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Rihanna PAArties Too Hard In Vegas! Spotted Throwing Up On Herself In Nightclub!

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OMG! Poor thing!

Here's hoping she takes this as a sign that her body has had enough!

Rihanna may be busy getting ready to promote her new album - and its lead single, Diamonds - but the pop star has also dedicated quite a bit of her schedule this past summer to pAArtying hard all over the world…and over the weekend, while getting drunk with Ne-Yo at 1 OAK in Las Vegas, it finally caught up with her!

Sources present at the nightclub have revealed that RiRi was so out of it that she began to VOMIT while she danced!

The insider reveals:

“She threw up in a napkin. The guy with her handed her a white towel to clean up.”

And something tells us that it wasn't just a bunch of streamers, like in the We Found Love video!


Perhaps the most concerning about this all, however, is that gurlfriend didn't call it a night after the incident!

Witnesses claim she stayed at 1 OAK until 5:30am, only to then continue pAArtying at the Spearmint Rhino strip club!

That's a long-ass time to stay out with vomit residue on your clothes and your breath!

Then again, this is Rihanna. Maybe she had a new dress (and a mint!) on standby! We just hope she starts taking it easy, for her own sake!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Rihanna PAArties Too Hard In Vegas! Spotted Throwing Up On Herself In Nightclub!”

  1. 1

    Almost time for a trip to the hospital for 'exhaustion', from 'working too hard'.

  2. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    I'm gonna vomit all over myself if you post another rhinna story…

  3. John Panichella says – reply to this


    check out my blog !

    If you're tired of all the GOSSIP I post just the facts and interviews that I conduct with celebrities. I hope you guys like it!


  4. 4

    I have never understood why people drink to the point of puking … just does not make sense.

  5. Whitney says – reply to this


    Klassy as always.

  6. 6

    Oh, the elegance!

  7. 7

    Poor thing? How is she poor thing. She drank so much she puked on herself? Good god, grow the fuck up you nasty sloped forehead skank.

  8. 8

    of course perez has to kiss rihannas ass even though this is pretty close to lindsay lohan/amanda bynes behavior. if u ask me acting like this in public (no matter how rich u r, or if u have a fresh dress with a mint and a driver) is WAAAAY worse than someone that smokes cigarettes. which is what perez calls everyone out on. and OF COURSE perez has like 20 stories on his sight ribbing celebs for smoking weed and when rihanna puts out her new drug inspired single art he calls it "AMAZING"/

  9. 9

    How surprising.

  10. 10

    Poor thing? Just like with Lindsay, if she's dumb enough to drink until she pukes all over herself I don't feel bad for her. I don't feel sorry for her. Why are these people drinking and partying like they are high school kids.

  11. Leslie says – reply to this


    Poor Rihanna, poor Lindsay, poor Amanda. Nothing poor about any of these stupid girls. They're a bunch of girls who were thrown into the spotlight and it went to their heads. They all need to go away somewhere, get clean of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and learn to like themselves.

  12. 12

    there's a real class act

  13. Brey says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ, just because their lives are caught on camera every once in a while, and shitty stories come out like this, doesn't mean that they're not normal human beings like the rest of us. Stop being intolerant assholes. We've all had our share of fuckered up beyond belief nights that led to puking or just bad decisions in general. "You can never be old and wise, if you weren't young and crazy." Hell, at least stuff like this makes for lessons learned and probable good stories.

  14. Sdretuo says – reply to this


    ain't that the monkey who has a grammatically incorrect tattoo on her neck? dumb classless ghetto ho

  15. 15

    I drink a fair amount but have NEVER thrown up all over myself.

    PS - I drink at home and do not drink and drive.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    That's vile, er, I mean bile.