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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Staging A Major Cover-Up: Could Kim Be The One In The Sex Tape?

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Sex Tape 3

Not so fast… !

Remember how earlier it was reported that there are now TWO Kanye West sex tapes floating around, starring two different Kim Kardashian look-a-likes???

Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore!

Supposedly, as many have suspected, the woman in the sex tape IS Kimmy K — and Kimye is doing any and everything they can to keep everyone from finding out!

Even more so, the leading lady, Mony Monn, was reportedly given old, unreleased pics of the reality star to upload onto her Facebook to aid in the cover-up!

Not only that, but we’re also hearing that Monn was given somewhere near six-figures to go along with the story that it’s her and NOT Kim!

Talk about KRAY!

So if Kim is indeed the leading lady, why won’t she just fess up???

Two words: Kris Humphries.

The ex-couple’s divorce proceedings are STILL going on and we all know how much Kris is trying to prove the whole marriage was a sham.

What better evidence than a sex tape, supposedly filmed at the start of their marriage, to show that Kimmy was unfaithful???

Mz. Kardashian might end up having to cough up the kash — and a shiz ton of it!

Uh oh… sounds like Kimye has gotten themselves into one HUGE mess of a situation! Who knows how this will all end up!

[Image via WENN.]

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45 comments to “Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Staging A Major Cover-Up: Could Kim Be The One In The Sex Tape?”

  1. 1

    I find it hard to imagine that Kim would let someone film her again after the whole Ray J debacle.

  2. 2

    I can't believe parents allow their underage girls to watch that sick, pathetic, filthy, nasty mess of a family on TV….

  3. poplove says – reply to this


    is she that dumb to let herself be tape again? I guess so. ofcourse is her. Kris Humphries is going to get his payola from this Slut!

  4. shaygirl1309 says – reply to this


    I used to think KK was so beautiful now all I see is a walking disease.

  5. My2Cents says – reply to this


    Wow, really? What a shocker……….. not.

  6. gwen01 says – reply to this


    of course its Kim…and the idea that Kanye wants it to be a secret is so transparent but hey, as long as Kris Jenner gets a cut, its all good. First the family screening, then the vote as to should they release it, then the yes vote, then the shock and awe from the public and then the money roles in..Hey Kanye, its been done and we have all seen Kim's fat azz and I don't think anyone is going to be interested.

  7. 7

    Choosing between a businessman and a great communicator is the choice America`s youth will make in the November elections. College gals and bikini wearers prefer the candidate with the Jive talk and captivating bedroom manner. Youngsters out to make a buck, want their leader to be a businessman with a record of success. Retirees with a pension or Social Security check do not care about the economy; most are lonely and all they want is a blast of Obama`s warm and sugary words. Serious minded voters are in the minority that is why Romney is behind in the polls.

  8. RivetingRosie says – reply to this


    I HIGHLY doubt Kim would let anyone tape her again - she has never really gotten over the embarrassment of the first sex tape and even called it her biggest regret in life during her oprah interview. unless she was wasted and kanye taped her without her knowing or something. that would be a pretty messy situation. how would the judge ruling over her divorce proceedings know for sure if it was kim or not in the tape?

  9. suckerpnch says – reply to this


    Yep It's Kim it is totally Kim, The so called look alike Mony mon already said it was not her … She is dumb she thought she could do it and just deny it if released and get it legally silenced.

    It is the same PR story :Saying Oh I didn't mean to release that" music video I shot, I didn't mean to make, that song it was leaked" Give me a break she is old news Kanye probably wanted a tape with her too… so when he dumped her he would have something to show for posterity Ha like writing on a bathroom toilet wall "Kanye was here".

  10. Britt says – reply to this


    You would think she learned the first time, but I guess you could say she did. She became famous for her first sex tape, so why not do it again to add even more to her name. I sometimes do think that because she became famous the first time, that she now thinks nothing bad can come from it again so she doesn't think it's a big deal.

  11. 11

    What a hoe.

  12. 12

    Why is so much attention paid to such losers? Let's move on from these people!

  13. suckerpnch says – reply to this


    Re: suckerpnch – Really you believe that interview I have a bridge to sell you! Oprahs network ratings have been sagging and had to stoop so low as to interview the Kardashians. Oh Oprah :(

    Mind you she was not allowed to ask questions that could threaten the Jenner kardashian fam. In answer to your question there is a little thing called VOICE ANALYSIS … everyones voice is different like a finger print. You can tell if a tape has been tapered with and an audio layered over the original as well. So if this is analyzed it could determine identity. I won't go into anymore detail look it up if you are so inclined.

  14. 14

    Kim can't pass up sex or a camera and subsequent publicity, albiet bad.
    Make them go away!
    The porn industry is calling……..

  15. K.K.K says – reply to this



  16. 16

    easily the 2 dumbest people on earth…

  17. bitchsquad says – reply to this


    she loves the attention.. stfu. she lovesss the attention her fame i slipping so of course she has to renew her homemade porno career dirty hoe.

