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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are So Getting Back Together!

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Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson back together soon

Can it, Taylor Swift! Your new single in no way applies to these lovebirds!

Anyone (including us) who thought her scandalous affair with Rupert Sanders had brought an end to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Twilight-esque love was SO WRONG!!

It turns out, it's gonna take waaaay more than a little cheating to tear apart soulmates!

Friends say the newly reunited couple have been spending more and more time together, and will probs be back to being an official (and notoriously private) couple again in no time. The pal revealed:

"Ever since coming face to face last week they have been spending a lot of time together. I'm confident they will get back together."

Obvi this whole make-up-from-the-breakup isn't going to happen over night!

The pal adds that they still have a lot of things to work out before walking the red carpet together in November:

"He loves her and despite everything, Rob is the person Kristen cares about and loves most. They are taking things slow, but it's moving in the right direction."

Well, you know what they say: "Slow and steady wins the race R-Paz!"

This is just about the best news a die-hard Twi-Hard (and the studio) could possibly hear!

We CANNOT wait to have visual proof of their newly rekindled love!

[Image via WENN/FayesVision.]

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80 comments to “Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are So Getting Back Together!”

  1. 1

    He is a p—y whipped idiot! No wonder, women think they can walk all over men with guys like him out there. Have to repeat, what a fucking, stupid, idiot!

  2. 2

    HE IS AN IDIOT!!! She is a skank in every sense of the word. Dude look at the pics theydon't lie. ”K-Stew” was basically ground Ruperts crotch with her ass, and sucking face. Oh yeah and kissing her all over her body as it was stated. If she loved Rob sooooo much likes she claims, then why screw around with ur SW&TH director? Please give me a bag to puke in ok. One word for Rob -Dumbass, one word for Kris -Whore.

  3. 3

    I want to add. He must be gay and she is bearding him. This just doesn't make any sense otherwise. He is young, gorgeous and has money, power ,fame. Why would any young guy with all of this , get back with a lady that cheated on him in such a public way? He could get much hotter women, every night of the week! Most men would never take a woman back if he had options.

  4. 1finn says – reply to this


    So now are you going to reverse all the bad things you have said about her, perez ? Lets see how long it takes you to start praising her and sucking up to her ?

  5. 5

    Who the hell is bullying? I'm stating a fact. Don't like it tooo fucking bad. I'm here commenting and it's freedom of speech bitch so ha back at ya!

  6. 6

    Hate to say I told you so……

  7. Marylyn62 says – reply to this


    This is total BS! Yeah, they're getting back together all right….for the movie promotion and red carpet! Once the movie has been released and they don't have to do any more appearances for it, they will go their separate ways. He'd have to be a moron to take back a woman who humiliated him so publicly. How could he ever trust her again after that?

  8. sofeuh says – reply to this


    this is all still gossip & rumors until I see them together then & only then will i believe this..until then its still rubbish!

  9. Kate says – reply to this


    So incredibly disappointed in him. He is so p*ssywhipped it's outrageous.

  10. kate says – reply to this


    It's like, how can you take him seriously in any "real man" roles when he is such a p*ssywhipped girl? What does kstew have to do, have sex w another man on Rob's LAP? He'd probably forgive her then too. Sad.

  11. layra6 says – reply to this


    LOVE WINS !!!!

  12. kATE says – reply to this


    What a stupid guy

  13. Jane says – reply to this


    He is so p*ssywhipped.

  14. Jess says – reply to this



  15. N! says – reply to this


    What a weak guy… I feel so sorry for his lack of personality.

  16. Sarah says – reply to this


    I think that she cried, and call him non stop.
    And I also believe taht she force her parents to get the divorce (They've been separated for two yeras,, why just now filed for divorce?), and lose weight… so Pattinson fell sorry for her.
    And he always seems like a weak and insecure person.
    I guess Stewart new what buttons to push to get back together.
    It's not reaaly her fault, is his for being so… weak.

  17. Tamara says – reply to this


    He is such an idiot!

    Didin't she cheated on ANgarano too?

    He has to be really a morron to get back together with KSLUT!

  18. Liz says – reply to this


    If it's true, he loses al my respect.

    He has no balls.

  19. Zanna says – reply to this


    Re: layra6 – total agreement:-*!

