is chasing him. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED OR BEEN DISCUSSED BETWEEN THESE TWO INDIVIDUALS. WE DON'T KNOW THEM!!!!

  16. Empathy Rocks says – reply to this


    John looks beyond empathetic! He looks like he's over it and miserable with her. Run Johnny, run!

  17. Nanjo says – reply to this


    I would like to believe as men MATURE they grow out of their childish slam, bam, thank you mam mentality. A man who does not evolve in this area, with time, concerns me.

  18. Kristi says – reply to this


    Re: Empathy Rocks – Honey, I said APathetic, not empathetic. Big diff..

  19. LetsHopeNot says – reply to this


    Her being preggers is pure bs. She probably lied to him and told him that she was pregnant just to ruin his future plans and life. Women watch soap operas all the time just to figure out how to make a man stay with them. #1 thing they claim is that they're preggers. They will purposely drink or threaten to drink, just to make the guy upset and get concerned for their well being and the never will be born baby. Girls will also lie about being preggers and then fake a miscarriage to get even more sympathy from the guy to make him show that he cares for her or whatever. Katy has a beer belly gut that she's always had. Not a preggo gut. I guess she's finally found a constructive way to use that beer belly gut, by lying and tricking Mayer into thinking she's preggo if that's the case. I've seen ladies purposely tell a guy that they're preggers, and then attempt to drink in front of the guy to make him upset or to screw with his emotions. They use manipulation to activate a male's sympathy and concern for the fake unborn child.

  20. Science Girl says – reply to this


    Re: LetsHopeNot – If katy kats is saying she's preggo, Mayer should have a paternity test done, find out the deal, dump her and then sue her if she's lying to him. A man can request a paternity DNA pregnancy test test of woman with a baby that's only 8 to nine weeks from a mother and child inside the womb and the tests aren't dangerous or invasive, which won't cause a miscarriage at all. DNA test can show who the father is early. If this is the situation, Mayer can have it checked out NOW and if Katy doesn't want to comply with his request of the 100 percent safe, non invasive procedure to get the DNA results to see who's kid it is, then that will tell him that she's bs'ing him about being preggers. I'd do it if I were him for sure. I'd pay the dough to know.

  21. PETER says – reply to this


    Re: Science Girl – You're right! My brother had to request a non invasive blood paternity test on a girl who was just 2 and a half months. The test was perfectly safe. A girl lied to my brother about being pregnant by him. She had my brother worried sick and unable to function. He thought that his life was over. He found out that the kid wasn't his. The test was pricey, like a few thousand, but was worth it . Test can be done in total privacy. Mayer should have the results mailed to him and pick out the doctors and testing agency. I'm just saying. He can monitor and control it. He shouldn't listen to her or her people or be fooled by fake docs, papers or tests saying she's pregnant. It's also sad but true about how girls who will fib about being pregnant, will toy with a guy's emotions, threaten to drink and even do drugs and things that they know will harm a non-existent baby, just to get the guy to fall in love with them and elicit some sort of emotions from him to care for her. That happened to my bro. Best thing a guy can do is run and end all contact with a woman like that. John Mayer has been through enough. I'd hate to see him be bamboozled into staying with a chick over a false pregnancy whether it's true or not. I'm just saying. We men need to look out for each other.

  22. Mikey says – reply to this


    Re: PETER – Damn sam. Ain't this the truth? Hope Mayer didn't knock her up. Preach it man! A girl did the same sh-t to me two years ago and duped me into getting her pregnant for real after lying and saying she was already pregnant. She came at me with the "I'm pregnant weapon" but she wasn't even close pregnant. She had a beer belly gut. Me with my dumba$$ self kept f'ing her. She stopped taking her birth control pills and she REALLY got pregnant by me and now my life is f-ed forever. It's a small world after all. We men do need to watch out for each other.

  23. Lover of love says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, I thought your newly-extra-enlightened self would know that "shielding your heart" is not the way. Love like you've never been hurt. Avoid relationships where you have to shield your heart!!

  24. 24

    Like his music but not as a person, her I am not too familiar with.

  25. KatysWife says – reply to this


    It is so annoying watching my soulmate date such horrible men.
    Homosexuality is the only thing that can save her.
    Come one Katie, stop with the nasty men and start dating chicks who are going to treat you right.

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Some men who seem to go from woman to woman can have an attachment disorder, which can stem from a variety of things;
    but seriously and not necessarily saying that's the case here.

