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32 comments to “24 Year-Old Chinese Popstar Dating A 12 Year-Old Model!?!”

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    "…as far as we know, they have not been intimate". Ha, like you would have any clue what they do. What a fucking joke, as if you have a pipeline into anything. Why the fuck would you know about these 2? You are a fool, plus, quit hating, you know you love making sweet love to 12 year old boys.

  2. 2

    Because it's China, and people can do what they want in othber countries, why??? because it's not America!!

    Also, what is the difference between that 12 year old girl, and the 12 year old slut whores from NJ, and some places in the south, like boo boo chil' land whose moms let them do whatever they want to do? I don't get it…

    before you go judging what people do in other countries, look in your own backyard first, motherfucker.

  3. 3

    You perv on young boys all the time, and I shudder to think of what you do to those IM5 kids; I hope their parents watch you like hawks when you're with them. It's funny when you add faux morality to your posts, because you're a twisted deviant who is trying to force a militant homo agenda on people who know that butt sex is as wrong as it is dangerous. China is not the U.S., and our standards are not their standards. Who are we to say they're wrong? You know nothing about the situation at all, and never will, because you're a nobody in all countries. Just STFU, feggett.

  4. Egg Foo Dung says – reply to this


    Well, rest assured, she probably is as tight as a drum.

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    why are all you haters on here?? you all know that this is a gay oriented website. maybe you guys are the typical self hating closet gays.

    as for that chinese guy—he is a total pervert and scumbag
    and yes we got tons of them here in america too

  7. NotAFan says – reply to this


    Wow, most of the comments on here are from people who really need to go back to school and get a real education. Please, make sure that If you comment, you make it an educated one people…not a hillbilly, white trash, trailer park, one okay :) And this is creepy no matter what country. No 24 year old, male or female, should be doing anything with a 12 year old. She hasn't even had her first period yet!

  8. 8

    Right now Perez is looking into whether China will allow him to "date" a twelve year old boy.

  9. whateverz says – reply to this


    oh please miley dates that 23 yr old model when she was 15 and you gave her praise don't be such a hypocrite perez

  10. Mimi says – reply to this


    It is basically that whole Jacob/ Renesme scene all over again. Eww.

  11. Meh says – reply to this


    I have to agree with the dude saying Perez has no room to talk about this guy..perving on young males and what not..even drawing his fake white 'cum' on the faces of them; to make the masses laugh.
    Pot and kettle black…or however the fuck it goes.

  12. Nertrep says – reply to this


    I love how perez is in panic mode because more and more people realize he's a pedo, and now he's going all reverse psychology on us, NOT BUYING IT

  13. J.R. says – reply to this


    Can I Just say I've never replied to any post but I was so shocked to read that mostly every comment was about how much you hate Perez. I thought the comments were going to be about the story above. I've never read such mean and awful things and just the hate is mind blowing. I think Perez has changed alot of his ways and celebrities are now his friend. It saddens me to think we see all if the suicides from bullying and then people come on here a site created by a gay person and then bash the messenger. So back to the story above. It's gross and something should be done if it goes any further. Take her to a doctor and check her out. If it comes back that she's had sex then it'll be big news

  14. Rico says – reply to this


    I don't see what the big deal is? In Japan age of consent is 13 and I would've easily mistaken the guy for a high school kid if you didn't mention his age (he's Asian, they don't age). Anyway they look happy and pretty cool together

  15. sonnydaze says – reply to this



  16. Misswow says – reply to this


    Re: J.R. – I agree…I'm shocked that most post are hating on Perez instead of commenting on the article of a 24yr old courting a 13 yr old child! Where are her parents!

  17. 17

    I am concerned about how little this concerns me. Eh.

  18. 18

    maybe he is just imprinting on her…

  19. 19

    Would love to visit China, but it be in my next life (If Ihav one).

  20. flippa says – reply to this


    Vaguely disturbing, though I'm pretty certain Elvis brought Priscilla over from Germany when she was 14

  21. Will says – reply to this


    Elvis Presley met and started banging Priscilla when he was 24 and she was 14

  22. 22

    Re: Rico – "Asian, they don't age"
    You are an ignoramus. This relationship is disgusting.

  23. 23

    Paedofile ew

  24. lewaitao says – reply to this


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  25. Hoochshit says – reply to this


    Yes…I agree. Don't know what is wrong with these dumb as dog shit homophobes (must be closeted themselves) Anyone with a tenth of the IQ of these knobs would know that most pedophiles are STRAIGHT men!!! So, jerk offs…..perhaps YOU are the pedos….or maybe you're gay….whatever, but get over it and go read something else (if you know how)…like how to get a root with someone over the age of consent.bet you can't!!!!! Leave Perez alone…..unless you really want him. You f@cked up losers!!!

  26. Bo xilai says – reply to this


    Sick and depraved chinese paedophiles.

  27. 27

    I think they make a cute couple. I see no reason to engage in name-calling. What is ill about their love?

  28. aaaghh says – reply to this


    dis is insane ridiculious revolting its nto even LOVE! BURGH

  29. 29

    This shit's gross. Seriously, totally gross. I don't know which way its going, if the 24 year old just doesn't have the confidence to attract a girl his age, or if the 12 year old is trying to get some more fame. In essence, this is just purely gross, not cool, and purely disgusting in my eyes. This dude seriously needs some help in his dating life and confidence. I don't know much about him, but the fact he is consciously CHOOSING to be with her says something, BAD.

    Whatever happened to the confident guys out there? I'm sick of seeing stereotypical Asian males out there with little to no confidence. We need another Bruce Lee, not another feminine K-Pop star. Jeremy Lin is definitely one of those guys (plus, Kim said she would consider dating him, HA!). Go check this slick article on Jeremy Lin and Asian male role models.

  30. WARNING! says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – No, no you don't!! I live there! The people are loud, people spit and blow their noses on the street, the people are rude, everyone smokes and it has the most air polution you'll ever know about (Beijing is the worst currently). What you've heard about in movies is more Hong Kong than the rest.

  31. Hmmmm... says – reply to this


    The girl looks like she is 8 years old! Love is love and I can accept it but this is still pretty disturbing.

  32. True Story Bro says – reply to this


    I've seen some pictures and to me it seems like they have confused love with a brother-sister relationship.