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Vanessa Paradis' Heart Sang For New Man BEFORE Johnny Depp Split?!

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Was Johnny Depp's ex ladylove making sweet, sweet, sexual music with another man BEFORE the couple of 14 years split in June?!

'Cause rumor has it Vanessa Paradis was engaged in something sensual AND melodious with fellow French musician Benjamin Biolay before her and Johnny officially broke things off!

Vanessa was supposedly introduced to the dark and handsome singer/songwriter by Chanel's main man Karl Lagerfeld, and the pair were apparently spotted having dinner together back in April…

AND there are whisperings the two have indeed recorded a duet!

One source claims:

"They’re the same age and have similar backgrounds in music, so Karl was keen for them to meet. They have even recorded a duet called Enjoy on Benjamin’s latest album. They plan to promote and tour the album together next spring."


But what about the multimillionaire Guy-David Gharbi?! We've also sipped on some grapevine wine that led us to believe it was Vanessa and Guy that were having a romantic tryst before 'Nessa and J-Depps called it quits… hmm.

So many rumors a-swirling our heads are spinning!

But if these romantic fancies ARE true, perhaps Vanessa is simply trying on a few man-outfits to see which one suits her best!

We'll take your Johnny hand-me-downs, Vanessa! Ha!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Vanessa Paradis' Heart Sang For New Man BEFORE Johnny Depp Split?!”

  1. Adalwulfa says – reply to this


    This woman has never been without a famous male meal ticket to make sure she stays in the spotlight and in the money. And spare us the ridiculous "she's the Madonna of France" and "she has her own money & doesn't need Johnny's money" comments. Her actions and mediocre talent speak for themselves. She's "France's revenge for EuroDisney" if anything.

  2. 2

    Vanessa looks like she's never been outside of a trailer park. Not that Johnny Depp is a prize, but she's wreaks poverty!

  3. Oui says – reply to this


    Yep! the rumors about Vanessa having a new man were coming from way before she officially split with Johnny here in France. But, obviously, in America all the mags were too much occupied trying to blame Johnny, to care of what she was doing.

    But they are single now, so move on!

  4. bridget says – reply to this


    oh come on. Vanessa AND her sister AND her family have known Benjamin Biolay for years. Just google photos of them, they've been at parties, funerals, etc. fo-evah. Vanessa is friends with Benjamin's ex, the wife of the President of France. Vanessa was famous in France LONG before she met JD and is FAR MORE intelligent than most realize. She won best actress in Toronto for her latest film. Yep, that's right, she doesn't need JD's money, and despite the rumors I bet they are still just fine.

  5. 5

    In old interviews Johnny has said he doesn't believe in monogamy (interviews which happened while with Vanessa) so going by that they had an open relationship anyway.

  6. lizziebob says – reply to this


    Dugh, she split Johnny in 2010. He didn't want to be embarrased by her doing the dumping, she never wanted to marry him and said she did not want to marry. He said if she said ok he would have married her in a heart beat. He looks worse for wear than her and you won't see him settle for Amber Heard either..he tried getting Vanessa back. He needs to be around his kids and raise them. It's Lily Rose thats staring to look like she could step out of a trailer park. No offense to people who live in trailer parks.

  7. Sally says – reply to this


    @bellanita: Johnny Depp has never said something like that. he's actually always said to be very serious about his relationships and loyalty to ONE person. he says he believes in the "traditional love". all these 14 years there was never any (serious) report about Johnny or Vanessa being with anyone else.

    on another note,all the mags need to quit trying to sqeeze a scandal out of the Depp-Paradis split. they were on the rocks for 2 years and seem to have broken up at least a few months before the official announcement. the rumors about the people they have allegedly "romanced" since lack proof BIG TIME. and even if they move on,they're entitled.

  8. CHRISTINA says – reply to this


    i always believed there was something wrong about her.believe it or not she scares me a lot when i look at her.i don't say she is ugly,but i see something bad in her eyes.bu the way i always loved johnny depp.he is talented,beautiful,sensitive and so humble…i really love and admire johnny…

  9. karojen says – reply to this


    I am only surmising, but when a famous star as handsome as Johnny meets a famous French star and she is pregnant 3 months later, I'd say she wanted him pretty badly. He said it was instant attraction when he first saw her.

    We all know that lust does not always lead to love down the line. Once the sex wears off, that's when many people get divorced.