  27. Donna F says – reply to this


    Who cares if John Mayer has attachment thing going on and may still be attached to his ex gf? He has a right to be. People need to leave him alone. He's not married so he's not obligated to be true or faithful to Katy. He does look like he has someone else on his mind. Apparently, she means a lot to him.

  28. LaLaLa says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – If John Mayer is still pining for his ex jewelry design goddess, then we are no one to make him feel like he's a monster or feel wrong for it. Maybe she was or is it. He seems likes he's just fooling around w/ Katy. I don't see him getting serious with her. For Katy to mess with a man who can't let go of an ex is like playing w/fire. Men will always compare you to their ex and build their ex up. The new woman can't become what the last woman was to a man. Plus, how do we know that the ex is even an ex now?

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jared Haulter – Men (and women) can be bedpost notchers until (or if) they decide they want a family.
    Then they make the real effort to settle down and make it work.

  30. Jared Haulter says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – I don't know how your point relates to what I'm saying? I can't take your response seriously, considering that your name is in emoticon boobs. Are you saying that John Mayer is going to settle down and make it work with Katy Perry or the other woman whom I suspect he has on the side? I don't see a connection between Perry or Mayer. I only see a sexual conquest that's expiring, which he looks exhausted with. I don't know how Mayer can have respect for Katy after she was on stage rubbing up against, bumping and grinding some black guy on stage in Singapore, like a sweaty horny dog in heat. Plus I googled her crotch shots on the net. Perry lacks class and substitutes promiscuity and slutty behavior for the talent she lacks, along with lack of smarts. That's not performing, that's whoring. How can Mayer respect her?

  31. Casey says – reply to this


    Re: Jared Haulter – Amen. I haven't been able to play John Mayer's music since he fouled up with Katy Perry. I've put his cd's in a box and have removed his songs from my iPod and iPhone playlists. I'm disgusted with him.

  32. WFT-PostingOnPerez says – reply to this


    Jared, this is interesting, makes sense. My friend works in production in NYC and says he is passionately in love with some ballet dancer or something and that she told him to grow the f**k up and stop with the narcissism and attention-getting. Apparently one of those things you know if you are in with the cool kids. I'm not, so I am just a rumor-monger, gossiper. :(
    But I think Katy is just having fun, rebounding, and that love stuff is total bullshit.

  33. Jared Haulter says – reply to this


    Re: WFT-PostingOnPerez – don't get what you're saying. I can't identify with your response. Make sense please?

  34. Mother Knows Best says – reply to this


    Katy Kat's butt looks like she has two stomachs. That forehead is huge. Her breast aren't that spectacular either. She doesn't look great with or without makeup. She's a clown. A body gets old and she can't keep up with Mayer on a psychological level. She's really chunky. She looked out if shape on stage in Singapore. Seen lots of flab and cellulite shaking and jiggling. When Katy Kats gets older, she'll be trying not to buckle her breast in her belt because they'll be saggy like water balloons in knee tall high socks. All that skin gets stretched and flabby.

  35. A Man's View says – reply to this


    Ms. Perry's busted looking with or without makeup! That chin and forehead are show stoppers in bad ways. I don't see why other guys think she's hot. Her body is terribly shaped and her butt did look like two stomachs. I'm a guy and I think she looks gross, has no talent, is disgracegul, is unfit,looks like a jelly roll, and is FAT and NOT P.H.A.T. Chunky is not the new skinny. I couldn't do her even if I was drunk and crunked out. Not even if Mayer offered me a cool million to do her. Not even for 10 million.

  36. Maria says – reply to this


    I just see Rosie Oddonel when I look at Katy Kats. She looks just like Rosie in the movie A League if their Own. I don't see any sec appeal, naked or not. She has these loopy large round bubble eyes with no expression. She wears all that eye makeup and eyelashes that are 2-3 inches long and still, it does nothing for her. Talk about a waste if money and fans.

  37. WFT-PostingOnPerez says – reply to this


    Re: Jared Haulter – Exactly what do you not get? There are rumors he really loves some woman who apparently wants him to grow up. OK? We clear? And why would you google someone's crotch? Ick.

  38. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: WFT-PostingOnPerez – Ballet dancer? What happened to the jewelry designer? Oh, maybe she does both.

