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Fiona Apple Reveals Weight Loss Connected To Stress

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Poor thing. No matter what she might think, we're only concerned that her health is not getting the attention it needs. She's a very special person and one of our favorite artists.

We just want to see her looking happy and healthy again.

On Saturday night, Fiona Apple took to the stage in Clearwater, Florida to entertain some of her lucky fans. During her set, she addressed a lot of the speculation about her recent weight loss and confirmed that neither drugs nor alcohol have played a part in her gaunt appearance. In reality, the recent stress she has endured from her arrest and touring has been taking a physical toll on her, but she assured her fans she's taking better care of herself now.

Check out the video (above) to hear Fiona address all the rumors and speculation, frankly and honestly.

Just know that we care, girl. We genuinely do. And to hear you're taking steps to get better is music to our ears — better than your own music (which we adore!) to our ears!

You take care of yourself, Fiona!

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24 comments to “Fiona Apple Reveals Weight Loss Connected To Stress”

  1. Fi says – reply to this


    She has made a career out of looking like an unattractive, unhealthy stick figure drug addict and is convinced that looking like such a mess is attractive. I wonder if she is haunted by all the young girls who have starved themselves to death because of indifferent apathetic stick figure pseudo celebrities like her.

  2. 2

    She a beautiful person. I would get case of paranoia if people were saying I look sick too. I get that. I hope she knows it wasn't Perez who hired the experts. People need to stop that. According to experts everyone is on drugs or mentally ill. When in reality it's mostly humans being human. Everyone has their ups and downs. If you didn't experience these things something IS wrong with you. Human condition. What Madonna is to Perez Fiona is to me so let's get back to the music. You're still beautiful Fiona. F the haters!

  3. leslie says – reply to this


    No she hasn't, she has made a career out of making incredible music. Far superior than anything out there. She made it by being honest and sharing her heart with us and yes that includes her struggles. And she has done her best to turn them into something beautiful…..her words, her voice, her music. Living to tell about your struggles is nothing less than inspiring. Re: Fi

  4. caracona says – reply to this


    @Fi youre a retard, Fiona is not responsable of other girls, she makes music, she is not a pop star who works her image for publicity, she is thin and skinny, does that mean she has to hide that because of other girls?
    Fiona, dont worry, media is shit, and more nowadays, everybody can say their shitty opinion and you are in the public eye for the wrong reason, your music is tHE BEST and for sure you are the best songwritter of our generation. And if we are talking about your image, you are a natural and beautiful woman.

  5. caracona says – reply to this


    And another thing, the girls who look up to Fiona Apple dont do it because of her image (she is not Lady Gaga), those girls look up at her because of her brilliant art.

  6. 6

    Beauty is not from the outside it's from within. All the surgeons in the world can't fix that. Unfortunatly this message has been lost in the land of plastics.

  7. 7


  8. Sam Dunce says – reply to this


    If you look at the sensationalist way Perez presents Fiona, or ANYONE for that matter, you know that all he cares about is not letting his shitty blog die. SHAMELESS! Just don't write anything about Fiona on your crappy site, for that matter, Perez. And if you really did care about all the celebrities you supposedly "love," then write about them humanely and not to hook more readers.

  9. 9

    OK enough. She's been riding this Arrest Publicity too long. Geez what will she do when the real life crap hits her.

  10. Meg says – reply to this


    Re: Austin TX
    Austin, must be fun being such a cynical ass. Good luck with that.

    And I agree with Leslie, she has made a career by being a true artist which is sadly very rare in this time of Clear Channel crap radio and manufactured pop.

    It's also interesting how it's okay to talk about someone being too thin but if someone is fat, its not public fodder. Not that it should be, but the point is that all of this stupid, mean spirited judging is not doing anything other than making a few insecure asses feel better about themselves momentarily.

    Fi, I highly doubt that Fiona puts that much thought into her appearance and being "attractive". Yes, she's pretty but I would guess she is more interested in being a smart woman, an authentic person, a person with a lot of empathy for humanity, a person who is able to synthesize her experiences into beautiful songs. Believe it or not, being "attractive" is not the penultimate goal for everyone. Thank goodness some of us are able to rise above that superifical layer.

