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One Direction's Zayn Malik Caught Cheating AGAIN! Invites Fans To His Room For Some Hotel Hook-Ups!

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Oh boy… sounds like One Direction’s bad boy, Zayn Malik, is living up to his nickname once again!!!

Remember just last month when Zayn was caught cheating on his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, after some fans filmed him inviting girls back to his hotel room???

Well, now we have a recorded phone call from what seems to be ANOTHER hotel incident, of Zayn doing the exact same thing — only this time, scoring a hook-up for groupmate, Harry, too!

Take a listen for yourself, in the recording (above)!!!

Wow! Someone was in a rush to get some!! It's even being reported that the girls on the other line were underage!

Though it hasn't been confirmed if the voice IS indeed Mr. Malik, it sure sounds like him!!

Seems like if Zayn just wants all the extra play, he might as well just stay single! We don’t know how his GF keeps putting up with it!!

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75 comments to “One Direction's Zayn Malik Caught Cheating AGAIN! Invites Fans To His Room For Some Hotel Hook-Ups!”

  1. ella says – reply to this


    What a jackass!

  2. 2

    Except you don't know if he actually cheated because a) you don't know when it was recorded so he could've been single at the time, and b) it sounds like he was getting some "booty" for Harry and not himself.

  3. Directioner says – reply to this


    I mean… whatever! I fucking don't care, Zayn can do what he wants…but I still wonder how lucky fans! how did they get his number or how did Zayn get their numbers? hmmmmm

  4. SJ says – reply to this


    Yes, at first that kinda of sounded like Zayn, but then he sounded more Scottish than British…. so I am not sure if I buy this.

  5. Laura says – reply to this


    Look! This is very old and before Perrie..! It's in America when they were there for the first time.. IF this is him, what ever.. But he does NOT cheat! Stop spreading rumors around! Jeez!

  6. 6

    hmm why is it that Zayn's voice is louder? We don't know when this is from so you can't say its cheating. Plus this could also not be real. Who the fuck cares what he does, he's a teenage boy leave him alone..

  7. sarah says – reply to this


    the recording IS zayn..only american fans will say it's not him because he sounds slightly 'irish' or 'scottish' or his accent is different..fyi that's a BRADFORD accent,zayn speaks like that all the time…oh and stop stirring shit once again perez, you can't say he cheated because you don't know how old that recording is,the boys have been in america before zerrie became official…and i very much doubt they were underage too (unless they faked/lied about their age)

  8. Binky says – reply to this


    Doesn't even sound like him towards the end..

  9. rae says – reply to this


    that's niall!

  10. natalie says – reply to this


    We don't really know when this was recorded so you can't really say he was cheating, can you? ugh. fuck off perez

  11. 11

    Re: natalie – thank you! :3

  12. 12

    How many Justic beiber look-a-likes do we need in the music business?

  13. 13

    Here comes the crazy 1D fans who will threaten, cuss and act like immature brats. In 3…2…1

  14. 14

    Re: pollopicu – I am not even a big 1D fan, barely know their names but they look NOTHING like him, especially Zayn.

  15. DHDHF says – reply to this


    it doesn't sound like him at all! granted he has a Bradford accent, but apart from that he sounds nothing like him!

  16. lolo says – reply to this


    It doesn't sound Scottish… I'm myself Scottish so I know …

  17. 17

    I find it highly amusing that people are saying it sounds like a Scottish or Irish accent! Being from the UK I can tell you that its definitely a Leeds/Bradford accent, and it is Zayn so deal with it

  18. hanson says – reply to this


    Once again, you're aiming at One Direction. What will be your next tactic to ruin their career? Remember, if it weren't for them you wouldn't have a job! Stop talking about celbs and get yourself a real job instead of talking all that you are.

  19. Mariaa says – reply to this


    No proof at all shut up and find some better proof than this phone call could be anyone or really old your just giving their lives more shit to handle asshole. And so what it's their private lives why don't you post shit about your own life

  20. taylor barrow says – reply to this



  21. pex says – reply to this


    perrie is too ugly n old looking for jayn.. !!! she's
    obsessed with him n looks funny.. they dont't look
    good together.. more like mother n son

  22. 22

    Funny that the child in the boy band is so sure of him self that he can get the booty call. Funnier still that the silly little girls whip a u-ee and race back to give it out to who knows who.

  23. Kate says – reply to this


    That does not even sound like Zayn… he was just saying phrases that he never even says. and who would've been able to record this phone conversation? whoever made this needs to get a life.