  39. WFT-PostingOnPerez says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – never heard of any jewelry designer. This dancer gal was photographed with him a few times. some festival in the islands someplace, a few gigs he played, on the streets. Anyway, that is all I know. Good source, though

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jared Haulter – You stated that 'sex is just sex to us men.' Mine was a stand alone response that defines what I've seen happen as men age. Savvy?

  41. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    Re: WFT-PostingOnPerez – I'm 100% sure that you're incorrect about your claims and source. It's the jewelry designer with long black hair and mixed looking that Mayer's still sprung over from CA. I know these things and a few of Mayer's friends. Mayer is still agonizing over things with her and suffering. He made a huge deal about her on Valentine's Day and about the color red. She's the one he's sprung over WTF. I've never heard about the dancer. I can make a quick call to verify. Just because a girl gets in photos with Mayer doesn't mean they're with him. My friends have told me stories of how girls stalk him on the streets of NY and will travel to go where he is, spending hundreds to get photos with him.

  42. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    Re: WFT-PostingOnPerez – Just called and texted our mutual Mayer friends. Sorry but your story is all clouds and fluff. I was told that the redhead at the music festival in the islands was a fan who keeps traveling to see Mayer. She's tall with red hair, looks like a shrew(according to our friends), has these orange narly freckles, green eyes, ginger, tall, bone thin, lanky, and has a tumblr blog?! Yes, it was told to me by friends that she's a really enthusiastic fan and nothing more. She was in fan photos with him a lot too and literally stalked him on the streets if NY. Mayer's fans are assertive. Mayer who I can't call a player anymore is totally sprung over miss jewelry design gal and she lives in CA. My sources are as good as gold!

  43. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    Re: WFT-PostingOnPerez – I'm definitely in with the cool kids. I use to think that Mayer was the ultimate player until I heard the story of the hot little jewelry designer. She's the one who keeps Mayer up at night. I now see him as a real genuine man who really doesn't have a good heart. After the things I've discovered about him, he's far from a player when it comes to that girl. Nice try with the lavish story about the dancer! I was told that the jewelry designer from CA also dances, but she's not dancing now. Her facts are on her website's bio. WTF, you're pretty late to the party. The jewelry designer from CA was mentioned on Perez three Mayer stories back.

  44. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    Me and iPhone's auto text are going to have a fight. They need to fix their auto input mechanism. I need to correct a few words.

    *-Mayer does have a good heart!*

  45. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Writer Chick – Well either you orJared is clouds and fluff or this girl has a split personality and is bi-coastal at that!

  46. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Writer Chick – I think you need to check #43. There appears to be a bit of a Freudian slip in there. :/

  47. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Writer Chick – Oops sorry, my bad, should have read #44. sorry, and yeah, i believe Mayer does have a very good heart.

  48. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – The dancer doesn't live in CA. The jewelry designer from what my comedienne beastie tells me, has a long history with Mayer. She's not a groupie or fan. The girl is a knock out and my bestie told ne how Mayer's face lights up when he talks about her and how he'd blush when talking about the earth jewelry designer. She has a website but I made a promise to my comedy and also (a writer too) bestie that I'd never to reveal her info. Mayer, who's no longer the player in my book, has been sprung over her for a while. Yeah for sure about the dancer having a split personality. What woman would spend loads of cash to travel and frame a relationship with Mayer by being everywhere that he is, catching him on the streets to get photos and going to his events? My friend is one of Mayer's LA circuit standup comedienne's and he told me how Mayer totally gushed over the what I thought was a Hindi girl (found out she's Brazilian plus mixed with many things) designer. I'm not buying the story of the dancer. Not ever after what I've been hearing personally about Mayer wanting to get back for good with the jewelry girl. A few of us close knit buddies of Mayer did witness this dancer chick writing to Mayer like she knew him. She seems to have a split personality. She wasn't the gal that Mayer showed my comediene best is photos of. Mayer brags about this long and black haired goddess. I'm totally all for Mayer hooking up with her again for good!

  49. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    Re: LaLaLa – I'm with you on that LaLa! Totally agree!

  50. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jared Haulter – Oh, and not taking someone seriously because their handle is a typeset owl is shallow and foolish.
    It's never the package, honey.

