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Camille Grammer Begs Kelsey Grammer To Stop Talking Shiz!

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Camille Grammer kelsey grammer dick

Leave Camille Grammer ALONE!!!!

It seems Kelsey Grammer's new favorite subject, is how crappy his 13 year marriage to the former Housewife of Beverly Hills star "really" was.

The Boss actor recently bashed his ex-wife on Conan, and then again on Anderson, telling the host not ending their relationship sooner is one of his biggest regrets!

Camille has been deeply hurt by all the negative press, and is begging Kelsey to respect her by stfu! She told our source:

"Kelsey and I shared a life together and have two beautiful children together, and I just wish he would stop the constant barrage of negativity towards me as it's bad for our children and our respective families."

All she REALLY wants is for him to throw her a friggin' bone and say something nice for a change!

Camille confessed her deep desire, saying:

"I would hope that Kelsey would say something positive about our life together, so we can be amicable. I have absolutely no ill will towards Kelsey, I keep focused on what is ahead and I don't look back. I have happy memories about my time with Kelsey, yes, there were sad times, but I focus on the positive times for the sake of our children. I'm just not a negative person."

After publicly cheating, you'd think Kelsey would be a little less eager to publicly humiliate Camille again.

Perhaps he continues talking shiz to justify his adultery….

Whatever the reason, we stand by our Housewife!

The guy needs to give it a break, and try to throw some positive energy her way!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Camille Grammer Begs Kelsey Grammer To Stop Talking Shiz!”

  1. 1

    I cant believe that Camilla is the BIGGER person here. Kelsey is crossing the line and i dont understand whey he feels he has to talk so much trash about her marriage with C. And if I was his new wife…will tell him to STFU also…as a woman i will never allow my husband to talk so much sh*** about other woman, that will come back to hunt her in the future, doesnt she think he can probably be talking about her the same way once the honeymoon is over?? It looks like Kelsey has a lot of anger and issues not only against Camille but WOMEN in general…..

  2. sam says – reply to this


    are you that stupid shes been doing the same thing dumb dumb

  3. david says – reply to this


    this guy is the biggest scum bag in showbiz. he STILLO owes his agents money for FRASIER and will say anything to try and vindicate his bad behavior. he is morally bankrupt and a disgusting pig of a human being. Camille is a whore for attention but Kelsey is the real reason to turn this couple off and ignore them forever.

  4. 4

    Kelsey needs to STFU. He chose to stay in the marriage and for the sake of the children he needs to be quiet. He is the one who cheated with a girl old enough to be his daughter, so it looks really bad on him to go around and whine. Keep your private life private Kelsey!

  5. 5

    Damn, anything to do with that homo show Real Worthless Whores of <insert locale here> you just jump all over it and defend these soulless women blindly. She is a nasty whore who got rich by fucking a celeb and getting knocked up. She should be grateful.

  6. disgrace says – reply to this


    He is a SCUM BAG.

  7. 7

    People should just keep their mouth's shut.
    Kelsey, Seal, etc all degrade themselves. They think they're scoring points but they are NOT!

  8. You'reAnIdiot says – reply to this


    How does having a husband & kids make her a whore? They chose to have children by surrogate b/c she could not carry a pregnancy.

    Sounds like you're the one who should be sterile instead, what a hateful piece of crap you are. What a disgusting human being you are, your mom must be proud. Re: hoochpit

  9. Katie says – reply to this


    Ok so as a female and as an avid watcher of Real Housewives I have to take Kelsey's side on this. If you have really followed this story you would know that she started talking bad about him first last year calling him a cross dresser amongst other things in the press.
    He stayed silent for a year but he did get her and the real housewives show greenlit. What most people do not realize is that those women are not friends in real life. They just group a bunch of them together and they go to fancy parties and create drama. He did get on her on that show and had agreed to do an appearance on it. Sure he made mistakes and I think he is talking too much now but nobody knows exactly what happened behind the scenes and who wouldn't be upset if your partner started it by "claiming you were a crossdresser" and humiliating you in public. The interviewers just love to ask these questions and he gets baited sometimes. They both should just stay quiet now for the sake of the children but she definitely deserves a large share of blame and needs to stop trying to PR everything.

  10. jk says – reply to this


    It doesn't say much about him does it? He was out screwing this woman who is now his NEW wife ,he trades them in and I hope this bimbo he has now knows it is coming the minute he finds someone else. He is a nut job and a closet gay for cripes sakes and women keep marrying the butt plug. He literaly makes me ill to look at him and to hear him bash the mother of his kids makes it worse. He is nothing but a two bit creep who thinks adultry is ok as long as he is the one doing it and this thing he married sits there with her look of surprise when Oprah calls her the other woman. Like she is shocked that someone wolud call her that lol O should have just said ,so you are the whore that hooked up with a married man after serving him a drink on an air plane? The one that got PG on purpose and had a miscarriage and then immediately got pg again?? He will have a blast with that when he dumps her. I feel for his ex wife she is getting on with her life and all he is doing is bashing the mother of his kids to make it look like he had the right to cheat because she was mean to him,..what a fool he is. I wont watch a thing he is in anymore. He goo goo dada ovwer that baby like it is the 2nd coming of CHrist and it is ALL show. He only wanted his son and was going to let the girl stay with her mother,,what an asshole.I wouldnt let him near my dead dog.