  20. bitchsquad says – reply to this


    i thought from the beginning of all of this that it was a sort of publicity stunt to improve EVERYONES popularity. from Sanders to Liberty to Kristen to ROB himself get more sales on the snow white DVD, get Cosmopolis(which i couldnt wrap my high mind around the movie it was weird but rob was pretty good in it) and of course the last installment of twilight. what is more fascinating and more popular then a real life love drama! bet money Rob and Kristen have been just fine this whole time. they all had the bigger picture in mind. which of course is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  21. Braa says – reply to this


    Wow. Rupert Sanders is a pretty arrogant dude - have y'all seen this interview he did for the DVD extras?? Wild…

  22. Mary says – reply to this


    I would like that that news were true, because really I don't think so. Maybe are together only for professional purpose and that its. One time Robert said at an interview that he have: "That he don't understand why the people cheat on someone that you love", so that mean that maybe he forgive Kristen, but I don't think that he will be back together like in-love couple, maybe as friend or professional relation. I know that one girls said that she saw Rob and Kris on Oak St. at LA , and show a picture, (that I thought that seen before, that picture is old …at that moment Kris have a brunette and long hair, and in the picture that appear with the news, she had medium and blond hair) so that is the reason that is said that is impossible that that girl (I don't want to offend you) said is no true. I'll be like ST. Thomas (Jesus Christ disciple) I NEED TO SEE TO BELIEVE IT) Well for a good sake of all fans I hope that they will back again…….Until one of them, specially Robert say that he will be back together with Kristen , or I will see a real picture of them. I cant' believe that them are come back as a couple……BY NOW THEY ARE ONLY FRIENDS OR FOR PROFESSIONAL PURPOSE THEY ARE TOGETHER…….

  23. 23

    You people are such negative, cynical creeps. This is a very sweet young couple obviously in love and frankly the only opinions that matter here are his and hers. Cut them some slack. I actually feel sorry for some of you to have such nasty, negative things to say—who pissed in your cornflakes??

  24. tracey bown riley says – reply to this


    they says they are back togehter but they says they are not back togehter thats stupid tell the truth reply mw now thank you

  25. 25

    They deserve each others !

  26. hjeidi says – reply to this


    Well…. He is dumber than I thought. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Hoe doesn't deserve a second chance, I can't even understand why someone would wanna date her in the first place!! She has as many facial expressions as a dead fish!

    Grow a pair Rob and see what else is out there!!

  27. 27

    Re: CCKFL723
    Agree with you. It's tough enough for those two trying to make it work without the opinions of people who have nothing to do with them!

  28. Chris Foley says – reply to this


    Who knows what is truth or fiction when it comes to any celeb. Anything to sell magazines I guess. Only time will tell.

  29. JM says – reply to this


    Just in time to promote their new film together. This seems legit. NOT!

  30. Efkaye says – reply to this


    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous – I so agree! He'll learn the hard way when she cheats again. And she's gonna be careful not leave around proof next time. You're an idiot Rob!

  31. Kks says – reply to this


    YES!!! So excited! Best news eva'!!! 2 hot young peeps in love n tackling life n persevering!

  32. Chloe says – reply to this


    What an idiot! I actually liked Robert, and thought he was a smart human being. Apparently not! Kristen cheated on him in such a public way that he should have never re-kindled their relationship. I have a feeling his sisters and the cast of twilight are upset over this! Sorry Rob, but you can do SO much better than a cheating whore who will continue to do this.

  33. liz says – reply to this


    Gross — I was a rabid Twi-hard, then I felt sorry for Pattinson when she cheated…Now, they both just gross me out. I suddenly became a "former Twi-hard" as soon as he took her back. I don't know why, I am not morally judgmental about cheating if a couple is not married (it happens), but the pictures of her with the director grossed me out, and now I just think he's a dumb, silly punk…I am TOTALLY over the two of them, after a 4-year romance — Oh, well, sometimes love, and fan-dom, does not last — lol –

  34. Amanda says – reply to this


    Who cares?! Until you're in this situation, you really have no room to talk. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years and I can say that if he cheated on me I would dump him and never look back. But if it were to actually happen, who knows what I would do. There's no proof she actually slept with the guy, it just looked like they made out a couple of times. Yes, it was stupid but she's young and made a mistake. It's not like they were married for 20 years with 5 kids (cough Rupert cough). Give them a break. There are some people that can actually work through their issues and come out stronger

  35. lp says – reply to this


    Re: got2bkidding – I am not morally judging — I am just simply repulsed by her photos, and now his acceptance — they deserve each other, and I am SO over liking them…

  36. 36

    Re: Lady Who? – GO AWAY!

  37. 37

    I will lose all respect for him! Many others will too! She's an un house trained pet. You can do better Rob!