  51. I Tumble And Roll says – reply to this


    Lol about the dancer story. I've seen her a few times. She does resemble a shrew or tall skinny rat with a orange wig on. I'm not buying it at all. WTF you are a rumor gossip mongerer for reals. The freckly orange anorexic and skinny dancer followed Mayer to so many happenings. The dancer and daytime waitress in NY goes broke to travel from event to event just to follow Mayer. She's been at this for a while now. She needs to use her traveling money to get food and eat something. The girl is too tall and scary scarecrow skinny. She's literally anorexic and as tall as Mayer. She weighs a like 90 cents. She's surely trippy!

  52. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – I've been in Mayer's crowd for a while. I know about all the details. One of his closests comedy friends and writer is a good friend of mine.

  53. Corinne says – reply to this


    Re: WFT-PostingOnPerez – sure, add your groupie gossip spin to it. I highly doubt that Mayer was or is dating her or had dated this dancer. Seen the photos. Fan like. Mayer takes lots of photos with fans. He's a ham and loves his fans. My strong guesses that the dancer gal is an assertive fan who desperately chases the man!

  54. Lucy says – reply to this


    Mayer does seem like a player.

  55. OH Life says – reply to this


    The dancer looks like an orange lizard and is scary tall. She's very ratlike. Not appealing. Not attractive. I remember her first showing up on Mayer's tumblr last Summet causing drama and saying that she was a psychologist student trying to make others seem crazy when she's a tool herself. That was also fluff. She is a waitress that pretends to be a social worker and says she attends Columbia. She's full of fluff and stuff. I just remember her acting like she was having secret NY rendezvous with Mayer, making friends with his gullable fans, telling us all how she was with him, and some of us believing her stories, but I didn't believe her. This NY dancer and waitress really caused drama with a few girls. She made it seem like people were attacking her when they weren't thinking about her. She spent a lot of time trying to start drama on tumblr writing to Mayer behind the scenes when Mayer wasn't thinking of her. She did try to slip him her number at a gala from stories I've heard. This dancer is a total flake.

  56. blah,blah says – reply to this


    The one writer chick keeps talking about is the designer herself posting for herslef, , her site is stonedsoulurban… go get her paps, from what I hear they have never met.

  57. unknownme says – reply to this


    From what I understand, he does not want to be with the designer because she is a snooty person, stonedsoulurban is the site

  58. WFT-PostingOnPerez says – reply to this


    Re: OH Life – Cannot believe I am actually responding, but I am. Since I did write something, I needed to correct this. Apparently you are right about all those tumblr things, but that is not the person I heard about. Forget I said anything. Whoever it is just wants to be left alone. In other words, I got my ass kicked for posting something that is none of my business

  59. Writer Chick says – reply to this


    Clarification: I am real. I know Mayer. I am not posting as Mayer's ex gf jewelry designer. I don't think she'd want her details on here like this. He does know her and you've made a bad mistake WFT, blah, blah and uknowme. I've heard other.

  60. You Think? says – reply to this


    Thinking that WFT, Blah, Blah and unknowme is the same girl. She's a hater and the gossip mongerer.

  61. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: WFT-PostingOnPerez – nope, that's the girl for sure. Now I'm thinking that you're also WFT, blah, blah and uknowme. I'll have to agree with You Think and writer chuck on this. I gotta agree that the jewelry designer would be upset to know that you posted her details on here. Wow, you start your dishing dirt early, just as you did with us fans spinning your web of deceit on tumblr last summer with us from NY about how you were with John Mayer, don't you? I guess your shift as a waitress hasn't started yet? I followed your blog but felt you were lying on John Mayer when you'd spin your latest story about having coffee with him at a shop on the corner at NY. Remember when you told a few of us that story WFT, or should I call you blah,blah or unknowme? How's your life in that bowl of cornflakes?

  62. Kinsey says – reply to this


    Jewelry Gurl is so NOT the one. I'll take sweet Ms.Low Pro' for 10, Alex.

  63. OH Life says – reply to this


    It's true. I think that WFT is all in the same girl who was the dancer and waitress who had the blog on tumblr. She would write messages to herself anonymously to make us think that John Mayer was writing to her and asking her to meet him at coffee shops! She did try to tell a handful of us that Mayer was secretly seeing her. She would write bs stories about being a dancer and social worker which I found to be too much like make believe. She had us all eating from her hands with her stories and lies about her NY rendezvous and conversations she claimed to have with John Mayer. The girl was troublesome and fit in that bowl of cornflakes. The name she used with us was Sophia.

