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21 comments to “Robert Pattinson Tickles The Black Keys On Big Night Out Sans Kristen Stewart!”

  1. 1

    Can't you have a guy's night out without people thinking you are single? You don't have to be attached 24/7 you know.

  2. elisa says – reply to this


    Rob dump kstew after the scandal. all these ”omg they're back together” rumors just for BD promo.

  3. Hmph!! says – reply to this


    It's obvious he would not go back to that cheater. Kristen "desperate famewhore" Stewart and Summit can spread as many lies as they want on the internet, Rob will not respond and he's not going back. End of story. She's all about the drama and he is not. She may try to publicly engage him but he'll go about his business in private and no drama queen will draw him out no matter how much baiting articles she and her PR team puts out there.

  4. yesiam says – reply to this


    Those are not the only possibilities, Perez. My money is on "perhaps they are not back together at all and the media (which includes YOU) have made a whole soap opera out of a possible reconciliation of the two in order to profit from it because they know fans will be all over it. Yes, that's my guess.

  5. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    I can't believe Rob would be so stupid to get back together with Kristen. My guess is they probably met up to discuss how they are going to handle the BD promotions and that is it…no reconsolidation….no getting back together…only a fool would do that being so young and not married. Sorry! I pray Rob is not that fool.

  6. Lively says – reply to this


    Or maybe, just maybe, they actually are one of those couples who occasionally go out without the other. I read about that once and thought it strange, but it does happen.

  7. lulu collazo says – reply to this


    Robert: I hope you are as grateful to Kristen as you should,,, never forget she helped you being cast… remember your roots, never give up being down to earth and remember who gave you a helping hand to become what you are: Successful, smart and mostly remember that sensitivity is part of being a great person. Remember Kristen! Help her out!!! this is your time to show you care, rise over and be there for her! this is your time to "To help her being cast"…

  8. Kim says – reply to this


    Re: lulu collazo – The main helping hand Rob has had is his talent, charm and charisma. He will not forget his roots which include the movie with Reese Witherspoon that got him cast in the Harry Potter film that turned out to be his big break.

  9. lisa says – reply to this


    Re: lulu collazo – he got where he is due to his abilities, so just stop it. He does not owe her anything after she lied and betrayed him. You sound like you are 12 years old and don't understand a relationship and what it means when someone lies and cheats. grow up.

  10. anna says – reply to this


    Re: lulu collazo – Yeah like she showed him she cared when she lied to him and cheated on him, right? You sound like a child. She's lucky he has not badmouthed her as she would deserve it after the terrible things she did to him.

  11. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Lively – Not strange at all unless you are youns e together as we could, I just got tired of climbing over him since would nurse abeer or two the whole way.

    When you have been married over 30 years like me, you will learn it is nice to get away from each other sometimes. I have gone on a weekend whitewater rafting trip with my girlfriend and also went wine tasting for two nights, no big deal.

  12. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Sorry, but lost my post about booking separate aisle seats. Window gets boring after awhile.

  13. 13

    Yea, like the phrase "rolled in with ….male pals" is going to convince us that aren't stupid that he hangs with guys. History says different. He has hung with so many party females we here thought he must like a little but of orgying. No wonder he was so upset about not being considered for the fifty shades of gray porn story. Kristen can do much better than a drunk party guy that likes to act like he doesn't hurt a fly. He can't even commit to a relationship cause of some wierd reasons that he has given to all his girlfriends, like Nikki Reed, that wrote a poem that many of us think was about him, like having his cake and eating it too, and all the while putting her down with twisted words that confuse.Of course all his defenders will continue believing he as pure as the white driven snow but he can't fool everybody. Guys or girlies, he keeps partying. And why not? His fans see nothing wrong with that, right? But there is and has always been something wrong with that. Kristen, find yourself a smart, nice guy for yourself, someone that will take you places and enjoy yourselves, someone that will actually admit being in a relationship, some one like James Franco. And just let Mr. RP party his life away. Signed, a Kristen fan.

  14. I know something udont says – reply to this


    You are all idiots if you think this is all PR they are so back on its not even funny but they won't go out together till BD2 promo is over and they have moved in to a new location in LA area all will be revealed end of November fools are you fur thinking otherwise

  15. snowwhiteginger says – reply to this


    Poor Girl! She has moved from Snow White to Rapunzel letting her hair down for "I'm soooooo sorry sexy babe stuff".It must be hot for Rob when he is sober enough to enjoy it … If they are reading and playing out "Fifty Shades of Grey" auditions … There will be no parting of the HW couple soon … Do S&M shops do Vampire fetishes????

  16. Diane says – reply to this


    I really do not believe that Kristen and Robert ever had a real relationship. It would be about time for them to break it off for the Twilight Series Movies. Kristen doesn't look like she has any emotion in her eyes for Rupert in any of the Pictures. She also has never shown any emotion towards Robert in all the years since Twilight started. Every interview I have seen them do together she hasn't soon any affection for Robert and Robert hasn't shown any real affection for her. So she is either a really cold person and doesn't like affection or it was all a show put on for all of us Twilight fans and now it is time to end the pretend relationship and move on.
    If it was a real relationship you have to remember Kristen fooled around on her boyfriend with Robert. Why would Robert believe that she would change once a cheater always one. You can not trust a person that has not been faithful in any of her relationships.I hope Robert moves on to someone better. Show some self respect.

  17. nan says – reply to this


    Re: Janiecat – She is the one who lied and cheated! You Kristen fans are so delusional and crazy! So stop trying to re-write history, you nut.

  18. 18

    Re: nan – Party guy lover, face the facts, there are thousands of pictures of him drunk and forever partying. Keep defending him though cause you all are probably the same, drunk, dirty, and smelling to all high heaven. Leave Kristen alone already.

  19. nena says – reply to this


    I love Kristen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Linda says – reply to this


    Gee, Perez, you had the perfect situation where you could have used "Rob" and "Dom" together in a moniker for "Sparkles", and left us "hanging"!!! Pun intended!!! LOL! "Robinic"… Seriously? LOL!

  21. lulu collazo says – reply to this


    Re: lisa – Because I am an attorney, I know exactly what I am talking about. Relationships are complicated, who knows who's right, but the most important thing, even if they go their separate ways is to have closure and finish up in good terms. You need to grow up and understand that!