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Austin, Texas Man Sought By Police For Hate Crime Against Two Gay Men

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As much as we'd like to believe that these types of incidents don't take place, they do and they need to STOP!

Two men were attacked in Austin, Texas on Friday night and believe it's because they are gay.

Mike Soret and Andrew Oppleman were getting pizza when an unindentified man picked a fight with Soret and pummeled him with his fist. Oppleman tried to pull the man off, but was rewarded with EIGHT teeth being knocked out. He explained:

"He kept on pounding on my friend, pounding on my friend. He threw me off balance. I fell back to the construction area, got up again a little bit and turned to him. All of a sudden, his fist was in my mouth. Eight teeth were on the floor. I'm bleeding all over. He ran away. His friend was standing there laughing like it was some kind of joke."

Ugh! How terrible!

The cowardly bully is currently being sought by police since his friend — who was arrested for public intoxication — is not cooperating.

Oppleman calls himself "an innocent by-stander trying to enjoy Austin" and sadly, he got the absolute worst of it.

We KNOW that is not what the city is about, so if you witnessed this awful assault, please come forward so this maniac doesn't start beating on others for no good reason!

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Austin, Texas Man Sought By Police For Hate Crime Against Two Gay Men”

  1. 1

    these sickos need to be put in jail u dont just randomly attack people thats demon behaviour and he should have to pay for the guys teeth to get new ones

  2. Chesterb says – reply to this


    It's always amusing when u make posts like this. Have u ever read the comments on your own site? This website is a hate crime and you comtinue to cultivate a hate filled world on a daily basis.

  3. 3

    It sounds like someone was assaulted. Aren't most assaults pretty hateful? Can you have it both ways. Gays want equality but are asking for crimes perpetrated against them to be separate. Also If you are white and kill or assault outside of your race you have committed MORE of a crime. Hate crime shine a light that people ARE NOt EQUAL in the eyes of the law. This would make sense in the case of children elderly or mentally disabled, I think we can agree they are not equal and more vulnerable to crimes. Do gays want to be seen as unequal to everyone else? If so, why can't they understand not be able to marry?

  4. 4

    Re: Lady Who? – shut fucking up u think its ok for someone to attack a complete stranger in the street u are deranged!

  5. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Actually, it's Nick Soret, not Mike. Also, was surprised to read that you didn't include that this crime occurred during Austin's gay pride week. I am completely disgusted by the drunks that instigated this act. I will never understand the audacity of one to think it's okay to strike another human being.

  6. 6

    That's what we need more of, gays getting the shit kicked out of them. That will drive the queers back into the closet.

  7. Sazzze says – reply to this


    "and believe it's because they are gay"…… lol they are playing the gay card, pathetic

  8. Jason says – reply to this


    Wait, so where's the evidence that this was, in fact, a hate crime? All I read was "Two men were attacked in Austin, Texas on Friday night and believe it's because they are gay."

    This was an assault. Not a hate crime. There is a huge difference. Yet, in the title of the article, it's called a hate crime. That's so Fox News-like of you, Perez.

  9. Austin Joe says – reply to this


    They need to release the name of the friend who isn't "cooperating" so he can suffer a nice beating too. Maybe that will help him "cooperate" and release the name of the freak he's friends with. Then bestow upon that monster a nice beating as well.

  10. Austin Joe says – reply to this


    Something that's even more pathetic than the attackers are the people posting comments here who have NO IDEA what a hate crime actually is. They attacked these guys by claiming one of them was looking at them. Why would someone care if they were being looked at? Oh.. it's because it was a gay man and that's just so horribly gross. So let's beat these guys up. What makes this a hate crime is that ANYONE who was there at that moment could have been victims. The victims' sexuality was what drove the assault. So these monsters are a threat to an entire group of people. The only result these freaks got was the satisfaction of hurting someone because of a certain trait that they don't like. THAT is a hate crime.

  11. bella says – reply to this


    What makes this worse is that this happened during Pride Weekend in downtown Austin.

  12. Yoshi says – reply to this


    The Koreans are violent and like to fight. Need to catch this Korean guy and deport him back to Korea.