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Fiona Apple Scares Us With Behavior! Experts Weigh In!

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We hope hope hope the thoughtful, beautiful, and ridiculously talented artist that is Fiona Apple isn't resorting to self-destructive ways…

But after seeing her scarily skinny face (above) AND hearing about all the sh*z surrounding her marijuana arrest, we are definitely concerned about Fiona's physical and mental health!

And it seems Mz. Apple is raising the eyebrows of quite a few health professionals.

Nutritionist Dr. Fred Pescatore claims that weed is not usually a cause of dramatic weight loss (duh), and that Fiona has lost at least 30lbs recently!

Dr. Fred explains:

"She does look gaunt and pot is usually not the only culprit in that situation. It looks as if she is in a downward spiral and that may be causing her to be apathetic to how she appears."

Psychotherapist Jessica Aronson is more worried about Fiona's mental health, stating:

"I would guess she is numbing herself from something - most likely feelings. Being in the public eye and getting arrested for drug use brings attention to herself and highlights whatever difficulty she is going through. Her pictures certainly look alarming and concerning."


While obviously these are merely opinions and hold NO validity as to what may be going on with the iconic singer, we can't deny her waif-like look and recent behavior does seem indicative of deeper issues…

We just hope that if Fiona DOES need help, she finds it fast before withering away into nothing!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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16 comments to “Fiona Apple Scares Us With Behavior! Experts Weigh In!”

  1. BAD DOG says – reply to this


    APPLE ?????

    I'M THINKIN' : PRUNE !!!


  2. 2

    Is she even alive? She looks like a zombie.

  3. 3

    No you aren't concerned at all….just shut up

  4. 4

    Pot makes you gaunt I had no idea? You thought the popo's behavior was suspect before. Perez!!!!!! Again I know you are busy(congrats) but the people writing for you! Do you EVER read it?

  5. Carla says – reply to this


    Perez you are really off base here. I know that you mean no harm and that you truly respect Fiona as an artist, but your reporting is contributing to a whole slew of irresponsible reporting surrounding these incidents.

    Firstly, one so-called journalist caught a picture of Fiona heading into HOB NOLA on Monday; that writer claimed that Fiona looked noticeably skinnier post-arrest. This is simply 100% untrue. If you and/or any of these writers had been paying attention to Fiona, you would know that she has been THIS THIN for over a year. Throughout her entire tour starting in March. While you may think she is dangerously skinny, the fact is that her weight is NOT a result of her arrest. To suggest otherwise is wholly irresponsible.

    I refer you to the one media report that seems to have truthfully reported on the situation.

    Given your tremendous admiration for Fiona as an artist, please show her & your readers the respect of not buying the baseless hype.

    Thank you!

  6. free fiona says – reply to this


    No Perez you are NOT concerned with her and you know it. Stop it. If you were so concerned you would not have made fun of her in your last post.

  7. 7

    Let's be honest for once. WEED does not do this to a person. There is no way. It is way more than weed to do that to a person.

  8. 8

    Re: Carla – I love how they said she dropped 30lbs. Talk about an exaggeration. I know this because we are the same height. 10lbs on her will put her back to low end of healthy zone. Like she said this attention is taking away from her music. They are trying to make her out to be a wasted druggie. No one ever reads the back stories but anyways.

  9. chelsea says – reply to this


    She's already addressed the weight loss in interviews. She's been this skinny for at least a year, and it's because she quit heavy drinking and also stopped eating gluten because she found out that's she's allergic. Add this to her already being basically vegan, and you can see how she would get this thin.

  10. Tom says – reply to this


    Your behaviour, Perverse HalfWit, is a lot scarier than anything Ms. Apple could do. I cordially invite you to "know thyself", as in the biblical sense. Get it? Didn't think so, you retrograde, sycophantic troglodyte.

  11. alvaral11 says – reply to this


    I hav ethe same opinion that some of you have, this is just the typical case of seudo journalists trying to make a story where there isnt one, we the real fans know there's nothing wrong with her, she's no Amy winehouse using heavy drugs and drinking lots of alcohol. We read the interviews she did around the time when the Idler Wheel dropped, and know what she said regarding her appearence.
    If you didn't pay attention to her then, don't try to act so concern about her now.
    Bottom line, she's fine, she's always been outspoken and honest (what most idiots like to label as crazy)
    and the album is hands down THE BEST OF THE YEAR.

  12. Fiona fan says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton , who are you to judge anyone? And since when has bulling someone helped them? I very much doubt that you will ever hear, " because someone tore me down and bullied me I got myself out of a rut" !! Last night Fiona herself asked you to stop hurting her , if you have a heart please stop ,not just her but stop hurting everyone that you talk about

  13. Tim says – reply to this


    This site is so awful and mean-spirited.

  14. 14

    Drugs. She's on a lot of drugs.

  15. Meg says – reply to this


    This is highly irresponsible and rather stupid. She should sue to so called *experts* for their stupid speculation. I've been a fan for years. She has always been thin. She probably always will be. Who cares.
    She is an incredible musician. And amazing artist who is clearly very sensitive and this type of bullying should be called out for the immature stupidity that it is. Its sad that in this day and age, its okay to be so mean spirited, so judgmental and to spew this negative crap and call it journalism.

  16. lori says – reply to this


    your website sucks balls these days. its all hear say shit. u say you "changed" and your such a "yogi" but yet you presume all these things about ppl, write about them on this worldy popular blog, and spread negative gossip. ur a fraud dude. get over yourself.