  24. Mrs.Malik says – reply to this


    WHAT THE FUCK. This does not prove one shit, Dumbass (who ever put up this video)
    ZAYN <3 =)

  25. sigh says – reply to this


    It is Zayn, but the name he told the girls to use was their make-up artist on the BTR tour. That tour was before Perrie so he wasn't cheating. Also, the girls that keep leaking this stuff are really sad characters. Have a little respect.

  26. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    If he's not married, he's not cheating. Sorry.

  27. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    Re: SJ – Scotland is part of Britain, so he would still sound British, just not English.

  28. mrs_horan99 says – reply to this


    OMFG, no one gives a shit, ok?
    Zayn would never cheat on Perrie.
    Everything up there is bullshit, so back off.
    He would never do that to his girlfriend, and even if it were true, Perrie would know already and they would have probably broken up. THEY"RE STILL TOGETHER.

  29. Camille says – reply to this


    He seems a little ruse to me… :-S

  30. Poppy says – reply to this


    For Christ sake. Yes, this is Zayn. If you don't think it's him than you're not a big enough fan to notice probably. This is exactly how Zayn speaks. He's from Bradford, which is in the north of England. It's definitely not an Scottish accent. Zayn has a very distinct Bradford accent. He often softens it in interviews though, so people understand him. Same with Niall. He softens his Irish accent so people understand him, especially in America.
    And stop picking on Zayn. It's obvious that Harry is sitting next to him. Zayn is just the one doing the talking. Harry is in fact the one saying they should hurry up coz he can't wait 20min. Also this was BEFORE Zayn was with Perrie. So he's not cheating!
    They are teenage boys doing exactly what any other boy their age in college is doing right now. Trying to get with girls. Nothing wrong with this. Don't be a pervert Perez. Not everyone is a 35 old virgin like you…

  31. CurrentlyHatingPerez says – reply to this


    Not true. People on g+ have hate comments bout u and I can't even say what I'm thinking right now

  32. rebekah says – reply to this


    i think this is so fake but it might be true as well so i don't kno but zayn wouldn't cheat on somebody. he was getting a booty call for harry ok

  33. 33

    It does sound like him. LOL

  34. sookie says – reply to this


    Re: SusieP – i thought Harry is gay..My gaydar is on high alert with him…

  35. Julia Brooks says – reply to this


    I absolutely love these boys and I think we shouldn't judge them from one phone call or rumor.
    Zayn and the rest of the boys can do whatever the fuck they want- they're big boys and they don't need anyone telling them who they can and cannot see. If any of you "true fans" are out there, you'll agree that their privacy is invaded enough, without their friends phones being taped too.
    Although a lot of people actually talk like that in Bradford, and if the girl is American this could have been long before he was going out with Perrie.

  36. Julia Brooks says – reply to this


    Re: SJ – Um, Scotland is in Great Britain

  37. sookie says – reply to this


    i thought Harry is gay..My gaydar is on high alert with him…

  38. 38

    The 1 Direction fans online are VERY defensive about this clip!

  39. ana says – reply to this


    First of all STOP saying its not him, what if it is him ? i like them and all, but im not gonna act stupid and think they would never do that when bitch please they can have anyone they want all you drooling bitches. so if the shoe fits wear it. Why you all so concerned ? shut the fuck and listen to their music and be done with it, they dont give a shit about you guys they just wanna sell records.

  40. ana says – reply to this


    Re: natalie – stop being so fckn inoccent he can have who ever he wants if this shit isnt new doesnt mtter, it probably does happen and often

  41. hiiiiiiidani says – reply to this


    Re: sarah – I knew it was him and I'm American… Just saying, I like feeling special :3 loooove his bradford accent

  42. Kayla says – reply to this


    This is stupid he wouldn't cheat

  43. Foreignaffair says – reply to this


    Im a little skeptical bout this. Doesn't fully sound like him at the end and I doubt they'd use the term " booty"

  44. Jen4rmdablock says – reply to this


    My baby Harry is cheating on me!!:'( oh who cares ill take his sexy ass back!😁 Love you Harry! #directioner4life

  45. 45

    Re: notorious420 – lol, they are! That's the only reason I clicked on this story, to read these comments!

  46. sasasa says – reply to this


    oh just leave this boy alone…

  47. Sarah says – reply to this


    Lucky gals they are!

  48. 48

    Cheating does not make you a "bad boy". Cheating just makes you look like an inconsiderate herpe infected douche bag.

  49. RebZ says – reply to this


    That's zayn's voice but the name that he gave for the girl was their make-up artist from the big time rush tour so that's way before zerrie so he's not cheating, stop posting shit about him, he loves her too much to even think about cheating on her !!