  64. It's Not Ms. Low Pro says – reply to this


    Kiney, you must be thinking about the waitress from Carlsbad CA - San Diego or Orange County? She's loopy too. She's not with Mayer either. She too was telling his fans how she was with him and how she and Mayer hooked up when he was on his trip last Summer. She was throwing herself into the mix a few stories back. She's was said to be going around making money from giving gossip mags tips about Mayer. I guess her minimum wage wasn't enough. From what I hear, Mayer never met her either! She's not the right one either. I heard that she was all over gossip sites telling everyone how she was tight and involved with Johnny Boy! She's not Ms. Low Pro, but bring it with my coffee. She's also no one to Mayer but has a really chatty condition that's psychological. He didn't want to date her either because she wasn't attractive to him. She was frumpy and screwy.

  65. Kinsey says – reply to this


    I've met Jewelry girl briefly. Initial impression was she is stuck up, hot and she knows it. Mayer would be fool to go for her and the Valentines day in question was almost 2 years ago. i wouldn”t be surprised if he did go for he. He does have eyes, for god's sakes, but for a long term soul mate? Absolutely NOT!

    And good Lord the name "Gia" has ben in in Mayer circles forever. Sooooo NOT. I don't care if they have slept together…a lot. She is NOT the one. No, No NO! She may think she is, but she is WRONG!!!!!

  66. Suzie says – reply to this


    Yeah, I heard about the dark brown mexican waitress with short hair from OC California who was also going around to various gossip mags, giving them tips about her being with Mayer. I'm wondering if this chick is also feeding you false tips too Perez? She had a blog that was amorepassionato on tumblr! Anyone remember her? She too was a traveling fan and it's like so true. She lived in the San Diego Carlsbad Anaheim area from what she once told me! I thought that she was pretty strange too! I heard from one girl how she does stake outs on gossipy sites to stir drama. She was the one using the name Silencio on here before. She told three if my girlfriends that she was with John Mayer in Vegas. The chick is really unattractive, short, stumpy, Guatemalan and looks like she should be a maid at hotel6.

  67. Kinsey is a FAT LIAR says – reply to this


    Re: Kinsey – Oh Kinsey, I just sent jewelry girl e-mail to her site. She just responded and simply said that she doesn't talk or converse with John Mayer fans. She never met you, and doesn't know any JM fans. You're lying big time about knowing and meeting her. I've heard jewelry chick is standoffish, shy, distrustful of JM's fans and blocks people. She doesn't talk, speak or hang with John Mayer's fans. She told me that she is ignoring you and this all and looks like people were right about her not wanting her info on here.

  68. Middle Ground says – reply to this


    Re: Kinsey – Kinsey, you're such a liar!!!!!!!!! I just sent jewelry girl e-mails and copied cut pasted your lie that you posted on here about her. The girl was as sweet as apple pie to me. She's really upset that you posted this lie about meeting and knowing her. You're sick sister! And whoever said the girl was snooty is so far off. She was nice to me and doesn't want her info. on here like this. You're scum Kiney for putting her details on here. Now she's upset. Kiney, you're such a loser! Are you WFT, blah, blah and the rest?

  69. Kinsey says – reply to this


    Re: Kinsey is a FAT LIAR – Look who's calling the kettle black!!!!!!! I am NOT a liar. I met her in Vegas at the show he did for a fundraiser with Keith Urban a year and a half ago. Yep, sure DID! And DON'T tell me she wasn't there. You are the one who IS manipulative and SICK!!!! I'm out of here. I know you will never cease because I've seen you in action before GIA. You threaten people and do all kinds of crap. I'm out of here. I know you'll likely have a retort to this post in some way shape or form and I don't give a shit.

  70. SMH @ KINSEY says – reply to this



  71. KINSEY'S A FAT LIAR says – reply to this



  72. greatshow says – reply to this


    Hands perez a box of popcorn and watches the clowns roll in, lol., this gia chick u all talkn bout had police called on her for bullying people from his fan page, she even set up a fake page making it look like him romancing her,and tracked ip's and then harrassed people all the time over john, I can see why he would keep that big headed person from people if she was with him, she comes off being sweet but is really a b…ch, she is well known for being mean to people, a very good/bad personality type person in a lightswitch, she is no good for john mayer and he knew it and moved on, now she wants a cookie or something for said having a past with him or something, who knows, who really cares? nobody really, he didn't care or he would be with her.