  18. 1finn says – reply to this


    She has to prove she has ANY talent what so ever. And you know mama kris is be peddling that shit all over the place.

  19. Lisa says – reply to this


    What a load of bullsh*t , STFU with this sh*t. I guess you idiot bloggers realize that this tape will ever see the light of day so now you have to make up sh*t to get hits and to fuel the idiot haters. Perez you should be ashamed of yourself. I knew that you were dirty, but even this is a littel low for the likes of you, but I guess you have to feed the haters to stay in business so anything goes. SMDH!!!

  20. 20

    Blech! Who gives a f*ck about those two losers. He is fugly and has NO talent, but a big ego. Why? You suck CONyey. And Kim? That fugly no-talent pig? F*ck off Kim you whore!

  21. 21

    I lost so much respect for Michelle Obama and when she reconsidered and now allows her daughters to watch the show.

  22. 22

    I wonder if Kanye secretly taped Kim having sex with him. She really is retarded if she participated in another sex tape

  23. Rule says – reply to this


    Chuhhhhhhhhhhhhh ching. For team humpfrees. Oprah Michelle obama and all mothers who feel and believe this is educational and influential should be ashamed of this teaching towards our children by the media and its networks

  24. Rule says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – Lisa go jump of a bridge or something. I'm sure Perez can survive without the kar thrashians. Out with the trashians in with honeybooboo. Everyone boo boo boo boo boo boo. Haha

  25. suckerpnch says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa – Lisa you sound like hired Kimmy K PR crew :D haaa! First off I am so sick of the Kardashian rebuttal of "OH YOU MUST BE A HATER" GIVE ME A BREAK to be a hater U would have to have something I want. I DONT want her sex tape, I DONT want her STD's, I DON'T want her Ill got money or fame, I DON'T want people calling me a whore. If that is the way ya gotta make it you are nothing but a one trick pony … a Trick. WIlling to do anything for money.

  26. 26

    I'm totally confused by all these comments saying that Kim would be horrified by another sex tape given that it's what made her famous. She's a raging slut - and a tiger never changes its stripes. So the fact that she would make a tape with Kanye (even if she thought it would never get out), doesn't surprise me one bit.

  27. 27

    I find it interesting that if you watch the show, she's a total humorless bore with a stick up her a*s - but yet pretty damn uninhibited and freaky in the sack. It's just weird to me.

  28. Ann says – reply to this


    Disgusting!!!!!! My gosh how nasty is she…just when you think she couldn't be any lower –she is!!! Shame, we even talk about this crap with all the REAL things in the world that should be discussed!

  29. Notafan says – reply to this


    One more way of getting yourself out there again……people are so over KK if they even ever gave her a thought to begin with. She a hoe!!!!

  30. 30


  31. 31

    Re: chowching – ur such a fucking idiot. u think mitts a great business man? u think he will fix the economy? the state he governed MICHIGAN, has the WORST economy in the state. so if the dude cant even get one state right how is he gonna do 50? lmfao "serious minded" voter you are, indeed

  32. 32

    Re: cookoo4no1 – fucking IPAD sucks! i meant Massachusetts*

  33. 33

    As inlikely this is to be true, I hope it is. The Kardashian reign needs to end :/ - ps. Is she really that stupid to make another sex tape?

  34. 34

    Re: cookoo4no1 – Did you know that Ryan Seacrest got a low-interest loan of $300,000,000.00 from Bain Capitol and a couple of others to start up his production company. Romney=Bain=Seacrest=Kardashian. Proves nothing but is interesting to see who is "running the show".

  35. 35

    If there are sex tapes starring Kim and Kanye together it's no accident if they are leaked publicly. Kanye was jealous Ray J had one with her and so they made two lol. I guarantee he wants them to be seen.

  36. 36

    I hope Kris H. takes every penny from this skank!

  37. 37

    they release so much bs its hard to know what is right or wrong anymore …krish is a nice guy deserves a real nice woman not a using unholy mole

  38. 38

    so are they staying together because of their common "things" -scandal videos?

  39. 39

    Are they staying together because of thier "common things"-scandal videos, get a gripout of it guys.

  40. DanR says – reply to this


    Justice is served! Finally she can feel what it feels like to not have everything again. Spoiled bitch…

  41. Renee says – reply to this


    Man I can't help but laugh… Kris H pay attention

  42. william says – reply to this


    Re: SarahhhD – you got to be kidding… you know she is a whore for a camera…. especially if it includes a big black dong up her fat ass….

  43. rose says – reply to this


    seriously lets just make up some more outrageous rumors to spread about kim karashian and any other celberty we can think of just for our own amusment who cares how it makes them feel or affects there life as long as we r happy right!!!!………………..i seriously think that people today need to stop being so selfish and start treating other how you would want to be treat yourself….with respect!!!!!!!!

  44. 44

    Still don't understand how someone could steal the vid from Yeezy's computer. This whole thing may be a way to stay in the headlines to boost Cruel Summer sales. "KimYe" is everywhere even on the App Store …

  45. iHateKimye says – reply to this


    Re: CookietheQueen
    holy f*ck the world just ended.