  11. tt says – reply to this


    I think you missed the point, the point is STOP BULLYING, and making assumptions about things and people… Fiona Rocks!

  12. free fiona says – reply to this


    Re: Austin TX – real life has been crapping on her since she was a kid. And Perez, she is talking about YOU. She addresses you specifically. Stop bullying people for site hits.

  13. Nobody says – reply to this


    I can't believe I'm commenting on here or even reading this crp site but your entire post (not her video) is so incredibly patronizing and full of pseudo-concern and i couldnt resist pointing that out. I hate that she addressed you in this video because it just feeds your narcissism. I also think you missed the point of her whole speech, which is that she wants you to stop bullying others not just her. But, yeah, leave her alone.

  14. AriellaIona says – reply to this


    Re: Fi – Why do we care about women's weight so much? Acting "concerned" when we decide a girl looks too skinny is just another puzzle piece to the problem. This is such a stupid culture.

  15. K says – reply to this


    Putting "food beware!" across her photo isn't really showing concern… That was in the article which pissed her off coincidentally….

  16. automaticsystematic says – reply to this


    Fiona is gorgeous; she's too busy being interesting and productive to worry about the scores of plastic, insecure freaks who work out 24/7. Poor baby. Hope she's having a fun tour and spoiling herself. Screw Texas!

  17. leslie says – reply to this


    Mr.Austin tx. Real life crap happened to.her real fast in the form of being raped when.she was 12. You shouldn't talk about shit you don't know about. Everyone has their own.story and journey, some people have more detour than others, the strong keep on traveling.

  18. julia says – reply to this


    Re: Nobody – i concur. Perez, this post is an insufficient response to what was in fact, public commentary on your journalistic approach. the opening phrase 'poor thing' (gross and belittling) sets a condescending tone for the rest of the article wherein you are sidestepping her grievances with you by focusing again on her health (whatever her health may be. you are not qualified or with sufficient information to know). clearly you and her are not close so doing the sugary over-sentimentality as though your heart is really invested, lacks character. it reminds me of some girl i used to be friends with and i feel you could have done better. perhaps you might still. .

  19. Jay says – reply to this


    So true…

    "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people"-eleanor roosevelt. Hmm I wonder which category that bitch perez falls under?

  20. Fat Loss Factor Review says – reply to this


    I sure hope she gets it together. We were just talking about this on a great youtube video we just posted:

  21. laurie says – reply to this


    At least Fiona became famous for doing something worth while- which is pretty fucking rare in Hollywood. Since so many of you are cloned sheep and are mesmerized by shitty small minded music, mass produced by fat dudes in ivory towers that puppeteer plastic musicians. Fiona is relatable to many people and seems to be where she is because she is truly talented and married to the music rather then just being another star who whores herself out for money such as yourself. Perez- When the cash stops rolling in and people grow tired of your venomous bullshit (which will happen) then you can sit back and reflect on how many precious years you have wasted being a duche all for the sake of greed.

  22. Fat Loss Factor says – reply to this


    Top Rated Diet Program, The Fat Loss Factor I Started Losing Fat Every 7 Weeks When I Stopped Making These 5 Mistakes . Highly Recomendded.

  23. qball says – reply to this


    I read this great book called “The Nature of Life” by Anton Glotser, its packed with useful information. I got it on this website but my friend got his on a reading app on his phone.

  24. Anneke says – reply to this


    Perez, you are a fucking idiot. She's talking about the media and its affect over celebrities, the constant criticism and the careful eye watching every movement and judging. This is not specifically about her weight though she does mention it. So wake up and realize she's addressing you and telling you to back off and get a life of your own that does not involve examining and often hurting others. Do you forget that she is a person? Do you forget that you're a person and there might actually be some real empathy in you and if you shoved your hand far enough up your ass maybe you could find it? But really, fuck you. Fuck the media. Fiona Apple is beautiful and brave. I doubt your sincerity in any of your comments above. WAKE UP. This is life. This is her life. You are a fucking waste of human if you can't realize that this site of yours is toxic no matter if your nice comments are intermingled with your negative.