  73. uhhhuhuhhhuh says – reply to this


    If the gia chick didn't want to be outed than maybe she shouldn't of made herself look like a crazy obsessed fan all over his fan page..under her personal and business page, uhh huh! She was not at all discreet. She is a manipulitive person, it makes me happy to see john is not with that gia chick

  74. Someone's Friend says – reply to this


    Re: greatshow/unhuhuhuhuhuh – Do you have any idea of the "legal ramifications" of your actions and what may happen uhuhuhuh? I am sending this all to gia now. You're making false claims that were started as cruel rumors by his fans for years. So many fans lied on her and that blog did not belong to her. Your actions are being recorded. Bad call. I'll suggest that she contact an attorney about this matter that's been on-going for years.

  75. bootsnotshakingdear says – reply to this


    Don't care, I have seen your fake attorney pages and watched it all , I have lots of info for the authorities and already know you cannot do a thing, so get a life and tell your split personality friend to get mental help, she is a batshit crazy bully, she can thank me for the free advertising later in her fake court, till then seee yaaaaa later, tata

  76. A Decent JM Fan says – reply to this


    Re: greatshow – Do you have any idea what you've done? You've made false claims about this gia girl, accused her of making up a fake tumblr website to make it look as if John Mayer was romancing her? That blog wasn't made by her. It was made by three JM fans that hate Gia. She didn't know anything about it until today. I told her about these claims and blog today. To my knowledge, she was unaware of this blog. Leave the tumblr website link that you're lying about and claiming that 'Gia' made about John romancing her. Post it. Just do it. It would be great to see these lies all over the blog that the JM fan girls who hate her made about her and to show it to her. From what I understand, JM's fans did really terrible things to this 'Gia' girl. They wanted to make her look bad, dangerous, mean or obsessed. She wasn't any of these things. There were 6 "mean girl type JM fans" who got together to ruin her reputation with John Mayer and company. They'd send JM lies to his tumblr mail about gia because they hated her. JM's fans have lied on this girl and accused her of doing so many awful things to John Mayer, to his entourage and management for years.

  77. A Decent JM Fan says – reply to this


    (CONT) They've (JM Fans) have made so many false claims and spread so many rumors about the girl until she left the net. She's a great person and nothing like what JM fans that hate her have claimed. John Mayer fans on the other hand harassed and bullied her for years. When she'd strike back after being attacked, they'd say that she was a bully. Many of you simply hated her because of who she was. I once asked John Mayer about her and he didn't have a problem with her at all, but his envious fans lied to her and John Mayer of saying really hurtful things about her when he never did such a thing. I'm a decent JM fan but it saddens me to see how JM fans behave.

  78. wowwhatafriend says – reply to this


    If someones friend cared about her friend so much she wouldn't be on a public page making comments about her to draw attention to her to begin with. Stop while your ahead. Because a lot of his fans seen her obsessed behavior over john and are bound to make comments about her, she is well know in tumblr, so give a crap about your friend and stop trying to sell her because john has another cookie now ,

  79. ******** says – reply to this


    I'll take some of that popcorn, now. Thanks.

  80. A Friend says – reply to this


    Re: wowwhatafriend – leave the links. Yeah a lot of fans who hate her will leave mean comments as they've always done. I'm sure she knows who you are by now. I'll advise her. You're pretty smart. NOT!

  81. Watcher says – reply to this


    Re: wowwhatafriend – I have an idea of who you are. You just gave yourself away.

  82. Give Up Yvette says – reply to this


    Re: wowwhatafriend – you just gave yourself away. I e-mailed this blog to someone. Your favorite word is "batshit crazy." Yvette, right? You're never too far away when you're causing drama. Hey everyone, Yvette who also claimed to have had a relationship with John Mayer is back using her famous word "batshit crazy." She pretends to to an attorney, but she's a paralegal or was a paralegal.

  83. Looking Out says – reply to this


    Re: wowwhatafriend – hmmm…… It's going to get really uncomfortable when and if Mayer gets put on the spot about this girl. I doubt he'd lie about knowing her and wouldn't appreciate people saying these mean things about her.

  84. Could This Be Right? says – reply to this


    Re: bootsnotshakingdear – You had a lot to do with that fake JM blog about gis. Remember. Oh and you're only trying to deflect slack off ms Carlsbad, and ms dancer, the OC waitress who also claimed to be with John Mayer. Epic Fail.