    Of course I'm sure he was over the moon with his child and then there was another child. I'm sure by that time, no matter what their relationship had morphed into, he was caught, hook, line and sinker.

    It's been said she was a harpie and constantly on his butt no matter what he did or didn't do. It's been said he retaliated by drinking heavily. Sadly they sound like both were miserable and both did not live up to the other's expectations.

    I think Johnny is probably an extremely fine father, but probably not so much as a "Husband". He looks like a free spirit to me, and I can't see him with one woman or in one place very long. What woman wants to be at home with the kids while he is jamming in London with Sir Paul, or is somewhere in the States jamming with Eddie Vedder?

    I say give them both a break and stop with the stupid who is cheating on whom. They are done, have been done a long time way before the announcement and knowing Johnny's past, there WILL be women and maybe more kids.

  10. Sally says – reply to this


    of course you're entitled to your opinion,but I disagree with much of what you said. I don't think Johnny being a "free spirit" was the problem. he has said himself that he has always wanted traditional,long-lasting love,"love that lasts 40-50 years". both Johnny and Vanessa were busy and attended a lot of events,him attending a few concerts is just a hobbie like many adults have,but we hear about him because of his fame.before 2010(which seems to be the time the problems started) Vanessa attended the same events with him,she has always liked his "musician side". as for Vanessa,I'm sure she had her dissatisfactions,but she always seemed VERY proud of him so I don't think she was unhappy no matter what he did.
    Vanessa didn't wrok very much when their kids were young,but this year alone she has 4 movies coming out! one partner working in the states and the other in France does not bode well for the relationship. 14 years is too long to think it was "lust" that faded,we have no idea how they felt,but surely something kept the 2 together this long.

    as for Johnny,yes we'll probably see him with other women,but I wouldn't compare this to his past that he was "looking to settle down" when he started new relationships very fast.he's a father now and past the stage of finding his love and settling down. so you never know.

  11. oppangangnamstyle says – reply to this


    being french, i know who Benjamin Biolay is, and he's REAAALLLYYY ugly. i mean, he looks like Pete Doherty. not even CLOSE to Johnny. she could do way better.

  12. Kaandal says – reply to this


    Re: karojen – this woman, it's as thjSerious,Do you kwon what the shift button is for. Are you really that isightful.I can't believe how hostile you people are towards this woman, it's as though she stole your personal boyfriend. Your like 13 girls at a slumber party. And Johnny has turned into a pig, you defend him as though he's some poor lost hurt soul that was set up by this vengful witch. He was with her for 14 years. He could have left, no instead he decides to screw Amber Heard. That's real class for you. And by the way Johnny not looking all that"Hot" himself these days. No Vanessa left him for plenty of good reasons. And trust me she was making plenty of her own money long before Johnny came along. She cut her first album when she was 14.

  13. BINGO! says – reply to this


    Re: Kaandal
    Karojen's comment looks like worth to think over, but YOURS Kaandal…..Are you trying to get our brains an inflammation or so with your "cryptography"…..?? It's clear that a high-speed course In English & typewriting would be absolutely not a "luxury" for you. And maybe NEXT you can proclaim to the world WHAT EXACTLY the "plenty of good reasons" of Vanessa are "for leaving Johnny", since you're obviously so "informed". (Please don't get overworked….!!)

  14. gross says – reply to this


    Re: Kaandal – great post, depp fans are so bitter and inmature , disgusting

  15. Elena says – reply to this


    Re: Kaandal
    I disagree with the person who badmouthed Vanessa,but same thing goes for you. HOW has Johnny turned into a pig? the rumors of him and Amber Heard were completely unfounded and evidence-less. EVEN if you believe they had a relationship,it had nothing to do with the break up,how much more obvious can it be? Johnny and Vanessa were clearly on the rocks for more than 2 years,Vanessa didn't attend the premiere of the Rum Diary in Paris even though she was in Paris and attended another event the next night. their split was clearly a process and not a sudden "abandonment" and happened way before the official announcement,all the "spice" that came out after the official ending was because no one has a clue why.so for you to just assume "he turned into a pig" is no better than the person you're condemning.

  16. Elena says – reply to this


    Re: gross
    to my knowledge most Depp fans like Vanessa and were upset that they broke up. so your generalization is pretty uncalled for. what is "disgusting" are the people who believe to know it all about the reasons of their break up,and like to point fingers(at either one) even though there's NO proof. the break up was obviously a longtime process,and for reasons no one knows why.

  17. game prediksi bola says – reply to this


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