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Glee Sneak Peek! Are Lea Michele & Cory Monteith DUNZO In The Break Up?

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Say it ain't so!

There are strong hints that Lea Michele's and Cory Monteith may be done which is literally breaking our hearts!!!

Finn & Rachel's relationship have been one of the highlights on the show since way back, so we can't imagine them not being with each other, but since the title of this episode is called The Break Up - we're definitely holding our breath!!

Ch-ch-check out the SNEAK PEEK at Thursday's all-new episode of Glee by clicking PLAY directly (above) !!!

Hopefully, there won't be too many tears!!!

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23 comments to “Glee Sneak Peek! Are Lea Michele & Cory Monteith DUNZO In The Break Up?”

  1. 1

    I have to say that I actually really like the Brochel romance. Rachel and Finn were high-school sweethearts and Finn did tell her to move on, which she is doing.

  2. Annoyed says – reply to this


    It's finchel not monchele

  3. kayla says – reply to this


    I don't think that Rachel and Finn are going to break up in this show. I think this show is going to be a breakup between Blaine and Kurt. It's more than obvious. I think everyone is thrown off because they were focusing on the end of the last show, with Finn showing up while Rachel was on a date, but are you guys forgetting how absorbed Kurt has been? How he is changing into a different person. Blaine is crying while he re-sings a song that has sentimental meaning between the two of them. Unfortunately, and sadly, I strongly believe that this episode will be the split between them. Which kind of breaks my heart, because I think the characters are perfectly designed for each other.

  4. Laura says – reply to this


    Finchel FOREVER! They are true love and I'm waiting for the Finchel Reunion.

  5. Maggie says – reply to this


    Finchel is forever. They're endgame. Whether they break up now is not relevant because they'll be back together in the end.

  6. Stephanie says – reply to this


    How rude, Perez! I actually thought Lea and Cory were breaking up and had a small heart attack. I mean, I don't want my finchel to break up either, but I can cope with that a little easier.

  7. 7

    why you always write such misleading titles Finn and Rachel are not Lea and Cory

  8. noro says – reply to this


    i refuse to watch glee now i really think it's lost it's touch & i've been reading spoilers about finchel & i totally refuse to watch them with other people how can they do this to finchel i am sooooo mad at the writers & i totally hate brody sorry i'd rather watch re runs of season 3 then season 4 or some other show when finchel get back together i'll come back & watch glee again but for now goodbye glee finchel 4 eva

  9. Lisa says – reply to this


    Perez why are you such an idiot? You still don't know the difference between Monchele and Finchel! Guess you didn't see the photo's of Lea driving Cory's car yesterday 9/27/12.

  10. Amanda says – reply to this


    its gonna be kurt and blane that break up….aren't finn and rachel already broken up anyway??

  11. actors says – reply to this


    Lea and Cory are not Rachel and Finn

  12. karen says – reply to this


    again, another example of misleading reporting by Perez Hilton, to catch attention to his column. well, guy has to do his job; and btw, who says no one cares about lea and cory or monchele or finchel?

  13. Jeanna says – reply to this


    Brittany and santana … Brittanys gotta crush on sam

  14. nudgee says – reply to this


    i totally refuse to watch glee now they have probaly lost alot of finchel fans i am a major finchel fan so i’m not happy about what the writers are doing on glee i mean for once can’t it be another couple that breaks up & has trouble or has the third person involved why is it always finchel that takes the fall it is just getting sooooo old now glee has totally lost it’s touch and this brody character is just boring as he just does not have the connection with rachel that finn has sorry & the new rachel totally don’t like where that’s going she’s just is not the same rachel anymore sorry but for now bye

  15. Mirte says – reply to this


    Hmm, Finn and Rachel already broke up… I love Finchel but Brochel is also very interesting..

    But I think that The Break-Up episode is about Blaine&Kurt or Brittany&Santana..
    - Brittany and Sam are toooo close
    - Santana is paying no attention to Brittany
    - Kurt is paying no attention to Blaine
    - That song above is soooo emotional!

  16. 16

    I don't know if I will be able to watch this episode! Just watching the short clip of Blaine singing Teenage Dream made me cry. Such a great actor. Bravo!

  17. Julie says – reply to this


    I think its the boys that are going to break up. During the song both are so emotional and its not a happy we are going to be together forever emotion its a duh,duh,duh

  18. nonie sheehan says – reply to this


    If cory and lea are breaking up, I don't think i will watch the glee again. they are the only one that drives every one on my group to watch it.

  19. 19

    I am a little nervous to watch this episode, as it seems like every couple may be ending things. Finn and Rachel are such a great couple, but they have such different aspirations at this point in their lives. While discussing this episode with a co-worker at DISH, we came to the conclusion that the time apart will be for the best. They are not in high school anymore, so having time to grow up will prepare them for a real relationship. It was interesting to watch the character evolution when I finally caught up with this season using my Hopper. The 2,000 hours of recording space have been amazing with my busy schedule, allowing me to spend the weekends watching with everything I missed. This season is nice in that many of the characters are experiencing some of the harsh realities of the real world. Many relationships don’t last, but I have hope for Rachel and Finn, they will find their way back to each other eventually.

  20. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    I would not mind seeing everyone start new lives, especially the graduates! That's how life works and people need to realize that.

  21. Nicole says – reply to this


    …I thought this article was saying that Lea and Cory were breaking up, not that their characters were breaking up.

    As for that, it's already been confirmed by writers/producers that Finchel is over.

  22. Paola says – reply to this


    Finchel is forever sorry broady i dont like you at all find another girl Rachel and Finn belong together.
    Please Ryan dont do this to the characters the best par of the show and best duets are always when finn and rachel are together is the essence of glee without that it does not work.

  23. Mezza says – reply to this


    I personally think all the couples 'split' in a certain way. When we left off season 3, Finn said to Rachel he's setting her free to find who she is and to get to where she wants to be which she has to do on her own. I don't think that will change. I think Rachel, by the end of the break-up episode, will realise it's time to let go completely and move on with her life. Blaine and Kurt are likely to separate (hopefully just for now!) because Kurt has lost sight of Blaine. He needs the opportunity to emerge himself fully in what he's doing because he's loving it so much, and Blaine needs to be there not waiting for Kurt's attention. Brittany and Santana worry me because of Brittany's growing closeness to Sam. It appears that Santana is appearing at the right time, but is it too late?! Will and Emma are only separating temporarily because of the job. I think the wedding will be on hold and they'll re-assess where they're at when Will comes back. It is a long time to be separated…