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21 comments to “Grey's Anatomy Creator Responds To Twitter Hate, Explains Death Decisions!”

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    no no no no NO! he didn't HAVE to die! he didn't HAVE to abandon anybody, he could've stayed…struggle to overcome lexie's death and them find love with someone else and struggle feeling guilty about getting over lexie…there's so much that could've been done! KAREV overcame Lizzie's abandonment, so did yang and many others…suddenly HE couldn't??? bullshit! Shonda wanted to have everyone in a state of panic and anger and she accomplished that but rest assure she will be loosing many of those viewer cause anger is hard to let go. just sayin'

  2. 2

    Re: cincin12 – uhhh no he couldn't stay because Eric Dane was leaving the show. His contract was up and he didn't want to renew.

  3. megan says – reply to this


    Re: cincin12 – eric dane no longer wanted to be on the show….so she had to write him off. you would think a die hard greys anatomy fan would know that….smh

  4. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: cincin12 – ….. His name is Alex… and Her name is Izzie… For Isabelle. Just sayin'

  5. 5

    fine, she had to kill him off, but why didn't she do it during the finale?!?!? She made the fans go through hell because she gave us hope. Not to mention the fact that we had time to get over Lexi's death (even though I'm not over it yet). Once our hearts were mended, she killed off Sloan and broke our hearts once more. Give the fans a break. I think a romantic death would have been ideal (if she absolutaly had to kill Mark off). I would have preferred he died when Lexi did, like a sort of Notebook death scene. I hate they fact that in the finale they killed of Lexi and then in the premier they killed of Mark. Why didn't she kill both off them off during the finale? I feel like fans might have been a bit less pissed off if she did that.

  6. 6

    WHY is this awful show still on the air?

  7. Whoa says – reply to this


    I think Eric Dane's personal life played a large part in his being written out. Crack and Hookers with his Cra Cra killer wife. I don't know if the video is still online, if it is you have to check it out. What a loser!

  8. Kristin Maloney says – reply to this


    I don't understand why everyone is so shocked by her killing off Mark Sloan. Back in the day before the internet was huge, social media, gossip sights, etc. season premieres use to be interesting and shocking. Now we know going into the season who is returning and how didn't renew their contract. We knew months ago that Eric Dane had decided to leave the show. He was leaving and Rhimes needed to do something about his character. I agree with Rhimes (not that it matters because it is her show.) He couldn't leave Seattle unless he died. Someone made the comment that they should have killed him off at the same time as Lexi. The problem with that being that Rhimes knew Leigh was leaving prior to the Finale but did not know Dane was leaving until after it was filmed. By not killing him then she left the option that he could re-up his contract. All that being said, the fact that people are sending this woman death threats is beyond ridiculous. Was it an incredibly sad episode? Yes. Did people understandably like the Mark Sloan Character? Yes. But seriously, it's a tv show.

  9. 9

    Re: cincin12 – As many others have said, Eric wanted to leave, so no Mark couldn't stay. Another thing someone willing leaving you, such as Alex and Izzie and Christina and Burke, is a little easier to get over than the someone you love dying. If my boyfriend broke up with me, I would be able to get over it in a while, yes I would be sad but would eventually move on. If my boyfriend died in an accident I would be less willing to move on, because of the guilt I would feel. ((Not saying that if your loved one die you should never be happy again, because you should! It is just a completely different circumstance and feeling.))

    It's a TV show, and people need to realize that characters die on TV shows, it's a part of life. I was in love with George O'Malley and look at that, I was heart broken when he died, and still am when I think of it. But I would never send death threats to Shonda, that is a bit overboard.

    Also to everyone saying everyone should have saw this coming…. I didn't! I tend to stay away from spoilers to my TV shows, I hate knowing what is going to happen. So I stay away from stories about the actors too, just in case. I had no clue he wanted off the show.

  10. ONIT says – reply to this


    Re: Chrisorama – It all depends on the contract negotiations and when Ms. Rhimes is informed about the outcome. There is not much time between that and shhoting the first episode of the new season. Eric Dane surely made his move to leave the show after last season's finale was aired.

  11. 11

    Honestly, if Shonda had any creativity at all, she could have thought of another way to write him out. The love of his life had died, she could have easily had him decide that being where they worked was too much and he could have transferred to another hospital in Seattle. Than the other characters could have just mentioned him every now and then. Or really she could have just been a better writer in the first place and had Lexie not die and just transfer out of SGH and Mark could have decided to follow her. But well, its Shonda so she needs to go for the over the top drama. It's all she knows.

