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25 comments to “Lindsay SLAMS Dr. Phil! Says He's To Blame For Mother's Mess Of An Interview!”

  1. kaeto says – reply to this


    New Lindsay Lohan love song music video, and it's hilarious:

  2. 2

    This family never does anything wrong. They are all victims. Yeah, right.

  3. 3

    Will these Lohan's ever take responsibility for their actions?! Dina put herself into this situation, why blame Dr. Phil? Because a Lohan can do no wrong? Lindsay and her mother are the queen's of denial and blaming others. It's never their fault, always someone else's and the world is out to get them. I think the whole family needs a year or two in a closed off mental institution.

  4. 4

    I do think the media has made this family look worse than they are. I could think of a hundred other families I know who aren't much different, with similar issues and problems, but we don't call them a mess cause they're not on TV. However Dinah was not acting in a sober, lucid, mature fashion. Whether it was pills, booze, or maybe just fatigue at the constant peering into her life, she was not acting herself. She would have been MUCH better off claiming something, illness, ANYTHING than saying that she was acting totally normal.

  5. Rachel says – reply to this


    Typical Lohans. It's always someone else's fault.

  6. 6

    …man, the raspy coont was just hammered to the gills……….

  7. BAD DOG says – reply to this





  8. 8

    Isn't is ALWAYS everyone elses fault. When is it ever going to end?

  9. PM2901 says – reply to this


    #4 - So, Dina (or, "Dinah" as you called her) "was not acting herself"? Are you a personal friend of hers? She was CLEARLY drink and/or on drugs. Quit making excuses for that low-life family. Dr. Phil was 100% in the right, and NOT-mother-of-the-year Dina was her usual illiterate, in denial, crazy self. Like mother, like daughter. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  10. Bella says – reply to this


    Dina needs serious help, but regardless, the way "dr" phil treated her is outrageous. Has anyone ever seen him treat any other guest ("patient"? Lmao) that way? Of course not. He's a total douche bag.

  11. Nancy says – reply to this


    Re: SashaSkye – I can't help but compare the Lohan family to Britt Spears family. When they found out she was in trouble, making really bad decisions her parents stepped in and did what they had to do to save Brittney and her fortune, not once did they seek the spotlight for themselves. I never saw mom Spears out partying with her daugher. The Lohan parents are total media whores, they show little concern for Lindsay except for make excuses for her discusting behavior. Shame on them, they like the media attention….even the negative crap.

  12. 12

    Team Dr. Phil imo he could've been more aggressive. That was nothing. You have a child that messed up and hang out clubbing and drinking with her you better be prepared for some tough questions when you get paid to go on tv.

  13. atlg says – reply to this


    Dr. Phil is disgusting! A good doctor wouldn't put a person is that situation in public! And he is also to blame because he aired the show… Dina L. is a traumatized victim of violence and Dr. Phil knows that… He bullied her during the interview… Hate Dr. Phil!

  14. 14

    Team Lindsay on this one. I saw that Dr. Phil interview (and he is supposed to be A DOCTOR that helps people who need help - that's why they are there… so no "the Lohan's don't take responsibility for their actions on this one") and he was ego-tripping on someone who clearly needed a compassionate, counseling ear, not an ego-maniac.

  15. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Team Dr. Phil on this one he asked her if she was OK and wanted to continue.

  16. 16

    Team Lindsay! Dr. Phil is stupid and a stupid bully. If he thought she wasn't "ok" he should have postponed the interview, not embarrassed her on tape.
    And ps dr phil, get your stepford wife out of the audience, and have her stay in one of your many homes where she belongs. Thnx!

  17. 17

    Oh honey. I thought (at the very least) you were smarter than this.

  18. 18

    "Doctor" Phil should be ashamed of himself — if he were a real Doctor, Psychologist, etc. he shouldn't have tried to make someone look bad, then have the tape edited to look worse, so he could have it aired and hopefully get some viewers to watch the dying show.He looked like a bully.

    He could cure the whole family like he used to council on the Oprah show — sit them infront of an audience, have them look at each other and tell them that they're "precious," then … actually that's it — problem solved!

  19. samad7 says – reply to this


    Yachts, Mansions, Parties, Cars, and of course, more money are the only things celebrities, like Dr Phil and Lindsey, care about. Any fool who seeks their help in getting a quick problem fix, deserves the pain that came afterward…
    Trust me, the more we chat here, the richer Dr Phil gets. There is no negative ads..

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Didn't Dina want the interview to 'change her image?' If she knew it was coming up, why was she the way she was?
    Dr. Phil complied by being…Dr. Phil. He's always straight up.
    She certainly wasn't, from what I saw.

  21. 21

    When is Lindsay going to admit that her mother is a mess and also screwed up her life as much, if not more than her father did? And when is this entire family going to admit they need help?! When Lindsay dies?

  22. 22

    Re: Nancy – Very good response Nancy! I always thought the same thing about the two families. And you are right at least the Spears' handled the situation. They didn't let it continue and let Britney get close to killing herself off of drugs/partying/etc. Dina wanted this interview done. She wanted to "get the truth out". But Dr. Phil asked her questions we've all been seeking the TRUTH for and she couldn't answer ONE thing! Instead she just put all of the blame on Michael like she always does.

  23. Nikki says – reply to this


    Right it's Dr Phil's fault your drug had drunkenass Mom was going "Are the cameras rolling, they are rolling right?" while she smoothed her hair & hair extentions & wiped coke residue from her nose. Dina needs to go to rehab & stay off camera.

  24. melancholia1989 says – reply to this


    People need to get over this! Dina is an adult, a grown woman and it's not like Dr Phil bombarded her, she knew full well that she would be interviewed and she HAD to know what topics they would discuss. Sure, some of the editing could have made it look worse but everyone knows the Lohan family is a complete trainwreck. All they do is blame other people and they always avoid responsibility for their own bullshit problems.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    I just think she was in worse shape than everyone knew. Why didn't a pre-interview weed that out? Maybe it did, and they decided to let it fly because it was as bad as it was. The whole thing was a mess. Dr. Phil has done better.