  38. Jane says – reply to this


    One moment they're apart; the next month, they're supposedly together. Well, for now they might be "together" because they have to promote the last Twilight film. It's in their contract and so they have to 'act' civil and friendly for the sake of the film's success. I guarantee before the end of this year, you'll hear another rumor that they've move on…

  39. dumb says – reply to this


    Robert Pattinson is dumb. I hope he changes his mind. Soulmates don't cheat on one another. When it happens again, no one will pity him. "Fool me once, shame on you..Fool me twice shame on me."

  40. Woody88 says – reply to this


    The big deal here is that there are photos of Kristen looking happy. People would be less upset if there was just a picture of the two of them coming out of a motel room after sex with their heads down than these photos of them happy merely kissing.

  41. lulu collazo says – reply to this


    So, in other words, if a man forgives a woman that's a sign of weakness. There's so many ignorants around here. That's the bravest thing to do. If it was the other way around believe me, we wouldn't even be discussing this. But women are still punished whilst men get off. To have the courgage to forgive is from the strong. Aww, but the double standard thing still is in the way. By the way, I don't thing the pics were real, even though the car pics are. Nevertheles, she embraced her indiscretion, asked for forgiveness and that' s something a lot of men and some women don't have the tenacity, valor, backbone, bravery, daring, dash, dauntlessness, determination, endurance, enterprise, fearlessness, firmness, fortitude, gallantry, the guts, the boldness, the braveness to do. Whatever the aftermath, I wish them both well.

  42. 42

    Forgiving is for the strong, not for the "idiots" Mahatma Gandhi said it. So you mean to tell me you know more. Kristen made a mistake, she embraced it, and apologized. I congratulate both, and even if this is only for the fans, for the promo, I wish them both well. Being so young they have been brave, daring, bold and have had the guts most of us will never have and this, while the whole world is watching…

  43. 43

    Re: lulu collazo – …Forgiving is for the strong… I don't think the pics were real…

  44. antipodean says – reply to this


    Who cares anymore, it's all dragged on for too long including releasing the final film, I'll wait for the dvd now. Let's face it it's a forgone conclusion he's an idiot and she's a slapper.

  45. 45

    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous – He does, he does, don't fear, and gosh, he's still very young and handsome. He still will go out on Kristen with other party girls and cheat a la incognito or very well hidden affairs like he has been doing all along. He's no fool, he cheated on her first, of course no photos just photos of the fringes and he will do it last to her. A lot of people think of him as a virgin or something, don't be fooled, he is up there with the best and knows how to play and knows how to get everybody to feel sorry for him with that lost puppy face and then he can sack them. Hollywood is full of these and he learned fast. Why do you think he hasn't left L.A.

  46. 46

    But I like them both.

  47. Office Drone says – reply to this


    I don't mind whether they get together or not, it's their business, but some of you are really way too emotional about this. Who are we to judge them? Believe it or not, they really don't need your input.

  48. 48

    Re: Lulu15 – well said lulu

  49. 49

    He's an idiot if he does!

  50. KStew Krew says – reply to this


    Re: lulu collazo – Girl… You took my words and I thank you. Kristen is so very much honest about her error and brave and courageous to come forth, especially when she knew she would prob be ripped apart by these asshole Twihard idiots. All you so called Rob fans that are slamming him and calling him names now…shows your true support right there….NOT. True fans will stand behind you and support you in good times and in difficult times. True fans…..hahaha! You have no say in their personal lives. Do not pass judgement on either one of them….hypocrites. I sure hope all you haters polish the hypocrisy off your halos each night and ask forgiveness for your holier than thou attitudes. You see God has the ultimate power to judge us. I am having the best laugh reading about Rob's fans calling him names, now that the haters haven't gotten their way! Stay strong Rob and Kristen… Your true fans continue to support you NO MATTER WHAT! Can't wait for BD2…doesn't matter if they are together or not…. All this hoopla has nothing to do with Twilight. Stupid Twihards.

  51. 51

    Have never seen their movies, so have no opinions about them.

    I would give a person who commit adultery one chance only, period.

  52. Fea says – reply to this


    Honestly? I think that their "break up" never happen and it was just a way to be on the news..

  53. Chinchilla24 says – reply to this


    Wow. I thought Robert had more self respect & dignity. Every good thing I've ever thought about him is gone. This is quite sad :/

  54. kaley says – reply to this


    everyone makes mistakes, but if she were to do it again and again, then yes she would be considered a cheating whore as some of you say. But may i remind you's she's not the only one who had cheated, a grown man with a wife and kids, now why isn't he the one being called the whore or getting picked on? I think it's the fact that he isn't as big as her and she's the one who has robs love, therefore most of you are probably just jealous, its pathetic, she's a human being i know for a fact that everyone who has commented on here has made mistakes, so should i go around bullying you? some of you need to grow up.

