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Ashton Kutcher Dreamt Of Mila Kunis While Boinking Demi Moore?

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ashton-kutcher-mila-kunis-infatuation-since-demi-moore that 70s show

It sure sounds that way!!

Regardless of whether or not Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were ever legally married, we always assumed the two of them were happily in love for at least a short while!

Now it seems like Two and a Half Men star might've Punk'd her the whole time!

According to a source close to them, Ashton's had a HUGE crush on his current girlie, Mila Kunis, for quite some time!

The source revealed:

"[Ashton] always had a thing for [Mila.] It's a real infatuation."


If he lusted after Mila since they called each other Jackie and Kelso on That '70s Show, does that mean he continued fantasizing about her while his relationship with Demi was in its prime!?

We're stoked these two found love at long last but we feel totes terrible for poor Mizz Moore!

She must feel like a dilapidated rest stop along Ashton's highway to happiness!

[Image via Splash News.]

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21 comments to “Ashton Kutcher Dreamt Of Mila Kunis While Boinking Demi Moore?”

  1. 1

    Is there anyone she hasn't slept with?

  2. 2

    EveryTime I have sex Im thinking about Honey Boo Boo's mom!!!!

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    I doubt he gave Mila any more thought than a back-brain burner compartmentalized crush. After reading a few interviews, I think he's got more ethics than that. I think he'd have given Demi the fair shake.

  4. MAC #1 says – reply to this


    YUCK! HATE this couple! She belongs with Macaulay Culkin!

  5. boston61 says – reply to this


    Wonder if he will stick around if she gets fat?

  6. MamaDiva says – reply to this


    I don't think that is true! I believe he truly loved her ( Demi).And I think Mila loved Mac too! It just didn't work.Alot of people seperate and yes it is sad.Am sure they will all be fine and comtinue to be civil.It seems like Ashton came from a good background with morals,as did Mila.Why all the hoop blah about these two.The only thing wrong is he shouldn't have cheated.That definely was bad to hurt his wife &daughter-in-law family.I've seen how this can leave a person's mental state.Your bad Ashton!!!!!!

  7. Mama Diva says – reply to this


    Lol!! Error repair meant step daughters not daughter in law.My bad!¡!

  8. tokin says – reply to this


    Re: boston61 – don't you mean when?

  9. anon says – reply to this


    They dont look right together. PR put together to shape things to the current circumstance.When it all changes it will be a different story probably by tiomorrow

  10. 10

    Mila has hit the wall. Now that she's maturing, she's going to get fat. Her head is already looking really fat, and her face is starting to look hard.

  11. 11

    Re: VhinnyD – yes. Does anyone else think that her head isvreally big for her body. Look at Ashtons head compared to hers. Is he a pin head or is her head huge?

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    I think this new pairing could work.

  13. 13

    I think Ashton really oved Demi and his life with her for a long time. He is a relationship type.of guy and he got sick of one night stands andv wants a girlfriend. Your article is not nice, Perez. We couldbsay thatvevety guy who bonked you was thinking.of someone else.

  14. Aslea says – reply to this


    Just by observing Kutcher's interviews and in general his whole life from young it is easy to see how stupid and immature he really is. MIla is superficial, she chooses her men based on their celebrity status, money and looks and eventually she pays for it!!! Macauly at least is kindhearted and a devoted man (being a Leo). He was there for his friend (Michael Jackson) when he was being accused for sexual harassment. He is also smart and talented even though he has his drug abuse problems. Ashton on the other hand… is the exact opposite. Here's how this relationship has formed and how it is going to end:

  15. Sandi says – reply to this


    Good couple. Ashton gets a lot of bad publicity he doesn't deserve. He should not have married a woman his mother's age and she should have known he would grow tired and want to be with people his own age. Mila is a beautiful girl and seems to be a good person so good for the two of them. WAY better than dating your grandma!

  16. MamaDiva says – reply to this


    Why throw Demi under the bus,because of her age.She is a beautiful woman &I am sure she is not hurting for a date.I think Ashton knew exactly what he was doing.He is not stupid.Yes it's true he can't act to save his ass,he got to where he is at because he's a pretty boy.Lol But seriously 50I is not that old.Some people don't even make it to 50.And all of you who are down with getting older, just remember it's enviable! !!!!!!!

  17. charitonorris says – reply to this


    I hate Ashton and Mila…I love Demi she is beautiful hope she will find a better man who will be faithful to her forever…AGE DOESN'T MATTER if it comes to LOVE

  18. charitonorris says – reply to this



  19. charitonorris says – reply to this



  20. Drucilla28 says – reply to this


    You people need to stop hating on Ashton and Mila. Comments like I hate Ashton and Mila as if they personally did something to you. The only thing he did wrong was cheat on Demi when they were married. Some of yall are acting as if that's Mila fault. I do think he loved Demi when they were married. And I don't think he was thinking about Mila at that time. Since neither one of their relationships worked out they are now giving it a shot with each other and there's nothing wrong with that. I hope it works out for Demi in her next relationship. And I hope it continues to go well for Ashton and Mila.

  21. MamaDiva says – reply to this


    Drucilla28, your comment was spoken like a true to heart caring person.What makes people thrive on other peoples hardship.It's so sad.No one knows the whole story.And yes people got hurt very bad.And then to have your daughters turn their backs on their Mom,My Mom passed away in 2006 and we had a very close relationship.Too have her back would mean the world to me.I miss her so so much.Ashton &I Mila should grow up tho.Making out in public is not cool it's so immature and jr high school appropriate .And pretty sure its tearing their exs heartout.Just have a little respect and quit rubbing their noses in it.We get it, your a couple.I never seen other celebs being so coldhearted.