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Uh oh! Have Taylor Swift and former Jonas Brothers bf Joe reignited their former love’s flame??? The country crooner may currently be all coRead more…

27 comments to “Taylor Swift Ready To Begin Again With Ex-Boyfriend Joe Jonas?!”

  1. fejiosefjl says – reply to this


    her boyfriend is a junior in high school

  2. pt says – reply to this


    She plays such a sweet country girl… but she has more boyfriends than common sense!

  3. 3

    Taylor is amazing. So talented, beautiful and kindhearted. No wonder guys go crazy for her.

  4. 4

    Could you have a more false headline? They were both backstage and hugged and said hello. How normal and civilized. That's all it was. Quit trying to make up stories that don't exist.

  5. Rockereric says – reply to this


    taylor seems like really sweet gir. she has alot of ex bf's joe jonas is doing that reality show with his brothers. to gain publicty. become revelant again. she is very talent sweet girl. never care for jonas brothers. not my generation. my generation is hanson/ they always seem lik hanson rip off. i wish taylor nothing but best. she rocks!

  6. Grace says – reply to this


    Um, yeah. Her boyfriend is in high school. His junior year. Not exactly "away at college."

  7. 7

    I rather see these two together than the little boy she's with. The Kennedy's don't like her and she needs an guy her age.

  8. 8

    Isn't the boy friend 18? Would you be starting your junior year in high school at 18? So he will graduate from hs at 20? Really?

  9. whatever says – reply to this


    They are just friends and she has only dated 5 guys in the last 8 years which is not that much. Emma Roberts and Emma Watson who are younger than her have both dated more guys than her. Not saying anything bad about the other girls, just a comparison. Not every guy she is seen with, she has dated. Not every song she has written about love is about her relationships, she has said that she writes a lot about her friends relationships as well. Not everyone finds "the one" at 22. You guys need to give her a break

  10. Sybil says – reply to this


    Thank you comments. Yes indeady, Conor Kennedy is still a high school student. Where was Chris Hansen when you need him?
    Get an age appropriate man friend, Tay Tay.

  11. Candy Barr says – reply to this


    Re: Pradagirl – Is he really a junior? Oh, my God! I thought he was a senior. She should be locked up. I cannot believe his family supports that relationship!

  12. Marcella says – reply to this



  13. cherryfries says – reply to this


    Perez, are you stupid? Conor is in high school! He's a junior at 18. You should really consider getting your facts straight on this stuff. I'm not a celeb blogger yet I know it. Shouldn't you?

  14. mary says – reply to this


    connor high school studies?

  15. fer1 says – reply to this


    I agree with you, I do not like to connor it

  16. lol says – reply to this


    she is fake!

    i hate swift!

  17. lollol says – reply to this


    she is real!
    I love Swift!

  18. MB says – reply to this


    Re: whatever – Yeah right…. that the public knows about. She actually has about (at least) 20 boyfriends. Who really knows how far it's gone with any number of them. I wouldn't date her for anything. I wouldn't have anything to do with her, for anything. In my opinion, she's a waste of time if you're a guy. Maybe in 8 or 10 years when she matures, but right now she is all over every young, good looking (celebrity) guy there is these days. Like white on rice.

  19. 19

    next hit song: i don't have you, but you left me with me with herpes

  20. 20

    Her next big song: He left me with Herpes

  21. dum dum says – reply to this


    i don't care at all… it's publicity stunts!
    can't she find better way to promote her new album?
    this is so lame… all her songs are about failed relationship & breakup?
    Get a life, Taylor!

  22. josh says – reply to this


    her relationships make her looks stupid and like a dumb-ass…
    it will be interesting if she dates a girl!

  23. whatever says – reply to this


    Re: MB – MB you are such a sad person!! She has not dated 20 people, not even close. Where is your evidence to validate this?? Your claims are ridiculous and immature. As if you would actually have a chance with her anyway, now or in 8-10 years. Your comment actually made me laugh cuz of how stupid it sounds.

  24. MB says – reply to this


    Re: whatever – Whatever…. And I don't mean your name. I didn't want her years ago, hardly noticed her existence, wouldn't want her now, or in 10 years. I can do better. That's a fact. She's an idiot, famous, with a boat load of cash (and zero talent) or not famous, living off daddy. An idiot.

  25. MB says – reply to this


    Re: whatever – There is a good reason that I am here, (here of all places), commenting negatively about Taylor Swift. It's not because I am or ever was a big fan of her, or Perez Hilton.

    So, keep your cake hole shut bitch….

  26. MB says – reply to this


    Believe me, pop culture these days in general, especially music, is fucking idiotic and lame. I am not here because I am a fan of this site, her, katy perry, selena gomez, Beiber, etc, ec, etc….

    Give these god damn kids the wheel, they driver the mother fucker into a cliff, and turn society into midless, tasteless morons, who know nothing of quality or taste. THAT'S the way I see it.

    Also, when I say "boyfriends, I mean every guy she calls "sweetie" or "luv" or whatever… all 75 of them. How many of these guys got a blow/hand job out of her?

  27. malia08 says – reply to this


    OK,OK Taylor S. backs together with Joe Jonas? For how long? How if he will dump her again? Maybe this time he will use email or SMS…..and she will write a song, my hairy boyfriend dumped me again. This time he used email /SMS. My heart is bleeding, he dumped me again. la,la,la,la, oh,oh,oh,oh.