  55. kesha says – reply to this


    Re: got2bkidding – cannt agree more.. u said it all. Get another puke bag for me…

  56. ** says – reply to this


    Re: got2bkidding – cannt agree more.. Get me a puke bag too..

  57. Gaby says – reply to this


    Wow i thought he was a little bit smart, i can see he is a complete idiot!!

  58. Kasey says – reply to this


    He doesn't need to go for any manly roles because he is blowing it out of the water. All it took was calls whining poor pitiful me, everybody hates me, mom and dad are getting a divorce and he falls for it.

  59. Sade says – reply to this


    Why is everybody condemning on these two when nobody actually knows shit…

  60. 60

    don't believe anything what u read in the gossip magazine

  61. Guest says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda
    you also have to consider that there isn't proof she didn't sleep with him (sorry for the double negative) that has surfaced yet. We don't really know how far it went

  62. skaggbailey says – reply to this


    of course they're getting back together, the movie comes out in a few months. the entire thing is fishy.

  63. Teeasen says – reply to this


    So, she cheated with Michael to be with Rob. Cheated on Rob to be with Rupert, and Rob has such low self-esteem, that he's taking her back? Grow a pair. It's so sad to see this. You can love someone, but if they treat you like garbage and cheat on you when you've only been together for 3 years, how in the world is she not going to cheat ten years down the road when things are boring?

  64. Teesen says – reply to this


    Re: CCKFL723 – So in love with each other that she was off having an affair with her married-with-kids sleeve of a director while Rob was waiting at home? Take the blinders off. This isn't a love story from a book.

  65. Anabelle Whitepaws says – reply to this


    BULLSHIT! This is merely PR for the movie… #Duhhhh
    Think about it:
    Would YOU get back with someone who not only cheated on you but also humiliated you in front of millions of people?

  66. babyrach says – reply to this


    omg hes not dumb maybe theres more to it then we know like i think ppl stray because of unhappiness within the relationship and i dont think cheatings right but ppl make mistakes and ppl deserve second chances

  67. Jenny says – reply to this


    Re: 1finn – He's only here cuz people like you read his blog and even go so far as to comment. So check yourself there!

  68. sonia says – reply to this


    If he don't take her back I'm sorry but he is. Love never live,always forgive,it don't brake.

  69. Meg says – reply to this


    There is something to be said for getting married if you want exclusivity. Dating is not the same, and never will be, especially when you spend long weeks or months apart. Make the commitment and you both know the rules.

  70. Amber says – reply to this


    Oh well if their "friends" say so…..
    Yeah hit me up when there's some actual proof god.

  71. SStU says – reply to this


    The whole cheating scandal was a fake. Kristen Stewart was sitting next to me at a restaurant and was talking about it with a friend. All makes sense now, doesnt it?

  72. nellyb says – reply to this


    woe, if this is true, Rob needs help! KRISTEN WILL GET PREGGERS ON PURPOSE, WATCH. She's a little sneaky witch

  73. vanessa says – reply to this


    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous – NO KIDDING, she's not well, he's under a spell, we have to help him!! Everybody read THIS!!


  74. publicitystuntspotter says – reply to this


    Am I the only one that thinks this WHOLE situation is one giant publicity stunt?? The suspense will lead up until the red carpet and then EVERYONE will be watching to see what happens between them and BANG, they're together and the movie is a giant success. GENIUS!

  75. palegre3n says – reply to this


    Oh the reputable anonymous pals again?

  76. Josey says – reply to this


    Did you say Twi-Hards will be happy about this?! I'm a big twilight fan, but I'm in no way happy about this. A Movie and Reality are 2 completely different things! When a girl cheats on you with a married man or any man, you leave her. the end. same applies to women who are cheated on!

  77. jess says – reply to this


    why would two people in love care about the world :) i forgave my bf he cheated on me coz i loved him a lot i was devastated ofcourse never wanna see him again but once i heard his voice i cannot think i would live without him

    i guess thats how rob feels ..lucky KRISTEN (I DONT like her at all.some girls have best of all :) ) haha)

  78. 78


  79. 79

    If he wants to go back to her after her cheat it's ok, but how can he respect her after sleeping with a marriied man with children when she knew his wife personally? That i can't get Now when I look at Kristen I just think of the lack of principles she had. People do mistakes but this is other thing. I don't care she was bored, she had no respect to a woman, an older woman who had children For me she disrespected all women.

  80. i knew it says – reply to this


    it was all just a publicity stunt!