  50. linnea johansson says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHA this is soooo funny

  51. dd says – reply to this


    haha this makes me think the rumour of managment forbidding the boys to have sex on tour was actually true :p. but clearly this is from a while ago, because the name zayn said was the name of their make up artist on the big time rush tour. he was in no way involved with perrie back then. also his accent is a very heavy bradford accent here, and it's faded a little now. but it's definitely him

  52. Ashley says – reply to this


    This HAS to be old, bcause why else would he be talking to americans. Plus, you ca hear in his voice how hard it is to meet any of his ”friends” I have to say that those girls ar lucky whover they are.

  53. directioner93 says – reply to this


    I don't know.. I'm a little skeptical about this. I was watching their performance during the iTunes festival, and when he started speaking, it didn't exactly sound the same as from the clip. Plus, his accent kinda slips a little throughout parts of the recording. I hope it's not him, but only he knows the truth. Lay off everyone. I bet this is already causing him major stress for him, AND Perrie.

  54. 54

    that isnt zayn!! zayns talks slower than that, and thats like an essex/ london accent.. so how you got that as zayn ill never know?:L

  55. 55

    hi! this whole thing about Zayn cheating does really seem true! there is no real proof. That voice might not be Zayn! I'm a true Directioner! so say what u want, u have no proof!!
    But at the end of the day, thanx for all the news <3


  56. mel says – reply to this


    Re: rae – Common that is not Niall

  57. 57

    This might have been before Zayn and Perrie even met or this might not even be Zayn!!!!!

  58. Jenny says – reply to this


    Re: Mariaa – Perez Hilton can not make or break careers. No, sleep easy love.

  59. shay says – reply to this


    Re: Poppy – i concur !

  60. corona says – reply to this


    what a shame for all anyone knows they are friends ….why does everyone think the worst not everything is about a booty call!!!

  61. khloe says – reply to this


    he said shit and the end and he was being a jerk

  62. khloe says – reply to this


    omg ur are so right

  63. khloe says – reply to this


    he was yelling at the girl but it diddnt even sound like zayn

  64. khloe says – reply to this


    comment 31 is so true but he was yelling and being really mean

  65. 65

    That's not him zany's not that type of guy and just leave him alone even if it was him get out of his personal life unless he wants u 2know I bet u ZAyn does not even know about this so just stop

  66. 66

    1. This IS Zayn, Niall just pretty confirmed it was Zayn, on an Aus Radio interview. 2.Why the fuck would Zayn get "Booty" for Harry!? Harry is perfectly capable of calling someone himself. Plus it seems like there were 4-5 girls in the car, so unless harry is having a foursome or an orgy, then at least one of those girl had to be for Zayn. 3 When will people fucking open their eyes & realize that ZERRIE IS FAKE! Got it!? 4. This was mostly likely during the US UAN tour, AFTER Zayn & Perrie were forced together by mgmt. 5. Perez is is that hard to do a little research before you post an "artical"!?

  67. 67

    Re: taylor barrow – 1. This is Zayn. Its his voice and Niall pretty much confirmed that this Zayn during an Aus interviewer. 2. Zayn cheated on both Geneva and Rebecca. 3. Zerrie is fake so this wouldn't be cheating though. x

  68. sha says – reply to this


    Re: Binky – yeah true..i dont think its him..

  69. SHA says – reply to this


    Re: sarah – yeah..i dont think its him

  70. chaimaa khichou says – reply to this


    zayn can do that i belive on him and all directioners

  71. Felicity says – reply to this


    You directioners are so fucking stupid. How can you say that he would never do something like this when you have no idea what they do behind cameras. So stop defending him.

  72. Zayn is awsum says – reply to this


    Perez I think blogs r stupid people should stop hating zayn and stop being snitches. Zayn wouldn't hurt perrie Edwards he's just goofing and u know what everyone makes mistakes and know zayns thinking of leaving 1D! Blogs shouldn't break up bands and their better than u blog makers so don't u go wrecking their life's and millions of teenage girls ones either,

  73. Zayn is awsum says – reply to this


    I hate blog people like u Perez but I love zayn and it's not zayn who's speaking I know his voice and it's a low very British voice and most of the comments said it was Irish sounding

  74. Rachel says – reply to this


    that is NOT Zayn. He is not cheating on Perrie and that is not his voice. Any One Direction fan would know it is fake. Zayn has confirmed in an interview that it was not him. So stop spreading rumors.I am not a deluded Directioner and I know what I am talking about.

  75. Kesha + ZAYN says – reply to this


    ZAYN is mine