    I also find it beyond insulting for her to suggest if he had moved away he'd be abandoning his daughter. Moving away isn't abandonment, not if you still make a point to be involved. Just insulting.

    Of course she explains this while she still is yet to give a good reasoning why she thinks its normal that Meredith would continuously choose her best friend over her husband. Which even Patrick and Ellen say doesn't make sense.

    God, she's such a bad writer.

  12. Beyond disappointed says – reply to this


    What a. Load of poo! U didn't have to kill anyone off! All that had to be done was a) end the series or b) have mark get another job his dream job and lexie decide to follow him leaving his child with her mothers who are darn good moms! No this is about a paycheck not about giving the fans a good story shame on you Shondra! U ruined a great show for the golden dollar! Trying to sell private practice on a greys explanation is classy….I hope abc cancels it this season before u ruin them for their fans!

  13. Laura says – reply to this


    I'm sorry everyone but really? I understand you love the show, but that's exactly what it is…a SHOW! NOT real life! People are getting on this poor woman about how she(THE WRITER!) decided to end the show. Nobody knows exactly what she's going through, exactly how the characters contracts go and whatnot. She is the writer because she knows what she's doing and she's obviously doing a good job if you guys are this into the show. So I'd say until you're in her position, know ALL of the facts, give her a break and let her do her job! If you don't like the show, don't watch it.

  14. Sarah says – reply to this


    Oh all you people must be professional writers and get paid to create Grey's Anatomy story line… Oh wait.

  15. Gail Sanguiliano says – reply to this


    I'm totally done watching Grey's, bye now!

  16. hallas says – reply to this


    Actually, he DIDN'T want to leave the show and due to budget cuts, Shonda apparently had to cut one of the major actors for wiggle room. Because Lexi died, she figured it would make sense for Mark to go.

    I always wanted them two to get back together … and they did in a way. I spent an hour (while watching it) crying because I have been emotionally invested in this show since the pilot. I love this show and will remain loyal to the end. I really cannot wait to see how Callie's storyline develops over loosing her best friend and the father to her child not to mention her wife has had her leg amputated. With Christina in Minnesota and Kepner coming back, I think it'll prove for an interesting season.

    Not to say that I am not LIVID that Mark and Lexi are gone (my two favorite character, by the way), but that would never make me stop watching it. If George dying didn't make me stop watching it, I don't think anything will. :P

  17. 17

    Re: Sara – But most of the time characters get referred to by their last name i.e. Karev, Yang, Grey, etc….just sayin'

  18. Isabella says – reply to this


    Maybe she should have kept both alive and leaving Seattle Grace for any other reason. They didn't have to die, you know?

  19. 19

    ok so i know this is off topic… but where was sloans gf when he died?? he got on the plane and was still dating her. then he came back and she doesnt come to see him??

  20. Amber says – reply to this


    Re: alycat65 – His "girlfriend" was lexie..who also died.

  21. LittleMo says – reply to this


    Re: Isabella – I'm so glad to see someone else besides me thought of this. I have never seen a fan base for a network prime time show so completely blown off the way the Mark/Lexie fans were. GA has been the "callie and arizona" show for 3 years, teasing the M/L shippers "keep watching, the re-union is coming, wait for it, be patient, etc. " and on and on and on. All the while she was planning this? As for Chyler wanting off, I don't think I believe that. All last year when there was a question of whether or not Ellen and Patrick would return, CL said if she had to be the "Grey" in "Greys' Anatomy" she was fine wiht it. Now Shonda Rimes wants us to believe she and Chyler planned her exit? B___sh_t!!!! This was her explanation and Mark "had" to die? More B__sh_t!! People know this is just a TV show so those pointing their finger at the anger and climibing on a high horse really do need to back the hell off. It's the idea of being lied to, strung along, and completely blown off that has peopel up in arms about this. Like I said above here, SR has been promising a Mark/Lexie reunion for a few years so what do we get? MAYBE 10 minutes in the season 8 finale then Lexie dies.But wait - that wasn't enough - Season 9 premier Mark dies, too. She couldn't have sent them off somewhere together? Had them get married and write them out as leaving on their honeymoon? Even more b__s_t!!! Shonda Rimes is a f___ng c__t.