  85. Mickey says – reply to this


    Re: Kinsey – Kinsey, if I can recall, you had a lot to do with that fake blog that you all accused gia of making when she didn't even know about it. Yeah, lots of fans hate her for no reason and many have lied on her endlessly. I even hated her but she doesn't deserve to be raked through the coals like this. Yeah, John knows her. I'm 100% of it and he doesn't have a problem with Gia. This could get ugly if lets just say decisions were made to take legal action. Lets think about what would go down in a legal deposition under oath. I doubt that John Mayer would lie or purjur himself and say awful things about Gia. This drama and hatred, is sourced from the very fans who lied on her, over and over.

  86. We Figured You Out says – reply to this


    Re: Kinsey – Also bootsnotshaking/unhuhunhuh Your identity is now out. You did this all for your stupid friends? I hope that Gia does have an ip tracker. SMH. How's Carlsbad, San Diego Ca lately? Why are you so hateful? You have like 5 identities and you're the bi-polar split personality diva. You attacked Gia many times over John Mayer. Aren't you that waitress from the OC? Maybe you should've stopped while you we're ahead. Lol.

  87. upid girls says – reply to this


    Lol, let me remind u , you are on a GOSSIP site, if you don't want to draw attention , get lost, I can gossip all I want, and there is not a thing you can say or do to worry me, so grow up and go write some real sh.t., I highly doubt a writer is hopping site to site worried over gia, gia..yeah you, gia..and that's not her real name, so what worried about fake writer? And it is funny how fast gia answers her email in her business page, gia.she must be blowing up the gossip sites with her hate.

  88. In the JM Crowd says – reply to this


    It's true. Gia isn't bad at all and after a few fans told me to come over here to read this havoc. It so happens that I got curious and approached John Mayer about Gia. He just smiled and got pretty happy. He never said anything mean about her at all. Neither have his bandmates. I won't go in to what he did say about her, but it was nothing but good things. I don't hate her and she's pretty hot.

  89. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: upid girls – You're only confidante because you've attacked Gia before. You've been doing this for years. You're an expert and you always brag how you're invincible and will never get caught. What a loser San Diego Carlsbad.

  90. ;) says – reply to this


    This would make for an interesting book deal about bullying in my opinion. Gia could write about how JM fans attacked her. I see a best seller and loads of JM fans being exposed ;)

  91. wish I was gia says – reply to this


    Re: upid girls – You are pretty stupid! You're over here giving the girl more ammo to use as evidence in a book in the event someone does contact her over this. What if she is contacted and asked about her ordeal and being attacked by JM fans and lied on? I wish that I was her. If I were her, I'd write a hell of a book about how JM fans attacked me. Talk about collecting the green.

  92. Damn Man says – reply to this


    Good call. Someone give this girl a book deal about this sh-t. Talk about bank. The very girls who hate her gave her a huge opportunity.

  93. DOUBLE FML says – reply to this


    F-ck!!!! Can you imagine the magnitude of this if it became a book? A pretty hot girl writes a book about how she was ruthlessly attacked over John Mayer by his fans just because she possibly knows him or not? No one would care if she looked like a goon and was ugly, but thanks to someone leaving her details, they led me right to her. Seen her photo. She's while lot of pretty hot. Anything that people would accuse her of doing wouldn't stick. She is pretty delicious looking and doesn't seem like she has to get obsessed or be obsessed over any dude. I can see John Mayer getting at her. FML. I wish that I was this girl.

  94. Better-than-Girls says – reply to this


    Wait this is crazy. How many are out there claiming to be gf's of John Mayer ? His dick must get a real workout. So this Gia, a jewelry maker, a waitress in CA, the ones on tumblr pretending to be the ballet dancer. Anymore out there? Btw do u think anyone involved with him would blab online? I don't think so either. And all these posts by the same people. Definitely a book in it. Was fun reading but bored. On to more interesting stuff

  95. rofl says – reply to this


    I like you too perez, can I offer u more popcorn? Soda maybe? Lol, some funny ladies here.. they are way off course

  96. HA! says – reply to this


    So, after checking one girl out, that's total bull about John Mayer's c**k being racist! Looks like Johnny likes him some brown sugar. LMAO. Wasn't he sweet on Alicia Keys too? This makes a lot of sense now. I think people can stop calling him a racist now. ROFL.

  97. ordering checks navy f says – reply to this


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  98. Angelica says – reply to this


    I just woke up… I'm wide awake!